A Call To Paws !!!!

Hi gang it's me CLEO

Hi gang it’s me CLEO


It’s me CLEO…

Now I have some mews that you catz might find scary..almost scary as a Murdulators!

I was out in my grannies gardenz …see fozziemum iz my granny and when she has timez/getz off her fat patootiez..you will learnz bout why I lives wiff her and grandad..any who..no timez for that now..

I waz minding my own busy-nesses when I saw granny attacking my NIP!!!!

I hearz the gaspz already frum you all…yez the sacredz NIP..

I had got it all big an hugeeee and smelly and great and now…

What the cat!!

What the cat!!

Iz almozt invisibells….

Some partz of the worldz they are doing the PRUNE…I don’t like the PRUNE..i prefur the NIP!!!

Granny tried to peace-afy me wiff a bucket of the NIP..

I don't want peace-e-fying

I don’t want peace-e-fying

I still hadz me a good nose-drill full of me NIP thoughz

It can't be so!!

It can’t be so!!

But it can’t be so…my NIP….I have a dicctionz to it…what can I do nowz?

I got crankyz pantz on and granny said I spit the dummyz..she’s the dummies!

The spitted dummiez

The spitted dummiez

MOL I almozt gots her good hey!

So fe-lion furriends..watch out if your oomanz is going to the NIP…they might have PRUNEZ and you gunna get the big Pineapplez as my granny/NIP butcherer sayz..

So i am staying guard now…I look leftz I look rightz..I kind of hope that the Murdulators does come now..Grannies gone too fur this timez!!

I looks leftz

I looks leftz

I looks rightz

I looks rightz






Sunday night brain burp

Why is it that before i go to bed on a sunday night my normally quite orderly and very true to form Virgoan brain gets wind.My thoughts wander and i start to think of the most obscure things,my hubby is not silly he goes to bed,on the odd occasion i go to bed early with him i tend to share these thoughts with him…poor man..poor poor man.

I mean nothing is different in what i eat or do so why Sunday night.I don’t have a pressing job to go to Monday,so no meetings on my mind or hectic travel to endure. Sometimes i think perhaps i have been in the fertilizer bag for the garden too long…

Anyway for what ever reason Sunday night seems to be a real brain burp…in fact a full on belch sometimes..loud and hard to ignore.

Tonights burp/belch involves an oldie but a goody…

Birds…after perusing some photos on blogs and in my photo files on my computer i was drawn again to the thought that birds look odd without arms…i know obscure..but when i look closely at the pictures and see them standing there upright and proud i think why no arms? Now this thought is probably as odd to you as an armless bird is to me.It’s a bit like looking at a word for such a long time you start to question if it looks right..perhaps i should just glimpse at birds.

This train of thought…like a burp comes from deep within my workings and so as with a burp i start to think perhaps it can be controlled,perhaps it is best to be not shared.

Will it be offensive? can it be offensive? i mean surely i am not the only person who finds themselves the victim of a random thought that won’t go away. I may have to start a diary of my day and see what possible theme seems to pop up during the day that could cause these episodes of brain belching..i still query use of fertilizer and my sheer unbridled enthusiasm in applying it to anything and everthing.

Anyway it is now bed time hubby has already made a swift exit…he may even have placed himself in a cone of silence…these brain burps can make me want to wake him and discuss in 200 words or less the where what why of whatever at anytime is on my mind.

But i do leave you with this thought..birds do look odd without arms..have a close look for a long time and i am sure you will agree..until my next obscure episode take care and enjoy your day/night depending on where you are …which makes me wonder ..who discovered time and what it means..i mean someone must have………..