In the fast lane

Hi guys..well it has been life in the fast lane here for sure…with so many things happening either with animals, jobs ,health or family it has been foot to the metal and top speed !

Firstly thank you for your patience as i appear and vanish so much to do and so little time..a problem we all have and not one that i alone suffer from i am sure.

Months back i organised for Hubby to do some Hot Laps at Calder Park Speedway as a Father’s Day gift..and last Sunday was the day.

Calder Park is on the outskirts of Melbourne..not far from Tullamarine (or as they now call it Melbourne) Airport..the half way point for us always for a coffee at the Mc Donalds as we either head to Melbourne or the airport.

So we had to be there at 8am and after a hellish computer issue kept us up late Friday night it was a tired us that got up at 6.15am…urghh

We got to Mount Macedon (near Hanging Rock) and it was dark and misty then raining..awesome..

By the time we arrived at Calder Park after grabbing a Mc coffee and having a Mc wee the weather had cleared.

Briefings were held papers signed peeps got their racing gear on, and folks were assigned their drivers. So the peeps doing the laps went first in an everyday car to go and check out the tracks,turns and other info .

The people doing the drive had their laps with the pro in the passenger seat..after their laps then the pros took THEM for the Hot show them how a racing driver does it 🙂

These cars get up to 220kph..which is  about 136 miles per hour.

Now i thought keeping up with roos was a challenge..let me tell you this was a real struggle hahaha..between being deafened by having my head over the concrete barricades to get close ups and running up to the top of the grandstand to get long distance shots i was working harder than an elite athlete…which i am not..i love fast cars always have the only real sport i actually enjoy..and so not only did i have great fun watching but i had fun challenging myself with the camera..and i can tell you my arms were super sore from lifting that damn lens..

When it was over we met up with some of the kids and their other halves at Hanging Rock for a Picnic..was all in all a great day..and i hope you enjoy the fast lane with me today..forgive my less than pro car racing shots!

Hubby is in car Number 10 the blue and white  Hayman Reese one by the way 🙂

Cheers Fozziemum










































Hubby and our son Chris

Hubby and our son Chris



Those leaps into the unknown..come jump with me

Hi guys..well i have worked hard ..really hard and have finally taken the plunge..

Soon some exciting things will be happening..and I am so proud of myself ..albeit a scary ride!

I have nitty gritties to work out and some more wrangling of mundane aspects of my new venture but i am getting there!

All of you have been so supportive of my bumbling attempts and my various trials and tribulations.

Nothing but lovely compliments that have made me feel humbled and loved..

All i ever wanted was to have people feel as if they too were beside me as i captured the images that made me happy..

So to say thankyou i will be having a little surprise give away..i will reveal details later and i hope you all enter for your chance to win..

So that is a bit of a teaser..for now i have a procedure in the morning and due to the lack of food…the intake of vile liquids..i will be awol.

I am off to drink some more chicken broth and eat some more Jelly (Jello)..urghhh

Hugs Fozziemum


Aim for the sky

Aim for the sky


Raspberry Roos

Todays visit very close to the house by the young mob was lovely..i cannot tell you how happy i was to spot them…and guess what folks..

Remember how the 9 acres sold next door and the land had a big part cleared to build a house..well the guy who bought it has sold the neighbour on the other side..Anna the Dr has bought it to keep as is for all the creatures who go between our properties..there will be no building..just land..

In two weeks it will be empty ..again..except for roos and other native cannot believe how happy i am..

Do you think the roos know this ?




































Fairytale Friday

DSC_0012-(3)a Underneath the mushroom cap lives a funny little fellow a curious chap



He dresses well in pants of moss, and a coat of feathers that the birds have lost

Quite by mistake i found this chap who lives beneath the mushroom cap

I took a step and then looked down and there he was, hands on hips and an angry frown

As i bent towards this curious sight he turned around and then took flight

Off he went ,up and around, behind the rock and then back down

He scurried under the mushroom cap,this funny  fellow,this curious chap

I sat quite still and waited a while hoping that he would see my smile

Sure enough his head popped out, left to right he looked about

‘I apologise… i said to this chap..if i woke you up from a lovely nap’

‘Well indeed you did ..he said to me..i was fast asleep under the tree’

He told me his name was Finnigan Jones and he welcomed me to his humble home

We chatted awhile of this and that, a curious me and a curious chap

He told of the life he loved to live, making the most of what the forest could give

‘There is life here that keeps me more than happy..indeed i am a satisfied chappy’

I told him that i must soon away as the night would be coming to steal my day

He bid me farewell and invited me back,this funny fellow, this curious chap

As i left very carefully aware of my path i am sure i could hear this little chap laugh

I found over the days that i kept going back, no sign of this fellow this curious chap

But i  think of him when i start to roam, and all of the creatures that call Earth home

Not always obvious  and plainly in sight, the forest floor holds many delights

So i watch where i step and place my feet, for i never know just who i might meet.



Bev Green

Flowers for my friends

I was very lucky to get a new lens for Mother’s Day from hubby..i am a spoilt girl…i am also very lucky to have such wonderful blog friends..who stopped by to cheer me on yesterday…

I thought it only fitting that as i unleashed myself from the computer and left the house with my new lens i would head to the conservatory in town..and of course it was full of Chrysanthemums…i have never been a fan..but after seeing them up close and the hollows and tubes all with different light deposits..well i must say i am wishing i was a bug and could wander through them..please forgive my first bumbling attempts with this kind of work..again i fear i have done no real justice yet to this lens..but i am excited for the first time in awhile and will get the hang of it i think…i also wanted to say thankyou to you all..i hope you can enjoy my little gift to you all..








Mixed_yellow Chrys






Yellow_Chrys close




And of course a rose…



Shopping Around the World

Hi guys and it’s another trip to the great halls of food and wonky trolleys…


My good mate Bacon and i have been having so much fun learning about the way we all shop..the things that we buy and the costs that are so varied across the world..not just what the leaders in countries say we pay but real time real people prices..

This week i am proud to announce Australia is the winner..yes we have been nominated the most EXPENSIVE country in the world to live in…Bravo!

So before my dodgy at best internets has a hissy fit again here we go with this months list!

Now as we approach Winter the task of discussing costs of heating/cooling and thermostats finds us at the cooler end of the scales.

Now during winter here we get cold, not arctic cold as in our Northern Hemishpere friends but cold enough.

For me that means the house needs to be a constant warm we have super insulation i am grateful..double brick also helps.

I prefer the rooms which are mainly open plan to be around 22C seems a bit warm for some but old mate Athritis dictates it to be warm.

To do this we have an annoying but handy gas wall heater which is a last ditch run out of wood way to heat the house.

Now if we have no wood this bad boy will use (for cooking we are gas as well and water heating) during a cold snap a bottle a week at $100.00 so as you can see we get wood! and that means either trees that have fallen and can be used from our property(after checking they are not habitat) or buying in loads of wood.

Now to cut and stack your own is great..but it has to be available dried and it is time consuming when hubby is working.So we try and do this weekends.We have a few trees that Rabbits have under pinned which need removing (i love them but they really are destroying at a rapid rate 😦 ) but it will still need to wood not good for the flue…


The search for wood..

The search for wood..


A load of wood we get is usually a cubic metre and costs $140.00 and depending on the quality could last a month..sometimes less sometimes more.

So that is our heating for Autumn /Winter.

I must say as much as i love a wood fire i look forward to the day i can have push button heating and cooling…no dust ash fireboxes to clean..urghhh.

Now next item: Fave meat..well i do not really have one, i am pretty much a what i am in the mood for gal..and this week i have craved Mussels!

This week a kilo of Mussels cost $6.00


Freshly farmed Mussels

Freshly farmed Mussels

They really are delicious take no time to cook and only six hours to scrub and debeard…just sayin…

The next item was the go to vegetable..i am so happy my veggie beds are almost finished..i am sick of the quality and price of some veggies and really prefer my home grown.just one bed gave us 15 kilos of tomatoes this summer..fantastic!

This week my go to veggie is the red capsicum or red bell pepper i think my USA friends call it…always dearer than green but full of goodness.

A less than perfect capsicum

A less than perfect capsicum

I paid $1.91 for this one..they are $8.69 a kilo this week..

My random item is one i use a bit and i had run is always a dear item as it is the most labour intensive spice and therefor you pay for it.

The item is Saffron..the product of a crocus flower..

Tiny little packet

Tiny little packet

At $7.48 for 5 grams it is more expensive than gold i think…works out at $1.496 a kilo….

I use it sparingly as it is strong in colour and flavour so it does last a long time..i used about 5 or 6 strands last night.

Which brings us to homemade dish of the month…

I have been craving ,as i said, Mussels and apart from Mussels moulinere i felt like Paella..

So last night as the internet war waged and hubby was on the phone trying to sort it out and my never ending email debacle i gathered my goodies.



The first step is to take your mussels and scrub them then debeard and wash..

Take one and a half red onions and finely dice..Take either half a cup of white wine or fish stock and add 2/3rds of you onions..heat until bubbling (in a decent pot) add the mussels put the lid on and gently shake for about 3-5 minutes or until they open.

Remove from heat and drain reserving the mussel liqor.

If you have a paella pan great if not take a wide based pan or pot and heat half a cup of olive oil add the remaining finely diced red capsicum 4 crushed cloves of garlic a small amount of diced speck (or bacon)  and some strips of chicken ..saute for 5 minutes.

Add one diced fresh tomato one small diced Chorizo or other spicy deli sausage and a pinch of cayenne pepper and some smoked paprika about a half a teaspoon salt and freshly ground black pepper and reserved liqor from the mussels and i cup of paella rice.Stir.

Add 2 cups of heated chicken stock which has been infused with about 5 or 6 saffron threads (you can use the powdered saffron but use caution as it is super overpowering) stir until all well mixed bring to the boil then reduce heat to low and simmer gently for 15 minutes without stirring.

After 15 minutes remove the chicken if almost cooked and put to one side.

Put some frozen peas about half a cup on top and push gently into the rice(i like frozen as they cook down and stay bright and do not mush up) if you have green prawns add them now and also push them in to the rice..cover the pan or pot and leave on low heat for ten minutes.

After 5 minutes add mussels to the rice and finish cooking for the next 5 minutes..if the rice is not quite cooked add a small amount more of hot stock but do not stir just pour on top (mine was fine so i needed to add nothing ) .

When done turn off heat and rest for 5 minutes.

A good paella will have a crusty bottom referred to as the ‘ Soccarat’ because i used to burners to cover the size of my paella pan my Socarrat was mainly in the centre and the outside..i usually cook paella on the bbq with a more even wide based heat.

Makes no never mind to me it was super delicious.




Now the total cost worked out at $33.00

This gave hubby and i two serves last night and a meal each for $5.50 Per person per meal which to me is good value!

So there you have it another fun shop around the world..thanks for joining Bacon and i again and please have fun seeing what everyone ‘cooks’ up this month!



Maybe it’s Monday

Hi guys..i just realised this is my 400th post! and not a roo in sight!
Well tis Monday and i am going through some pics from the weekend..doing my tiny head in.
Saturday i had a lovely visit from Sharon from Gentlestitches and apart from making the worst batch of scones ever…go figure we had a lovely chat and some brownies and a walk around the property…the roos stayed hidden..dang..i forgot to take pics too!
The furries posed for some for Aunty Sharon though..bless em.
Yesterday we headed off to the Castlemaine State Festivals last day at the botanical gardens..a much better place to hold was full of food stalls,craft and music..and of course doggies.
We then grabbed a coffee and headed to Cairn Curran where i hoped to get some more Pelican shots..but boats and jetskis were there so i guess the Pelicans took off..we did meet some pups though and dangled our feet in the water.
I bought home some driftwood for the boys and a huge Pelican feather for the girls..who batted it sniffed it and loved every bit..Forrest wanted to eat it!
So here are some pics i took..i am not really happy with not know why…kinda worried i may be spending too much time looking at them and picking faults..or i am losing my mojo..have a great Monday folks 🙂

The archway in the Botanical gardens

The archway in the Botanical gardens

The longest lunch tables set up under the shade of the trees..very popular

The longest lunch tables set up under the shade of the trees..very popular

Others set their own tables up by the lake

Others set their own tables up by the lake

Always hands telling stories

Always hands telling stories

This pup taking a brightly coloured owner for a walk

This pup taking a brightly dressed mum for a walk!

Music was everywhere

Music was everywhere

This young family and their Cairn Terrier Mary relaxing on one of the many couches set up in the park

This young family and their Cairn Terrier Mary relaxing on one of the many couches set up in the park

Mary was tired from her busy day apparently

Mary was tired from her busy day apparently

These girls had beautiful voices

These girls had beautiful voices

At Cairn Curran..the walls of the reservoir

At Cairn Curran..the walls of the reservoir

In the carpark we met Maisie May the Westie

In the carpark we met Maisie May the Westie

Maisie Maes sister Lizzie

Maisie Maes sister Lizzie

Lizzie was photobombing

Lizzie was photobombing..look at Maisies face!



Maisie Mae is 13 and so is Lizzie

Maisie Mae is 13 and so is Lizzie

A lot of kids having fun on donuts so no Pelicans

A lot of kids having fun on donuts so no Pelicans

Doc enjoying a piece of driftwood i bought home

Doc enjoying a piece of driftwood i bought home

Forrest loves it too!

Forrest loves it too!