Canine community members

What i love about community festivals is the way the dogs bring their people along to enjoy the day.

I always have time to stop and talk with these wonderful creatures,and of course ask their “personal assistants” if i may take a picture.The personalities are as different as ours which  DSC_0026just proves how special they are.I met many dogs at the town festival,small ones,huge ones like “Ben”DSC_0074they all had a story of their own.Anthropomorphism is endowing the animals with human emotion,this can be taken to extremes,we treat them like humans,as much as this sounds good i think we do more justice to them by allowing them to be what they are…dogs…and there is nothing wrong with fact i have met far more pleasant dogs than humansImageThere is nothing wrong with giving our dogs a lift up when they need it,and yes we all can talk to our dogs and joke about what they are thinking,but the reality is they are thinking like dogs.Having said this i am a classic example..i love that my dogs are dogs but i still talk to them as if they were human and sometimes make the mistake of thinking they know exactly what i am saying….regarding certain words and actions of course they do, but in a different way.ImageThey see things from a doggie point of view..

We could all take a leaf from our dogs book of life,they are honest ,they do not have agendas,they accept each day for what it brings,if they do not like you they will let you know and when they love you they let you know also.Not all dogs want to run fast,some like to take their time and stop and sniff the roses,some dogs are shy..Imagesome dogs are very outgoing and keen to meet everyone and everything…ImageSome dogs are young and curious..Imageand others have seen a lot of years go by and just enjoy being a spectatorImage…the important thing is they all form part of the fabric of our community and as such i get as much joy from the festivals color and music and food as i do from meeting the dogs that live in our town.