Wildlife has blooper moments

The other day as i ventured up from the dam after spending a fun time watching Wanda and her wee Buttons i came across some roos that had been camping in our lower paddock.

Now it can be hard to see them when they camp as they like to do so amongst the rushes.

More than once i have come across one and had the beejeebers scared out of me.

When you crest a hill and a big lad over 6 foot tall and all chest puffed and arms flexed is there it is quite a sight to see.

I defer to their right to be there and hope for the best 🙂

Well back to my trek up to the house..so i spot the roos…and the poor things must have been in a real daydream as i scared them a bit..i do not like to scare them so as i looked up i see roos going in all directions..i turned the camera on and shot some pictures..

I thought i saw what looked like a roo tumble over the reeds..damn..i hate that..i mean i know these guys are tough and all but i still hate to see them fall..

When i got back home i had got dinner sorted and mucked around a bit..when i finally got my sd card in the computer i went looking through all the shots of the wallabies..

Ok i come to the Blooper moment..what i saw next in my images were these shots..

Oh my..mid air collision of roos..both were fine after as i saw all roos hop off and then stand as a mob and watch me!

I guess sometimes even the wildlife is a tad uncoordinated and does not pay attention 🙂

Have a super weekend all 🙂

Cheers Fozziemum


Notice that there is a roo behind the rushes on the left..



Now the roo on the left takes off



Now rabbit up top left is taking off,roos are both in flight and not looking at each other


And the moment both roos collide!


Dust kicked up and over they go!


Calm restored..


Spring and the feeling is sunny..

Well we have been so lucky to have some beautiful days this last week..just as i thought Spring had given us the slip..the nights are cold..and in the shade it is still cool with the wind ripping at you now and again to remind you that Winter still has some scores to settle.

But when the sun comes out it is glorious..and it seems all manner of creatures are enjoying those moments.

Yesterday i looked up from the kitchen window to see a small mob of roos having a snooze out the front..i grabbed the camera ,snuck the pups in the laundry so as not to start barking..and then in what can only be described as a military operation i snuck out the side door..

Ok so i have my glasses on a chain..on and off all the time..but for photography i do not use them..so i swung the chain backwards..so they would not clack on my camera.and slunk down the steps..went around to the side steps and then..yep…belly crawled along the verandah..bare in mind i look like an idiot..a common occurrence for me…and inched my way along the verandah until i could get to a good vantage point.

Now the reason for this is not what you may think…yes i want to take a picture..i can’t help it..but the real reason is they were so enjoying the sunshine.

They were grazing ,some were sleeping..and so i did not want to disturb their enjoyment.

As it turns out they were less than concerned and when i was spotted they were as always wary but not distressed.

We have it seems three young Mum’s at the moment…all with Joey’s in pouch and one with a young Joey at foot..a couple of young but strapping boys too..and they all look healthy so i am very pleased..

Mum has a snack while Joey has a nap in the pouch

Mum has a snack while Joey just hangs out  in the pouch

Goodness Mum has her pouch full with this Joey!

Goodness Mum has her pouch full with this Joey!

Mum Joey at foot and one on board

Mum Joey at foot and one on board

A face to make your heart melt

A face to make your heart melt

Such lovely family groups

Such lovely family groups

Mum wants to go one way..Joey the other

Mum wants to go one way..Joey the other

So as you can see Spring is here now and all creatures are glad..and as for how ridiculous i look trying to get these shots..well here are some shots Hubby took today as i took him on a road trip far and wide..yes..i must look like an idiot ..but hey i have fun 🙂

Have a super weekend guys..tomorrow is Father’s Day here and so a big shout out to all those Dad’s out there..human and non human 🙂

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Monday by the dam

Hi guys Well today i noticed the Roos were not in the street as i went out to the shops..so when i returned from the shops i took a walk down to the dam. I could see a big mob in the neighbouring property..so as i walked down to take some pics i stopped as i noticed a fox was taking a casual stroll through the paddocks. I sat down and started to take some pics..i was watching the Roos watching the fox.. I must admit that they are really a beautiful looking creature but sadly they are also quite brutal..of course it is there nature and it is the way they survive..but any farmer can tell you the devastation they cause. I myself have seen it when we had chickens at our old house..they kill as many as possible with the intent of coming back for them..they seldom do. And they do not stop at chickens or rabbits but also lambs and i think it would be fair to say joeys. So i watched waiting to see if the Roos would give the fox a hard time..seems apart from watching her they did nothing. It will be interesting to see if a Roo with a joey behaves differently..so i plan on keeping my eye out. I know foxes are hated by many people..and they are certainly not native to our country..being bought in by the colonists.but as with  all creatures i try and see the beauty..knowing humans can be pretty brutal also. The second thing that struck me as i took pics was that i spotted a lone Roo..he did not see me for awhile and i actually almost missed seeing him. He was grazing alone but not too far from the others…when i looked at the pictures on my computer i could see he has a tattered ear maybe from boxing with others or from fences…clearly healed up so not a recent injury..i also noticed he was looking a bit thinnish ..his ribs a bit more pronounced than usual for a Roo. Perhaps the harsh summer has meant less feed for him ..when i zoomed in i could see his lashes were quite thick and not so much sweeping upwards..he looks to be a boy who maybe has been trying to start out on his own …i will keep an eye on him and if i feel he gets thinner i will call a rescue to see if they can check him out..he appeared very bright and uninjured and was grazing and quite content..i guess  living on the land can age us all..i feel for this sweet roo…i have called him Shaggy due to his shaggy ear…..he will be easy to spot by them . So please enjoy my time at the dam..which as you will see is almost a puddle..and i hope you can appreciate the beauty of the fox……despite her reputation.. Hugs Fozziemum

Here comes the fox see the Roos posture at first

Here comes the fox see the Roos posture at first

The decides this warrants further investigation

Then decides this warrants further investigation

Fox using the now uncovered tyres in the dam as a pontoon

Fox using the now uncovered tyres in the dam as a pontoon

Having a drink

Having a drink

Wonder if she is admiring her reflection?

Wonder if she is admiring her reflection?

Clearly not at all worried about me

Clearly not at all worried about me

Showing those teeth

We all get an itch

We all get an itch


A sweet boy

Yep..like i said we all get an itch!

Yep..like i said we all get an itch!

He has seen me

Now he is smelling the air..is it me or the fox he is smelling?

He stands when i move..keen to show he is alert and aware of my movements

Wild on Wednesdays

I have decided to make my Wednesdays wild…every Wednesday I will post the wildlife I am so very privileged to live with here at home…or in my travels..

The main aim of this blog was to showcase the wildlife and sometimes I get sidetracked…it’s what I love…its what I get my greatest joy from and it is a window into the world from a regular everyday perspective..

Of course the kitties and pups and sheep still have their bloggie..and that’s where the crazy will be 🙂

So as I post these pictures I am happy to try and answer any questions in regards to the animals as best I can…and if I don’t know then I will find out.

Please enjoy todays pictures.. a young mum and her male joey I have been watching recently…and with some patience I was eventually rewarded with what I had been waiting for.. a little on board joey ..mum and the older joey moved towards me…I stayed in the same spot only moving to adjust my seat as it was a bit damp and on stones and grass…she felt clearly comfortable in moving around and was at no time stressed.. she would graze and every now and then check my position…she is but a baby herself and only small.

It is important to understand they are timid creatures and I will always respect their need to feel safe…besides their behaviours are more natural if I allow them to dictate the terms of the encounter.

I had such a lovely time.. the sun was warming my face and the rays were brilliant in how they shone on the roos.. you could not set a shoot up better if you tried lighting wise.. the pups were in the new fenced off backyard and though they barked a bit every now and then.. the Mum was not concerned…she had no reason to be.. we have never allowed the dogs to roam and chase roos…

After over an hour I finished up as needs must.. and things needed doing..i left them to continue their little feast in peace.. another day in my very blessed world.


Taking my medicine…and loving it

Afternoon flock of Cockatoos...

Afternoon flock of Cockatoos…

This afternoon I decided I needed my medicine..not the squillion pills I take already but the medicine that i get from nature..here is my afternoon medicine and I hope it cures your ails too….

See that little tail tip...

See that little tail tip…

A little head popped up from a burrow...

A little head popped up from a burrow…

Enjoying the wattle blooms...

Enjoying the wattle blooms…

Fox watching the bunnies play .....

Fox watching the bunnies play …..

This boy was courting this little girl....

This boy was courting this little girl….

This big boy was scratching an itch...

This big boy was scratching an itch…

This roo was enjoying a roll around...

This roo was enjoying a roll around…

Whoops..i was spotted...

Whoops..i was spotted…