A Fozziemums work is never done

Firstly let me apologise for my late replies to you all…I hit a wall and just had to rest…no great drama just lack of hours in the day and by evening when usually I do my blog and catch ups I was nodding off.
It has been all go here..co-ordinating the work that needs to be done..and it seemingly is never ending..
I am trying my hardest to catch up with you all..if I have missed anyone please again forgive me.
Spring it may be but the days have been HOT..making work harder and more tiresome..
We had the ground to prep for turf for the pups..so mega amounts of rotten stones had to be pulled up,soil spread out and the turf laid..this is hand watered twice a day until it sets roots..i have been fence painting and the heat has made this a real chore..when the water of sweat starts running out of my gloves I know its time to stop! I have pulled a mountain of weeds and old irises out from behind the stonewall as they were not working there..these had roots to China! then I attacked a large area of old veggie garden..now this ‘soil’ was like concrete and I decided like an idiot to break it up with a small garden fork and then crush it with the palms of my hands..now hubby cracked it with me..and he was right..i DID hurt myself..so off to the Drs today as I have really nasty tearing pain in my palm when I move my wrist to turn a tap or bend my hand back…so I have Tendonitis..rest he says…arghhh
I don’t need this now..also hubby is preparing the other side of the catio for an above ground pool..more stones being removed and road base down..this needs compacting then sand then the pool guys come on the weekend..i crawled backwards out from the potato bed and grazed my shin..my nails have all had to be cut off and I think I am getting a cold…bwahahhaah..lucky me 🙂
Our son and his wife and their little boy Jason were up on the weekend..Chris has Tendonitis in both his hands at the moment (not good for a drummer ) and so I knew he would help his dad even when he should not be..so I got him and Jason to make my scare crow..today I gave him a wig so he was complete I called him Twerker as the hip action looks hilarious and my Daughter-in-law Amber said it looked like it was Twerking ….
So I am catching up..i am still going to be in and out as for some reason the girls have added to the fun by peeing randomly through the house..just a little rebellion at being no longer free range..but after washing carpets in two rooms and then finding a hallway surprise..well I am working in and out up and down and now with one hand!
So a few pics of the proceedings and I must say I miss you all…sometimes I can quickly pop on FB and say hello..i have school in the morning..i missed a class from being crook so now I am behind on that too..arghhhh…chat soon..Fozziemum..worst blogger ever 😉

Dinnermintz watching the work form the KDS

Dinnermintz watching the work form the KDS

Old veggie bed will now be a garden..Blue Emotion the most gorgeous rose..heavily scented and will add to the colour scheme I want

Old veggie bed will now be a garden..Blue Emotion the most gorgeous rose..heavily scented and will add to the colour scheme I want

Back of the KDS getting ready for the pool..Doc snoopervising.

Back of the KDS getting ready for the pool..Doc snoopervising.

Potato bed revenge..no time to even shave the beastly legs..yikes!

Potato bed revenge..no time to even shave the beastly legs ..yikes!

The angle looks wonky but an idea of the back so far

The angle looks wonky but an idea of the back so far

Twerker the scarecrow

Twerker the scarecrow

Serves me right...

Serves me right…

Most nights this is all that is left of me....

Most nights this is all that is left of me….

A million miles away

There are days I wish I was a million miles away..nothing bad is happening …no real reason..just the day and the mood.

I wonder how honest most people are with themselves….or others…

The reason for the mood this morning is really nothing..that’s right..just woke up and thought urghhh.

Some days I don’t really feel like I am in the zone…I am sure some peeps will think I am complaining and really i’m not..i just pondered as I replaced the kitty litter trays for the second time..and cleaned a patch of pee that one of the girls had left on the bedroom carpet.. just how many of us have those days.

The usual shenanigans at brekkie time.. watching Dinnermintz  doesn’t eat what Pickles  has left because she is off her food, being barked at for not hurrying with the morning meal…stopping Marbles  smacking Cleo because she has woken in a mood too.

The fires out again…cleaning up the ash and dragging more wood in has no allure this morning.. if I don’t, despite the day being warm, it will be cold in here tonight.

Forrest wants to go out the front.. he is not allowed.. he digs up my garden looking for kitty nuggets..so I let him out the back.. meanwhile a baby bunny is running around in the front yard..so off to scare him off.. come back in Forrest is barking…he wants in..again..

I go to make the bed.. i forget the cat bowl was out and Dinnermintz  on a diet decides she will go for it..

I hear her collar on the bowl and bolt out and put it away.

Forrest barks.. he wants out..again..i feel like a “door bitch” as they call them at clubs.. opening closing doors all day.

Back to making the bed…which hurts my back due to weeding yesterday on rough stones…awesome.

Phone rings.. telemarketer.. ah…no.. dishes done.. the Pickles  has decided she wants her food so out with the bowl again.. while Dinnermintz  keeps vigil..so I stand and wait.

She eats a bit..i put her bowl away again.. Forrest barks.. he wants in.. again…I let him in..someone has just used the trays..so another tray change..

Dishes now…from the brekky I could not eat in peace..one cat wanting to push into my plate and steal my toast..one dog wanting out..one cat trying to start a blue with another one..

A load of washing out…one in ..rubbish  emptied.. ready to go in the bin…

Forrest wants out…………..again………….the fire is well and truly out…need to go gather some kindling….keeping an eye out for snakes.. and then clean the firebox and start a fire.. big wood is in the trailer right at the back…means pulling the smaller pieces forward and that is great on the back too.

The shower and both bathrooms need cleaning. floors need sweeping and vaccuming..

Forrest is in again…and asleep now…..thankyou….

Quick phone call to mum.. she is busy…quick phone call with my sister.. she is in the same mood..

I have more weeding to do..i just can’t find the mojo.. but  I will..

When people say how lovely we have all this land I agree.. but some days it seems an impossible task to get everything done .Phil got most of the snake mesh stapled to the outside of the back fence yesterday.. we hear the burn off restrictions may come in in October…sheesh..

Great Forrest wants out.. and I can smell the litter tray..again…

I love my life..i love my animals and my home but today…all i can think of is running away..to a place where there are no litter trays.. where I can eat a meal without interruptions ..where if  open a door it is because I am heading out to have some fun….anyone who has not had children I can tell you this is what it is like to be a parent.. the commitment the time the sometimes mundane and monotonous the routine of life with pets is just the same.

I wonder how many pet owners will be disgusted with my attitude today? I wonder how many pet owners will fess up and admit there are days they are tired.. days they think it is all too hard.

I will never regret having pets and I know I have made a promise to them for life..i am happy to go without and to sacrifice for them..my choice.. and I adore them.. but some days I wish I was a million miles away.. and I know if I was I would miss them and pine for them and want to be with them.

For today I am here.. and I just have to get on with it.. tomorrow is a new day…



Prepare to Squee..

Please meet one of the newest little darlings to leave his mums pouch…today i was in the kitchen cheering myself up by making a loaf of Sourdough Bread..as I was kneading the beast into submission I looked up and out the kitchen window to see the Ketchup Mob was hanging out behind the barn just up the driveway..i missed the chance to take pictures earlier as I had forgotten to put my SD card in my camera…yep sharp as a bowling ball me..anyway I thought they had gone as they hopped across the driveway as I cussed myself for missing the shots..
So I had taken to beating up this dough instead when I saw them..clearly they had crossed the driveway and then gone up the embankment and done a loop .this is about 30 metres or 100 feet away..
So I had the camera ready and crept outside to the end of the verandah where the kitchen end is..such gorgeous creatures..nibbling the sweet grass..having a scratch..i missed a great close up of a boxing match because a big gum tree blocked my view and then they took it behind the barn….dang…anyway was getting great shots of the Boomer..a healthy looking big boy who stared me down but I crouched down and stopped looking directly at him…as he slowly went back to nibbling the grass I slowly stood up…he stopped and was watching as were the rest of his mob but they felt no threat from me so it was back to grazing….so the big guy and his smaller female companion had me enthralled….and then SQUEEE out from behind the barn hopped this little guy..he was ALL legs and ALL tail ..his proportions look so funny and I imagine he is not long out of the pouch at all as he was more interested in the scenery than the grass! he was so tiny and when I zoomed in I noticed he has a small nick out of one of his ears…so..may I introduce to you all…..Nicky…and guess what..apart from me and hubby you are all the only people in the whole world who have ever seen him!! how special is that…



Hi ho hi hi it’s off to bed i go

Big  day my friends,i am trying to catch up and getting not much done hahahaa..I have been getting my crochet on which with four cats is no mean feat…all those balls of wool beggin for trouble…

I found a single bed tartan doona cover at a thrift shop for 5 dollars so the plan is to re do the pups bed covers…almost done…well kinda…

I have a big meeting tomorrow and am making little headway in the house cleaning department..

I did manage to make two delicious leek tomato and cheese quiches got my pastry hat on and whipped them up in no time..did my shopping…blegggh..had some road rage…got some pruning and weeding done played with the pooches and now it’s bedtime..

I leave you with a picture to help you relax for the day ..have a good one folks 🙂

What you looking at lady?

What you looking at lady?

Send your best thoughts to Forrest

Hi everyone, hot on the tail of the post I did about snakes we have had an encounter this morning.

We had the pups out the front yard,Phil was giving the sheepies some feed and I was changing the sheets on our bed…for some reason I opened the front door..to see Forrest rolling his head in the ground with a bit of saliva hanging out of his mouth…I knew straight away he had something…well he flung this thing in the air…a baby Eastern Brown snake approximately I foot long..i called him with treats and in he came ..Doc too..i yelled at Phil to get up here quick smart…the snake was still alive and we had to dispatch it..we needed to take it to the vet with us for identification and I am sorry but a live snake is not coming with me.

So Forrest seemed fine but of course the car trip was making him excited and pumping adrenalin which we didn’t want.

Dr Liz took one look explained it was what I thought a baby Eastern Brown..so we discussed what to do..she checked Forrests eyes his heart rate ..watched him walking etc…then we had to get a bloodsample…he freaked at the sound of the clippers but with all four of us we managed to get a sample..Dr Liz did the coagulation test..the limit being 15…Forrest had a 17 and she explained the sample was a really clean one so most likely he had been bitten..i almost burst nto tears but I didn’t want Forrest to get more stressed..so then Dr Liz explained the antivenene treatment…she would put a drip of fluids in then slowly administer the antiv. as too fats and they can go into anaphalaxis…we wrestled with poor Forrest again to get a dripline in and then we went back to the consult room to wait…liver treats made it all better..so we had been with Forrest and Dr Liz checking his vitals on and off..no reaction to the antiv. which is good…so once it was all in his system we went with Dr Liz and took Forrest to a cage to settle…of course when he saw doggies in the cage next to him he went bonkers again….they were Dr Rayya’s pups as she must have been in doing some work…so they of course just ignored Forrests barking.

So as I type this we are at home…Dr Liz will take a wee sample to check for blood and also the venom..sadly the babies are deadlier than the adults as they go full venom and crazy like teenagers…Forrest is so far ok he is not out of the woods yet and we await a call to say he is fine so we can bring him home…please send your prayers our way as my BOO BOO means the world to me and I want him home where he should be …

Thankyou Dr Liz and nurse Serina…

Wings of an Eagle

We have two new Wedge tail eagles at home.. most likely the ones who dropped the red-bellied black that Cleo bought home…they always stop me in my tracks..i adore them so large so fluid so powerful and almost killed off back in the day here with a huge bounty on their heads as mistaken stock killers….

When I see them I try and get pics….it usually is not really successful…my long lens not long enough and the sky is a real pain as a background.. these pics I took were when one came close enough to the trees to try and get a good shot..not very clear but bigify and you get the idea….I also have this old song from an Aussie Legend Russel Morris always in my head as i watch them ..enjoy the clip is not my pics but an Aussie compilation…

Makes me want to fly

Makes me want to fly



Wedge tail Eagle

Wedge tail Eagle


Well the relief this morning to wake up feeling a bit cold was wonderful! To put my dressing gown on…sheer joy!

Yesterday was beyond hideous…the temp was hot the wind was incredibly strong and gusting different directions…we had little sleep and both Hubby and I looked like day of the walking dead.

The day started with the poor pups looking at us as if we could somehow stop the heat,Doc was not coping..Forrest was trying to get comfy..it was not good. The temp started to rise rapidly and Hubby was nodding off due to lack of sleep..so I sent him to bed to catch up on some sleep. I was concerned if we had to bunk out he would be too tired to drive.

While he slept I listened to our scanner..all the firies were checking their comms for the day…they had all been waiting at the fire station the day before..the carpark full so I knew they were all ready to roll.

Then the alerts started a couple close enough to keep an eye on but far enough not to warrant panic,funny some fires further away are more of a risk because of their topography.

When people say the grass is brown and dry it’s not quite right,see at the moment the grass is almost red as if sunburnt and it’s still growing,we can’t slash due to rocks so it’s not a really good position to be in.

Hubby got up and we all just lazed around watching the alerts and seeing the news…I ran a bath and got my bathers on and hopped in with Doc..the heat was radiating off him..took awhile but it did the trick he cooled down…then rubbed himself from one end of the house to the other on any rug or carpet he could find..Forrest was next…carried in by Hubby…no mean feat he’s a big boy 🙂

By 5pm I had to go lie down I was starting to feel sick from tiredness and the heat ..Hubby  woke me at 8pm I could have slept till the cows came home ..bless his cottons he made tea for us and we watched the news …

I will never become accustomed to seeing the ferocity of our bushfires….the main highway was closed and houses on the urban fringe were burning…again our fire heroes out there in atrocious conditions putting their lives on the line for us.

I feel bad complaining with what they are dealing with!!

All in all we had 5000 men and women out there fighting fires..seems we have lost at leats 20 homes,no idea of stocklosses, one dog ,wildlife no clue..fires are still burning tonight and emergency warnings in place for several areas..there was the smell of smoke today but none in sight for us.

When Hubby went to work this morning he had to get off the train and on a bus as part of the rail line is damaged he said it’s a pretty huge area of burnt ground up there..

Tonight it’s 17c outside…thankyou!! I feel like I may be human again ..the girls went outside and stretched their legs and relaxed..happy on the porch in mild sun puddles and the dogs have pretty much slept the day away..

I hope the firies get these fires under control soon as people still have that fear and sense of helplessness I their lives in these areas..may the sun calm down and the winds stop.




Another night of extremes..when I finally went to bed out of sheer tiredness at 1.30am it was still 31c inside and 31c outside..Doc threw up as I think the heats getting to him…we are keeping all the animals cool as we can and well hydrated but the unrelenting nature of this heat is taking it’s toll…he is 11 and as we age we find it harder to recoup. He was sick a little bit again this morning but has had his brekkie and we are keeping a close eye on him for any other signs that somethings wrong. Todays forecast is a doozie…pretty much no place in our state is safe if a fire starts to run.

And that’s us right in the middle in North Central. So I won’t have time to reply to comments folks ..sorry and I am sure you all understand..we need to see this weather out and while it’s early I am just popping this up so you know we are fine but not out of the weather gods woods yet.

And to make it even better the news said this morning Adelaide which is in South Australia to the direct left of this map is having a days break then a week of more bad weather…not good because we get their weather a day or so later.. Looks like no real break in sight for awhile…

Off to wet some tea towels and pop them on as bandanas for the pups..both asleep and both tired….

Hope those of you who have snow keep warm..the cold can be so cruel..hope those with miserable rain get a little ray of sunshine…hope those who have storms batten down the hatches and keep safe…we all have weather systems plating havoc with our lives at the moment and even though I am focused on here I still feel for everyone who has to deal in a different way with what Mother Nature is throwing at them.

Hugs Fozziemum