Today we had the concert with the CWA for the public and other CWA groups..

What a hoot of a day..these lovely ladies of whom I have recently joined are amazing! they are mostly in their 70’s and 80’s and have a spirit and energy that puts me to shame!

The whole concept being to raise money for various charities,women’s groups and generally improve the lives of women and families.

For my overseas friends they have a reputation as being some of the best cooks you can find.

These women have been through it all..wars droughts floods rearing children,raising stock,farming and keeping families and the community glued together.

After rehearsals yesterday I headed to the shops..still in my stage gear..strangely didn’t raise an eyebrow!

I was running out of time so just had to be done! Raced home and set about my baking frenzy.

We put an afternoon tea on after the concert so aprons throughout the community were donned! I had already made a little parcel of Vanilla biscuits with vanilla bean icing for the door prize hamper so was kind of organised..

And so I baked a Choc-vanilla cheesecake swirl slice some Cherry macaroons and some White choc orange ganache filled macarons (which could have been better but it rained, apparently the enemy of Macaron baking  is rain ..go figure! )

Then I made a pie for dinner and finally sat down!

My back is caning now..i have been at the CWA organising food ,being a poor thespian ,doing dishes,cleaning but having a ball with my gorgeous ladies!

We had a great turnout 100 seats we set and we needed some more,we got laughs and applause but most of all we did a great combined effort to raise over $1200.00..bravo ladies!

Hope you day was or is as much fun as mine was.

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