Thankful Thursday

I thought I would do a post today on a time I was indeed very thankful.
We had during this time lost two precious pets..Simba who was shot and killed in the September and Merlin who lost his battle with Feline Aids a week prior to xmas.
Not long into the new year I was cuddling Doc when I felt a huge lump right near his front armpit..i felt sick.
We are always cuddling the animals so this was a big and recent lump that I had not seen or felt before.
My heart sank,i felt cold ..hubby and I could not bear the thought that we could be about to face another animal tragedy.
I booked Doc in to our vet for the first appointment of the next day.
We took him down and our vet (where we used to live) Dr Findlay ..felt the lump and looked quite concerned,he said he didn’t like the way this had just appeared and wanted to get in and have a look.
Dr Findlay was never a vet to cut first and ask questions the concern he felt only made us more fearful.
Doc was booked in for an exploratory the next morning.
When we took him down Dr Findlay assured us he would let us know straight away what was going on the moment he knew…he looked so worried,he knew what we had been through recently and I think he dreaded having to give us bad news.
He did the xray on poor Simba to find out why he had died and he was the one who had to tell us he had ben shot,he also was the one who helped us get Merlin to the Rainbow Bridge when his fight with Feline aids finally took it’s toll…he knew we would be shattered at more bad news.
I spent the morning in a daze..i could not concentrate on anything,hubby and I just sat in the loungeroom waiting with Forrest for the call.
We got the call early afternoon from an obviously relieved Dr Findlay who said…it’s a grass seed!
He said it was so deeply imbedded that the surrounding tissue had abscessed and was very messy.
I could not hide my relief and burst into tears..i didn’t even consider a grass seed as he is a shorthaired dog and I thought that with brushing and cuddling etc I would have noticed!…
I did recall that he was rubbing himself more than usual on the carpet..which he did all the time..and this must have pushed it into his coat and then skin…as it got more irritating he must have rubbed it in further…but like I said this is so normal for rub and roll all over the carpet.
We picked him up in the afternoon…he had the cone of shame..antibiotics a drainage tube that looked like pasta and a massive amount of stitches…poor little guy..i burst into tears again..and bless him he licked them away..
Dr Findlay was beaming ..he knew we were relieved and then he grinned broadly and said…
“Now just keep him quiet for a few weeks” this always entertained Dr Findlay…he knew this was a case of goodluck!
Anyone with a fox terrier knows they have two speeds…flatout or asleep…yep keep him quiet!!!
Forrest was so glad to see him..he sniffed him all over..licked his face and settled down next to him on their beds in the see Forrest paced until Doc came home..he might be bigger but Doc is older and still Forrests Pack alpha..
So again much as when Doc had his Knee reconstruction..i slept on the dog beds with the boys for the next couple of nights..Doc with his head cradled in the crook of my arm sending it numb…and Forrest spooned on the other side of me snoring like a sailor.
So this is one of my many thankful moments..thankful that Doc was still with us thankful that our Vet was such a caring man and animal advocate and thankful that I can share with people the importance of checking for grass seeds even in short coated dogs.


Hi i'm Forrest

Hi i’m Forrest

Hi everyone the SPOTLIGHTS is on me today!

A little bit about myself.

I was born on the 6th of August 2003.

I was a puppyfarm dog..

When mum and dad bought me i was in a shop,mum and dad didn’t really know then about puppy farms *shakes head* and just thought i would be a great friend for Doc.

Mum knew about Docs mum and dad and when she tried to find out about me the truth came out! No one wanted to talk to mum and it was all secret,so mum investigated and soon found out…mum was so sad..she didn’t know!

I am the reason she is so against puppy farms now as i have shown her the way!

I was a shy puppy,mum took me to so-shell-ise and i got beaten up by bigger dogs..big dogs off lead rolled me around and i got scared..mum didn’t know but by trying to keep me safe she made my problem worse.

I  love Doc..he’s my little big bro..

My bro Doc

My bro Doc


But i never liked other dogs again.

I had all sorts of trainingz and still i didn’t like them.I love the kitties and even when they make the chips in hot oil noise it doesn’t worriez me.

I like our sheepz too…but other have never foughted one but i get very cranky.

I love humanz i really do even though they are the ones that made my doggie mum *puts paws over eyes* have too many babiez.

When we moved i was sick..i was getting up and doing the barfingz in the house,my old vet at the bad place had been testing me for my re-nals functions we didn’t know what was happening..this made mum and dad very sad because they love me so much.

Me at our old home wondering why i felt so bad

Me at our old home wondering why i felt so bad

So the new vet at the bad place Dr Rayya followed up on the RESULTZ…there was some odd things and i had more tests..nurse Amy (who has a bulldogz called Forrest too) took my bloods…she gave me lots of treatz but i didn’t like it..

I have got an Sep-ar-asion anz-eity..from this was what was making me barf and plus some REE-NALZ stuff.

Ever since then i am on taberletz..and with lotz of care i am back to myselfs again.

Happy in my new home

Happy in my new home

Mum and dad have to get me checked but i am happy to be me see taking puppies too soonz from their mums in the farms or millz makes you miss impawtant things.

But now the gooder thingz..i love to swimz in the big water mum calls the dam..i think she calls it that cos i get smelly in it..i don’t know

The dam

The dam

Mum prefers me swimz in the big pool her and dad got me and Doc…it’s a big pond liner cos my bum is big mum say *rolls eyes up *My pool..mum throws my toys in over summer..

Sometimes i can't findz them

Sometimes i can’t findz them

The pool is great but it doesn’t have the smelly yabbies that are at the dam!

I smell dead fings!

I smell dead fings!

Have i menshuned i like the dam?

Mmmmmm smelly waters

Mmmmmm smelly waters

I love to play and putz on sad face really well mum sayz *chuckles*

Good sad eyez

Good sad eyez

I help dad with the yard work by sniffinz

Even Doc helps/annoys dad

Even Doc helps/annoys dad

We celebrate my birthfday and we eat great stuffz

Birfday time

Birfday time

I help Doc as well cos sometimez he needs private-cees so i stand guardz

I am watching for murdulators that Doc sees

I am watching for murdulators that Doc sees

When dad is working hard in the officers i keep an eye out too

I am watching ...

I am watching …

But i still get timez for R’s and R’s and sun puddlez is good!

Donut disturbs

Donut disturbs

All in allz i am a happy boy and always mum calls me smilee face or boo boo bears or Fozzie bearForrest T.S.Green

Some things to finish with.

1.Mum will always be angry at herself for buying a puppy without wondering how he got there *pats mum and licks her face..again! )

2.My Dr is Dr Rayya and she has a blog too!

3.I loveeeee fresh Salmon

4. When Doc and me went to doggie day care when mum and dad had a ’bout time’ holiday i slipped off my collars and did a nudie run in the office BOL boy did everyone laughz and they love me when we go there now!

5.Mum and dad never letz me get stressed anymorez an my new life on a big land is much better

6. Dinnermintz and i have a speshal relashunships..she loves me and i luvs her and we snugglez all the time.

Thankyou for listening to my tail..i have no idear who is in the SPOTLIGHTS tomorrow so i hope you pop in.





A day in Forrests’ Forest..starring Forrest.T.S.Green (aka fozzie) and Doc

Forrests’ forest is the small front paddock that three fat sheep stay in when they need to slow down on the food!

Forrest loves this paddock he can go nuts in here quite safely,there are rabbit smells and sightings,sheep poop to munch on (no one said he had great taste) and also the bath tub that has the sheep water in it.

We don’t let the dogs go ‘free range’ anywhere on the property as there are inherent risks involved.Snakes in summer,parts of fencing that could be escaped through,and due to the size untold things that could cut,scratch or injure a running or curious dog,Roos are also a consideration as if the dogs see one …well they would have to chase,it’s in there nature.

Not only is it illegal to allow your dog to chase or bother wildlife,it is incredibly dangerous,a Kangaroo can kill a dog quite easily,also a dog roaming or straying on to neighbouring property is not good,the property owner could shoot to protect their livestock ad be well within their rights.

So ..enough drama and tales of doom,now to Forrests Forest!

This area has been gone over by myself and my hubby,we have checked fencing,the terrain and it is safe for not only the three fat sheep but our precious when the sheep move to a different paddock ( the dogs do not bother our sheep at all but it would get crazy with sheep and dogs all over! ) it is time for the dogs to let their legs go crazy and run like the wind!

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