Shopping around the world

Well here we are and here we are and here we go…shopping all over the world…with myself and Bacon

For your entertainment to get you in the mood for the big shop….

Ready to go now!
Well this month is the random month..

First off we have the random Condiment

Mine is Balsamic Vinegar


I use white balsamic in dressings and the dark balsamic in nearly every dish that has an Italian flavour..i love it.
I have fond memories of forgetting i was making a balsamic reduction once..casualty list…one good saucepan..and the kitchen was a thick haze of eye burning smoke.

At the moment a 250 ml bottle is on special for $5.40 Aus.

250mls is 8.45oz US
US dollars 4.21
Canadian dollars 5.26
British Pound 2.73
Rand 48.58
Krone 28.02
Euro 3.75

The next random item is a frozen meal
I confess the only frozen meals we usually eat are meals i have made with left overs..
However the frozen wedge is always in my fridge..

I love these handy wedges and this week they are on special for $3.00 Aus for 750grams

750gram is 26.45 US oz
US dollars 2.34
Canadian Dollars 2.92
British Pound 1.51
Rand 26.99
Krone 15.57
Euro 2.08

The next item is random dessert..
Well i do love desserts and usually make them so i tend not to buy them…however a staple in my pantry for dessert making and pancakes is Steeves maple syrup..Erma Gerd my fave!


It’s never cheap but imitation syrup is rubbish..
At the moment it is on special for $5.36 Aus for 250ml
250ml is 8.45 US oz
US Dollars 4.17
Canadian dollars 5.22
British Pound 2.71
Rand 48.22
Krone 27.81

Next is random fruit..for me it’s strawberries..stupidly dear at the moment considering it’s summer?


On special ?? yep i query that! at $5.48 Aus for 450grams
450 grams is US 15.87 oz

US Dollars 4.27
Canadian Dollars 5.34
British Pound 2.77
Rand 49.3
Krone 28.44
Euro 3.81

And last up is random item of choice..for me as this week i have a sweet tooth that cannot be’s my childhood fave..


Chips and biscuits..i love me some Tim Tams dunk them in a cuppa and them suck in them like a straw..delish..or just eat them..and the mint biscuits are a real luxury biscuit too..after eating these i always crave salty chips.. go figure!
This week you can buy two packs of the bicuits or two packs of the chips or one biscuit and one chip for $5.00 Aus..

US Dollars 3.89
Canadian Dollars 4.87
British Pound 2.52
Rand 44.98
Krone 25.94
Euro 3.47
Now i am hungry!!!

Thanks again for joining Bacon and i on our shopping trip..we love seeing what you all pop in your trolleys 😉

Shopping around the world

Well I have been awol..and remiss in blogging for not quite a week and yet it seems like forever..i haven’t been well but am fine now and look forward to attempting to catch up…urghhhh so again Bacon and I are at the shops..this time with a healthier trolley…

This is an interesting one as always the fruit and veggies will be very different due to seasonality..i always try and buy in season as the quality is superb and believe it or not whatever is in season is usually what your body needs for the time of year also..and the costs should be better…

So let’s grab a trolley..and some running shoes and head to the shops..

shopping trolleyjpg

First on the list is Apples…I love Pink ladies…they are crisp..sweet and a bit tart..i love them fresh..stewed and of course I use them with Grannies to make my award winning Apple Pies and cakes..


Pink ladiesjpg
Pink ladies this week are $5.99 Aus kilo..they are not really in season and can get down to a much better price in Apple trees are waking up from winter at the moment..

Strawberries…love them to make jam from them when they are in season..which they aren’t at the moment..

A 250gram punnet is on special this week for $1.99 Aus

Carrots I love too…and they make great cakes 🙂
This week they are $3.29 a kilo..still a bit pricey!

Beans are next..and boy have they been expensive!! I prefer fresh and love them steamed and then tossed with some garlic and sautéed mushrooms..but the prices have been up to $12 Aus a kilo!
green beans
I buy green round beans..and in the right season I love broad beans..double peeled and tossed in pasta with some lemon zest and pancetta…

This week they are $9.89 a kilo Aus…

Lettuce…wow what a variety now..when I was little it was only iceberg available…and for some reason I would eat the leaves with a sprinkle of sugar??? yuk!!
I usually buy a lettuce mix with rocket and other goodies..
This week iceberg lettuce is $2.69 Aus each..
Funny the lettuces grow best in winter ..
Now on to our random choices…
My random Fruit is an all time fave ..Blood orange or cara cara..such a beautiful fruit..i make a lovely blood orange curd tart..too die for ..only available for about three minutes a year it seems and on my tree list to buy.

This will be my morning tea..
At $6.39 a kilo Aus this week…worth every bit..
And my random vegetable is the Celeriac..

What a bizarre knobby and weird looking veggie..but I love them..they make a delicious puree with roasts after simmering until tender in some milk..yumm
This week they are $5.59 Aus each!
So that is this weeks list..thanks so much for sharing your shopping experience with Bacon and myself..and I will get around to visiting you all soon…lots of news and things happening and very much on the hop

Shopping around the world

Yes guys it’s shopping time again…and the trolley’s are loaded and ready to checkout…truth be told we ALL feel like checking out after shopping!!
So Bacon and I have our lists..we are checking them twice..let’s see whose country is naughty and whose country is nice hahahaha:) I have not done the conversions as my eyes just can’t keep going back and forth hahhaaha 🙂

Today we have H2O ..yes that stuff we have in abundance ..but it’s all salty…
So many of us buy water..our tap water here is brilliant..tastes great..and not much of an issue…no offence but the water in far in my travels …is the pits!!


A 12 pack of frantelle 600 ml bottles is $7.55 Aus

Next in the trolley we throw some soap…now I love this was a fave as a kid and still a fave..the wrapper has not changed since I was a wee lass..
Cussons Imperial Leather…I think the little label on the soap makes me feel a tad posh hahahaaha and at $3.79 for 4 bars it is not at all priced poshly 🙂 I also have numerous Lush soap products which are divine..all vegan handmade eco friendly and cruelty free..they are my bath tub soak feeling sorry for myself go to treat 🙂 go checkout Lush website and drool at the girlie delights 🙂

On to the laundry aisle..urghhh washing ok I use Earth

I use mainly Earth and Method cleaning products..they are reasonably priced and are made with many considerations….Earth laundry detergent 1 kilo box $6.65 Aus

I find them incredibly effective and they have animals the environment and cleanliness all in the big tick box for me.

Now on to the personal pongfree aisle..deodorant..for me it changes…depending on my mood..but usually I use this Dove smells lovely works well doesn’t irritate and is not badly priced..

So a 100 gram can is $4.99 Aus dollars..

Now for the random item…

Yep that’s right….what the!! ok I had to cringe and shuffle up to the checkout as I believe no human has ever purchased these bad boys!!…
They are actually comfy hahahaah yes I tried some on …and NO I did not take a picture! at$5.80 for a two pack..well you get what you pay for..

Now I have no idea WHY a man would need these..the list of reasons on the packet are mind boggling…does your man travel and forget undies?? does your man have regular accidents when out?? does your man need more space?? I mean how much space do undies take up??

At least he will be prepared for any event! now they were as I said comfy..and I must say I had a hard time explaining to Fozziedad WHY I had bought men’s disposable undies..but I confess..i would have grave concerns for any man wearing them..they were not exactly… can I put this…supportive or solid..i would be worried that your man’s bits may end up splayed out the side like a xmas decoration..or even a break in the fabric (as such..more like paper ) could render your fella with a blowout worthy of a Grand Prix high speed tyre incident…with I think the same amount of fear attached!! hahaahhahahh

So that is the list and Bacon and I are always pleased to get ideas on more items we can use for the list! so drop us your ideas..and let’s have fun..make sure to pop in and see all the other peeps lists and link up if you can 🙂  and thanks for joining our shopping day 🙂

Shopping around the world

Hi guys Bacon and I are at it again shopping around the world and seeing how we all fair at the shops….I haven’t done the exchange rates as my eyes are playing up so this would see me turning into a lolly pop hahahaah..

Also thankyou to Reilly and Denny’s mum for this month’s list and we hope she is feeling much better too!

This month the list comprised of:

Price of Cable service and what you get: Well we don’t have cable here as we are way behind the times..hahahaa well we could have it but we don’t so I did a quick looku for everyone and this is what I found…

Cable : basic $47 Aus dollars to $120 Aus dollars for the bells whistles and everythings package

Oreos:  205.5 grams (who knows why the odd amount) $2.89 Aus dollars or $1.41 per 100 grams

A 110z or 360gram box of cornflakes…well we have a 380 gram box for $4.92 Aus dollars or $1.29 per 100 grams.

A 7 ounce or 225gram pkt of Lays chips..we do have them here but I couldn’t find them so we have a  175 gram packet of Smith’s crisps for $3.43 Aus dollars or $1.96 per 100 grams .

1 Pound of real butter ..we have  500 grams of real butter for $4.00 Aus dollars or $0.80 cents per 100 grams

A 6 ounce can of peanuts  …I found Nobby’s nuts 375 grams for $3.53 Aus dollars or $9.41 per 100 grams ..

Now I don’t know how things work in your country..but here in Australia it is law to have all foods on the labels clearly marked in price per grams or litres this show the customers a way t compare prices and get better deals…something may seem cheap but when you look at the price per gram it may be dearer..i think this came in when we started adding GST to certain goods..the change over  which sadly for me happened when  I was working in a supermarket as a supervisor …this huge change to the way we sold goods in our country was a massive amount of work…and all had to be co-ordinated to the final minute..this also meant changes to policy on scanning of goods too…ahhh the good old days….don’t miss them!

Does your country have laws and regs on labelling and pricing? let Bacon and I know as it is always really interesting to see how we all shop and work our way around the aisles!!



The shopping list…has me listing..

Ok guys as you know Bacon and I have been discussing shopping lists and the prices we all pay for day to day stuff…having done the shopping today let me say arghhhhh …I am so far behind the eight ball that it was a breeze in breeze out wit goods in tow in the trolley that universally is despised by us all!! four wheels none work….shopping centre reno’s had me negotiating a miasma of workmen..broken tiles..people dazzled by the complexities of parking ..seemingly it is ok to park behind someone waiting for them to leave even though clearly they have no way out..and are wrestling a large double shot latte four little party pies as we call them and a trolley that needs calipers…ok it was 2.30pm and I had just realised that I still had not eaten..all day…don’t ask I won’t tell…

I eased into my car and deliberately ate my pies while said el’stupido waited for me to leave ..still no clue I had no way out..the pies were nice and the coffee was crappy…just sayin…bolted home dogs unimpressed as I had also had to go to a craft shop..then a camera shop…then the pharmacist…you get the picture kids..

I arrived home goodies in tow…shoved it in pantries freezers cupboards shoe boxes bedrooms barns laundries…sing with me folks …so then onto the next joy the making of blueberry jam for a comp..anywho…I have my list…I myself am listing…as if on a ship..sinking into the quagmire of grocery hell….

So a loaf of bread can be between $2.00 and $7.00 Aus

Gallon of milk..we buy in litres and averages at $1.00 a litre

Dozen Eggs can be $4.00 Aus but Free range which I buy are $6.00

Petrol is $ 1.54 Aus on the cheap a litre

Movie tickets are $17.00 Aus adult so my kids who have a life tell me bwahahaah

Jar of peanut butter (or as my kids used to call it woo woo peter??)  $4.65 Aus for a 375 gram jar

Fancy feast for the girls usually $ 1.20 Aus a tin

And the country that was founded on the Lamb will now charge up to $23.00 Aus per kilo for a leg ….

I would have more prices but my minds a goggle and I sadly have minutes to type and this jam to get sorted and it’s 10pm at night ..I do believe I am again behind 😉