Winners on Wednesday

I am so happy and excited to give you the names of the people i have drawn from my lens bag this Wednesday morning..

In order of how my randomizer fingers grabbed them ..

Edgar 62

Jans Funny Farmers

Lavinia Ross

Easy and staff

Bella ,Roxy and Dui

Jo Stancer

Raising Daisy

Saving Sammie

The Tabbies o’ Trout Towne

Savannahs Paw tracks

Daily Musings


I am so happy that i can share these cards with you all and i only wish i could give all entries a prize!

I am glad i stuck my hand int he bag as if i had to choose by any other means i would be in trouble!!

I hope you enjoy your prizes as much as i have enjoyed designing and photography these cards for you.

I will have more details soon about cards if anyone wishes to buy them..i have made a facbook page ..Opshots Photography where i will show images and discuss what i have and what i will be doing.Of course my bloggie buds are always in my first peek category!

If anyone wants to pop me an email with questions or on my blogs i am more than happy to answer.

So if the lucky winners want to send me an email to with their addresses i can wrap these beauties and send them on their way!

Even got a couple of Aussie winners which is super as some Aussies are a bit unexcited about our wildlife..go figure!

Thankyou again for all entering but more importantly for giving me some great feedback and being amazingly supportive followers..get’s this gal right in the ‘feels’

Much love best i start wrapping!


See you soon the mailbox!

See you soon the mailbox!


Sometimes this is all you can do

So excited about giving my cards away folks.. you still have until Wednesday to comment and go in the draw! so go for lens bag is filling fast 🙂

I am super  busy with preparations for getting my cards out there..spending a good part of morning until 2am working through various things.

Funny as i will have to order more as all the sets i ordered i am giving will be great to hear what people think.

This week will be a bit crazy..i will be on here with my winners on Wednesday and apart from that i do not know..

We are all healthy , pets included but some things are happening that require me to spend less time online for a little while.

I even have to step away from my photography this week i think too..

Changes can come when we least expect them and the timing for some things could not be worse..but this is life and as always we regroup and get on with it.

So please remember to enter the draw and do not worry …i will be popping in as often as i is just a week that needs me to be present..

And i think my little friend here pretty much sums up how i feel 🙂

Have a great week guys..hugs Fozziemum



Well it was on the cards

Well it was bound to happen..with a lot of gentle and some not so gentle persuasion i have made a start..


I have been working hard and trying to get myself organised..mainly procrastinating…when will good enough be good enough..


And i guess there is no way to know until you go and throw yourself out there!

I have made a start with some blank greeting cards..and i must say that i am so happy with how they have turned out!

Each set of 12 cards comprises these images which i know you have all seen before..


They are made from 340gsm  sustainably sourced paper and have a light satin coating on the outside and uncoated on the inside for ease of writing.

I have kept them blank so you can use them as you like.They have envelopes included also.

I am really proud of these cards and even though i am just starting to get myself organised i guess i have to start somewhere!

I plan on having sets with just Joeys, Family groups,Lone Roos,reptiles (yes some peeps love reptiles! ) birds, flowers and landscapes.

I have other things i am working on i am busy busy i must get my camera out and leave the house!

But first these baby steps ..and to say i promised i have a very modest give away.

I have my first sets delivered  and these sets are ALL to good homes!

Now there is no hard quiz or competition..all i want is for you to leave a comment between now and Wednesday  the 16th.

That’s all…simple i would love to know simply how and if my photographs have changed your perception of Australia..

I have 12 sets to give i said i have started small..super small…and i will put all names in a Lens Bag and draw the names!

The draw is open to all countries and no postage will be give it a go!

I would love to see these cards go to good homes..and all i need is the honest opinions of my friends!

So that is my news..huge for me..a new venture and hopefully a chance to share my photographs all over.

For those that need it today


 Dedicated to all my precious pets who dance with the angels….may you find some comfort in these words

Will you be my angel and place me in your heart

Will you always love me until the day we part

Will you be my angel and handle me with care

Will you keep me close and promise to be there

Will you be my angel and shelter me from harm

Will you offer comfort within  your loving arms

Will you be my angel and snuggle close at night

Will you reassure me if I should get a fright

Will you be my angel and spend your life with me

Will you be my angel when I need to be set free

Will I  now be your angel I hear within your heart

I will always be your angel I have been from the start



We did our best

Thanking everyone for their prayers and purrs for Pedro..sadly we were notified this morning that Alison was going to have to help him on his journey to the bridge.. We tried so hard and we really hoped he would pull through but he was a senior boy and may have been down too long with the cold and his old bones. He was with his Donkey family his Mum Alison and he was treated as we all deserve with respect and dignity and love. Hubby has taken this so badly..when you work so hard and try to have the best outcome you can feel like you have somehow failed. I have chosen the photo below and i will get this printed and framed and when Alison has had time to grieve i will give it to her. Pedro bought neighbours who had never met together..he had all of us talking to him in soothing words and rubbing his ears and telling him what a good boy he was..we tried we really did but he just did not have it in him..he had a lovely life and was living with a wonderful family..he will be sadly missed..i am so sad i only spent those few hours with him..but now i am able to meet his donkey friends and Alisons horse..we have been bought together over our love of animals and Pedro was the catalyst. Hubby is doubting his ability to take part in these animal rescues..a few members simply cannot cope..road trauma and human casualties they deal with all the time ..but these ones get some of the toughest men and women..i hope he still having a person with such love snd respect for animals is what is needed.. Run free sweet Pedro i will never forget the time i was privileged to spend with you..

PEDRO age 40

PEDRO age 40

Bacons big reveal party

Welcome one and all to my good friend Bacon’s big reno reveal!

Boy what a ride and we all know the ‘joy’ of reno’s..they are one of the most stressful things a normal person can do…well normal may not be the word!

Bacon has been through a huge change at his place and after many years of either bad health or work it was time to refresh..oddly you have to semi kill yourself to get refreshed!

I understand only too well..the last house we had it was the bathroom dude from ACME bathrooms…may as well have been..note to self we can build a better bathroom…just sayin..

I have smashed old fibro cement walls out and nearly discombobulated myself in the process..i have spent so much time pulling old 60’s tiles of bathroom and laundry floors that i started to actually see the face of Jesus in them..seriously..drove me mad..i have painted until my feet and fingers were about to drop off..had they done so i would not still be waging war on the painting of the fences here by brush..urghh..

Here we have pulled out a kitchen.,..yes it was a treat…some pics of the festive event..

How's that colour..

How’s that colour..



Yep..a beaut..

Yep..a beaut..


Of course Doc and Forrest played the part of tradies assistant..when Phil went to work i took over...i will never look at slate the same way..

Of course Doc and Forrest played the part of tradies assistant..when Phil went to work i took over…i will never look at slate the same way..

Our handy tradie was the BEST..such a great guy..

Our handy tradie was the BEST..such a great guy..

Sometimes you just have to call in the big guns..

Love me a machine

Love me a machine

Well we survived here..barely..and still have a main bathroom and ensuite to do..all the flooring which has split due to drought..and the bedrooms need painting and reflooring..the list goes while we have a rest let us all have a bit of a celebration and salute the latest reno achievers.

I know Bacon and his family have culled until they could cull no more and decluttering is so in celebration of this great reveal..i invite you all to grab the stuff you want to declutter and throw it on the bonfire!

Go for it folks!

Go for it folks!

Oscar will help he loves a good bonfire…and i know Bacon has some great food at his place for his reno reveal party but also we have here some grab some and head to Bacon’s with a plate..

My homemade Macarons..

My homemade Macarons..

And since Bacon Loves Apples..grab some of these to take ..



And i would be remiss as a co-host if i did not offer some of prize winning Apple Pie..yes it did NOT win this year although in a strange turn of events i did receive a certificate in the mail for best decorated Apple pie..

Hot and delish folks

Hot and delish folks

Now you all enjoy Bacon’s Southern Hospitality and go enjoy the new reveal..a long time coming and well worth all the hard work !

Hugs Fozziemum

Lovefest at our house

Hi everyone..i often talk about how much the dogs and cats love each other here..there is no species bias..
When it is a mild day I let the girls wander with us,usually just a stroll and a roll in the driveway then back to the Kitty Day Spa..this day Marbles was inside sound asleep on her perch on the back of the couch..i had taken the pups for a walk and let the girls come out to have a stroll..
Dinnermintz since she was first with us as a sick foster kitten has always had a special bond with Forrest and Doc..mainly with Forrest ,her main man and she hates to be apart from him..especially when they go into boarding..
Another day and another lovefest here at home in the bush 🙂