Photo shoot goes ahead

Despite my rather nasty fall a couple of weeks ago the photo shoot went ahead..

Many thanks to Amber for stepping up while i was down..the back is improving..slowly 🙂

Love the new shots of these darlings just need to get my florals and other cards shot and loaded !


































The Florals and Eddy the Echidna are ready as well..let’s see if i can do a shoot this time without injuring myself!

Some quick Phone snaps for you to see..





Eddy the Echidna

Eddy the Echidna

I did say i wanted to go on a trip didn’t i ?

Well what an eventful few weeks..and the cherry on the cake of discombobulation was my little trip.

Yes i have been banging on about taking a trip…well ask and you shall fall..not quite the trip i had in mind!

I was lucky that hubby had gotten back from Sydney only hours before and our son and his wife were here..which they would not have been if hubby was still away..yikes..

I am still very sore but also very lucky i could have done some major damage as i hit my spine directly on bone when i fell, i have been able to sit up for awhile but then forced to lie down..tomorrow’s MRI for my sciatica ,which has not let up, will be an interesting moment i am i may have to be steam rolled flat before they can do it 🙂

Today Spring which was late in arriving..well it left..actually it left yesterday but today was 10.30am ,which was really 9.30am as daylight savings kicked in, it was already 33C ..we got to over 38C today..this week we have been told will be nasty heat and of joys.

Funny we never have a gentle easing into any season’s bang ..

I was so happy to get emails and hear that some peeps had received their cards..i hope everyone else gets theirs soon as the mail is so random..

I never understand how different it can be,from one state to another one country to another..i mean my sister sends me something from suburbs away it takes a week..i send her something and she jokes she gets it before i sent it!

So if you are still waiting i am super sorry 😦  seems the post is not as efficient as us bloggers at getting things done!

So i am off to back aching..and i have been trying to reply and catch up but when it starts singing i just have to ‘down tools’ as us Aussies say 🙂

So tonight i leave you with a most beautiful scene..i think so anyway..

I was in my kitchen the day before my tumble and looked up to see this sweet family to the left and behind our i crept out the back door..

Now this family i think is a new one as they have been hanging around but are very skittish when they see me..which is fine…keeps them safe and me safe and all is right in the world!

So i had to be super quiet..they do have great hearing despite what some folks think..i grabbed an outdoor chair and popped it against the fence and like a jack in the box only slowly i popped my head and camera up..yes i know i wonder why i fall..go figure..

Well they did spot me and seemed to be quiet cautious but did not take off..i got a few shots but the trees were in my i went back inside and slowly out the front..a few took off but the others seemed content to munch the green grasses that will soon be gone..and i could see why..there were a few Mums with joeys in the pouch..and hefty sized ones too!! .. little monkeys having a great time while poor Mum lugs them around 🙂

I was so happy to see healthy happy without anymore waffling as the back is getting antsy i present this gorgeous family..

Have a great week all..Loves Fozziemum


Oh hello..

Oh hello..



Umm can we help you?

Umm can we help you?


Time to move on maybe

Time to move on maybe

A Sunday Nightcap

Well guys i will catch up this week i promise..have been very busy and packing all my cards to head off in the mail tomorrow..

As with all new things hiccups happen..and for me that came in the form of a few grams over the weight i needed..not to fear!

Hubby and i headed into town and i grabbed the things i needed to ensure i would make weight (sounds like i am on a diet..which i am ) and back home to finish my wrapping.

The less i can spend on things like postage the better deal i can give when people buy my card sets..

So done and dusted..and very happy with how they all look and so excited to mail them to all the people who were drawn from my lens bag 🙂

I have also tonight been super excited to get my first sale!

Hilarious as i had not thought to actually keep a set here ..go figure we learn as we i have ordered more and ordered some different ones that i think will make great Christmas cards..two different winter Roo scenes 6 of each to make a set of 12..

I have organised myself with paypal..must be the last human on earth to do so..such a country bumpkin i am!

My card sets will be $36.00 Aus including postage which i think is pretty good..if i say so myself..and i plan on adding some different items along the way.

Like i said slowly but surely..i must feed and play with the furries here too getting myself organised is a big thing!

The cards are all blank for now..but i will see what is popular and am open to all suggestions..

So for now i must hit the sack..i am beyond pooped..tomorrow i will be catching up with you all as the bits and bobs have been sorted for now.

Have a super Sunday and keep an eye on the mailbox folks as i would love to know how long these take to reach you and what condition they are in!

Hugs and loves Fozziemum

Special Delivery

Special Delivery


Wrapped and ready to roll

Wrapped and ready to roll


A little Aussie cuteness

A little Aussie cuteness


The Christmas set ..what do you think ?


Winners on Wednesday

I am so happy and excited to give you the names of the people i have drawn from my lens bag this Wednesday morning..

In order of how my randomizer fingers grabbed them ..

Edgar 62

Jans Funny Farmers

Lavinia Ross

Easy and staff

Bella ,Roxy and Dui

Jo Stancer

Raising Daisy

Saving Sammie

The Tabbies o’ Trout Towne

Savannahs Paw tracks

Daily Musings


I am so happy that i can share these cards with you all and i only wish i could give all entries a prize!

I am glad i stuck my hand int he bag as if i had to choose by any other means i would be in trouble!!

I hope you enjoy your prizes as much as i have enjoyed designing and photography these cards for you.

I will have more details soon about cards if anyone wishes to buy them..i have made a facbook page ..Opshots Photography where i will show images and discuss what i have and what i will be doing.Of course my bloggie buds are always in my first peek category!

If anyone wants to pop me an email with questions or on my blogs i am more than happy to answer.

So if the lucky winners want to send me an email to with their addresses i can wrap these beauties and send them on their way!

Even got a couple of Aussie winners which is super as some Aussies are a bit unexcited about our wildlife..go figure!

Thankyou again for all entering but more importantly for giving me some great feedback and being amazingly supportive followers..get’s this gal right in the ‘feels’

Much love best i start wrapping!


See you soon the mailbox!

See you soon the mailbox!


Well it was on the cards

Well it was bound to happen..with a lot of gentle and some not so gentle persuasion i have made a start..


I have been working hard and trying to get myself organised..mainly procrastinating…when will good enough be good enough..


And i guess there is no way to know until you go and throw yourself out there!

I have made a start with some blank greeting cards..and i must say that i am so happy with how they have turned out!

Each set of 12 cards comprises these images which i know you have all seen before..


They are made from 340gsm  sustainably sourced paper and have a light satin coating on the outside and uncoated on the inside for ease of writing.

I have kept them blank so you can use them as you like.They have envelopes included also.

I am really proud of these cards and even though i am just starting to get myself organised i guess i have to start somewhere!

I plan on having sets with just Joeys, Family groups,Lone Roos,reptiles (yes some peeps love reptiles! ) birds, flowers and landscapes.

I have other things i am working on i am busy busy i must get my camera out and leave the house!

But first these baby steps ..and to say i promised i have a very modest give away.

I have my first sets delivered  and these sets are ALL to good homes!

Now there is no hard quiz or competition..all i want is for you to leave a comment between now and Wednesday  the 16th.

That’s all…simple i would love to know simply how and if my photographs have changed your perception of Australia..

I have 12 sets to give i said i have started small..super small…and i will put all names in a Lens Bag and draw the names!

The draw is open to all countries and no postage will be give it a go!

I would love to see these cards go to good homes..and all i need is the honest opinions of my friends!

So that is my news..huge for me..a new venture and hopefully a chance to share my photographs all over.

Raspberry Roos

Todays visit very close to the house by the young mob was lovely..i cannot tell you how happy i was to spot them…and guess what folks..

Remember how the 9 acres sold next door and the land had a big part cleared to build a house..well the guy who bought it has sold the neighbour on the other side..Anna the Dr has bought it to keep as is for all the creatures who go between our properties..there will be no building..just land..

In two weeks it will be empty ..again..except for roos and other native cannot believe how happy i am..

Do you think the roos know this ?




































Wildlife..shot in my backyard..with a camera..R.I.P Cecil




When a wild animal enters my property i take aim..with a see the beauty is in the eyes..eyes that are alive with curiosity..

Any living creature loses that beauty when dead..the skin pales the eyes no longer show the mind working..the heart beating or the soul shining..

A majestic animal died …he died because a human decided his eyes would look better as a grotesque trophy in a humdrum office..

The only regret is the one for being caught out ..not the regret for an action that is beyond barbaric..

I feel sorry for this one Lion has taken the worlds heart and he will forever be just another sad excuse for a human.

I raise my camera and i shoot with all you see will be the beauty and life in these creatures..






A trip to my paddock..all creatures gathering

A trip to the back paddock to get some kindling for the fire and i came upon this sheepies..a Fox and of course in the bottom left hand side of the screen Nelson the willy wagtail…a busy time of day for all the fox poses no threat to my sheep or the fullgrown Kangaroos..who will defend themselves with a swift kick..the rabbits are the target for the fox..and i could see them in the further paddock hopping away..while the fox kept looking…a busy weekend here with Hubbies birthday and Anzac Day and a modem that needs getting on line has been laborious..i will catch up as soon as i can as commenting has the circle of doom spinning..yet posting is alright ??? ..




Wild on Wednesday

Hi guys…well looks like i am back with the Wild folk again..a return of the roos has meant i am spoiled for photo ops..

They are healthy happy and flourishing..many joeys in pouches and many young males who seem to outnumber the girls…this should make for some very interesting times ahead!

I have spotted some real whopper boys too..three so far..and even from a distance i can see they are BIG!.. they seem to be staying mainly in our back paddock..interesting when i go for a walk..need to be a bit careful i think ..

I have shown a brief video this week and have an extended one which i will try and get up next week.

With the roos we are always cautious on our street..but even more so as a few are really random in their jumping..and i have tried to capture a picture to show how close they get to the road and you cannot see them until the last moment.

They are super camo and often ‘camp’ as they call it by the verges and when a head pops up it scares the beejeebers out of you..i would never forgive myself if i hit one..we have a young healthy Male who seems happy to camp at the back of our property and by himself..he may be branching out and looking to start his own mob..he is not injured ( i always try and check) and is eating and happy….so maybe this is his time to be the man of his own family!

I spot him when i get home from the shops..i get out of my car walk over near the barn and through the scrub and gumtrees i can see him resting…we play this game when i leave and when i come home..he seems quite bored with me 🙂


I took some pics of him for you all and also have included some of the roo that was by the road on our is a deadend street and we are the last house so he is safe..we all take extra care on our street..we are quite proud of our roos 🙂 he also show how well camoflagued he is..certainly born to live and survive in our bush environment..he watched me ..and in two hops was across the road and giving me the ‘look’…later next week i will post the pics of the funny little roo that was already on the other side…he played peek a boo with is not easy to take a quick pic with my camera on my lap in the car..with a dirty forgive the roadside pics 🙂

Have a great day i am off to bed to catch some zzzzz’s


Lone Male camping

Lone Male camping


Hears me

Hears me


Decides to look around

Decides to look around


Checking the direction of the noise (me)

Checking the direction of the noise (me)


Oh it's her again!

Oh it’s her again!


See this great camo!

See this great camo!


Over the other side in a second

Over the other side in a second