A million miles away

There are days I wish I was a million miles away..nothing bad is happening …no real reason..just the day and the mood.

I wonder how honest most people are with themselves….or others…

The reason for the mood this morning is really nothing..that’s right..just woke up and thought urghhh.

Some days I don’t really feel like I am in the zone…I am sure some peeps will think I am complaining and really i’m not..i just pondered as I replaced the kitty litter trays for the second time..and cleaned a patch of pee that one of the girls had left on the bedroom carpet.. just how many of us have those days.

The usual shenanigans at brekkie time.. watching Dinnermintz  doesn’t eat what Pickles  has left because she is off her food, being barked at for not hurrying with the morning meal…stopping Marbles  smacking Cleo because she has woken in a mood too.

The fires out again…cleaning up the ash and dragging more wood in has no allure this morning.. if I don’t, despite the day being warm, it will be cold in here tonight.

Forrest wants to go out the front.. he is not allowed.. he digs up my garden looking for kitty nuggets..so I let him out the back.. meanwhile a baby bunny is running around in the front yard..so off to scare him off.. come back in Forrest is barking…he wants in..again..

I go to make the bed.. i forget the cat bowl was out and Dinnermintz  on a diet decides she will go for it..

I hear her collar on the bowl and bolt out and put it away.

Forrest barks.. he wants out..again..i feel like a “door bitch” as they call them at clubs.. opening closing doors all day.

Back to making the bed…which hurts my back due to weeding yesterday on rough stones…awesome.

Phone rings.. telemarketer.. ah…no.. dishes done.. the Pickles  has decided she wants her food so out with the bowl again.. while Dinnermintz  keeps vigil..so I stand and wait.

She eats a bit..i put her bowl away again.. Forrest barks.. he wants in.. again…I let him in..someone has just used the trays..so another tray change..

Dishes now…from the brekky I could not eat in peace..one cat wanting to push into my plate and steal my toast..one dog wanting out..one cat trying to start a blue with another one..

A load of washing out…one in ..rubbish  emptied.. ready to go in the bin…

Forrest wants out…………..again………….the fire is well and truly out…need to go gather some kindling….keeping an eye out for snakes.. and then clean the firebox and start a fire.. big wood is in the trailer right at the back…means pulling the smaller pieces forward and that is great on the back too.

The shower and both bathrooms need cleaning. floors need sweeping and vaccuming..

Forrest is in again…and asleep now…..thankyou….

Quick phone call to mum.. she is busy…quick phone call with my sister.. she is in the same mood..

I have more weeding to do..i just can’t find the mojo.. but  I will..

When people say how lovely we have all this land I agree.. but some days it seems an impossible task to get everything done .Phil got most of the snake mesh stapled to the outside of the back fence yesterday.. we hear the burn off restrictions may come in in October…sheesh..

Great Forrest wants out.. and I can smell the litter tray..again…

I love my life..i love my animals and my home but today…all i can think of is running away..to a place where there are no litter trays.. where I can eat a meal without interruptions ..where if  open a door it is because I am heading out to have some fun….anyone who has not had children I can tell you this is what it is like to be a parent.. the commitment the time the sometimes mundane and monotonous the routine of life with pets is just the same.

I wonder how many pet owners will be disgusted with my attitude today? I wonder how many pet owners will fess up and admit there are days they are tired.. days they think it is all too hard.

I will never regret having pets and I know I have made a promise to them for life..i am happy to go without and to sacrifice for them..my choice.. and I adore them.. but some days I wish I was a million miles away.. and I know if I was I would miss them and pine for them and want to be with them.

For today I am here.. and I just have to get on with it.. tomorrow is a new day…



The GFC ( Great Fence Construction ) is over

On the 26 th of this month we had been here in our new home for 3 years..boy the work we have done…a ten year old house with fencing along the boundaries and that was about it..so a lot of fencing and paddocks needed to be sorted.

The biggest challenge has been the realisation that the wildlife is closer than we anticipated..so keeping the wild/domestic harmony became very important..Forrest being bitten by an Eastern Brown Snake     http://www.avru.org/general/general_eastbrown.html sealed the deal…this was top priority.

Now we decided to totally enclose the back of the house yard..the fencing was not enough to stop Forrest if he wanted to leap over after a roo and the snakeproofing proved inadequate. Considering it nearly did Phil in doing the original house yard fence we were well aware of the work involved

We have 11 acres but we still wanted to have an area that we could enjoy with the pups and without losing the sunsets..we came up with the idea of ‘windows’ in the fence..we thought of stained glass but the trees everywhere proved to be problematic..so we decided on Perspex..

Of course all good ideas involve hard work and loads of cash…so it has taken a long time to get to this point…it has required ridiculous man hours (hubbies) relying on good weather and many post holes in basically concrete ground..which along the back needed a man with a rig that had a huge posthole attachment..which still lifted off the ground..

Every fence  paling (and all the gates which are fence paling also for a seamless look)..have been screwed on by hubby…what a guy…this has nearly killed him…talk about hard work..the yard is still a dump zone as we have to now start the clean up…but the yard is done..some snakewire on the outside…and all over….we are then moving on to making the catio out the back..this will be a lot easier..less pain I am sure..we will have a doggy door soon to put in the laundry door and the pups can then be outside when we go out and can go in to their beds inside in the laundry if they want..

Outside they have a large covered verandah and their outside beds…water etc..3 years we have not been able to leave the house for more than a few hours as we have had them inside for their safety…so it will be lovely to go out and have a life…without worrying that they are locked in the house.It’s different with the girls they can wander the house inside for hours…but not the boys..i am pretty sure my couch would be eaten!

The catio will have access from the main bathroom to the outside..this means the girls can come and go day and night..in summer a real bonus…we plan on hanging an old wooden ladder from the rafters of the verandah with chains..and I will make hammocks on the rungs..so the girls will love this I am sure….there is a lot of work in keeping the pets and wildlife safe..and we are just glad we have finished before Summer..

So then then the gardens will be fixed up.. with an enclosed area in the corner for my veggie garden..which i have sadly missed..but landscaping is kind of the last thing after practicality..

So after who knows how many hours and about 4 thousand dollars later ( and that was after i spotted a whole load of really cheap palings ..made a big difference believe it or not) ta da…the safe pet backyard…still messy but hey that will be easy to fix 🙂

I may be absent a bit soon as the yard needs a lot of work..the scrub needs burning off before Summer and my poor garden out front is trashed from frost..i will try and pop in as I can…I will never catch up I am sure but needs must and this lovely property is a lot of work this time of year..



A side order of Ribs….Marbles vet visit

Ok I am an idiot..Marbles was taken to the vet this morning…we arrived after some changing of times as the Weekend vet Dr Nadia Wong was called to a Pony with colic..then our appointment was changed back as sadly the poor pony had died before the vet could make it…
I was waiting with Marbles who never even sang the song of her people once..not once and was happy to watch Wonkin the surgery kitty strut his stuff.
Another doggy with a sore paw..and then my heart broke..a family carrying their poor pup out in a blanket..he had gone to the rainbow bridge.of course I start snivelling and gave a look of ‘I understand’ to the poor pups owner as she stood there in tears with her doggy..the vet counsellor came up to me and said hello to Marbles..i told her I was teary for the poor doggies owners.she said how sad it was and that the vets tried everything but he needed to come in earlier..his owners just didn’t realise that..
So the vet calls us in…within in two seconds she smiled and said..
“It’s her rib you can feel! she has the same here on her chest have a feel..i can see why you thought what you did as the other rib is not as pronounced”
So a check of her weight revealed that she has lost 100grams since her last yearly check up which is good as she is a little…well… hubby calls her an Armadillo!
Marbles had her yearly and boarding vacc’s done so that is over and she has more meds for her arthritis which she showed the vet she was in pain with..
So I am relieved and I had felt a little like an Idiot..however I will remember the sadness of the people who today lost their doggy when an earlier visit may have saved it’s life..perhaps being hypervigilant is good..
So the next visit for my darling old girl will be in a few months for a dental visit…a clean and good look..her teeth are not as the vet said in a state that means she is in pain but they will need to be done sooner rather than later..next pet to visit the vets will be Pickles..then Dinnermintz then Forrest then Cleo..unless something unforseen happens to change the order!
It was lovely that we needed a new Booklet for her paperwork as we had a full one..this of course says to me that we have had our darling for 13 years..of vaccinations and check ups..and that is a great thing..
So I thank you all for your POTP your concern and your love for our girl..and when I have cooked dinner and fed all the animals I will personally reply to your lovely comments..

So anyone for an order of ribs??

A week on a wednesday

Depsite my recalcitrant computer and it’s dodgy video and volume issues the WP gremlin and eyeballs that feel like they have been sandblasted…I still have had a good week 🙂 I am nothing if not resisiliant….hubbies car was rear ended and has spent the week at the mechanics..our old mobiles got replaced and I have been trying to learn to drive the new one..the food processors passed away  …R.I.P old friend…but life goes on and so..

Here are some images I have snapped with my new mobile phone…I am still learning to drive it but all is good so far and it has been too cold to take my camera outside..have a great rest of the week…

This is the start of 40 metres of the back snake and roo proof fencing…we are having Perspex panels to maintain the sunset views but keep the pups safe and secure..

We have a ways to go but the weather dictates when we can set concrete..

And it has been frosty and very cold down here ..

Even had some hail for awhile…a lovely change from the heat of our past summer..

So cold the town was like a ghost town on Sunday…

A beautiful crisp ghost town though

So Pickles booked the fireside cabin for one for the weekend…

Which soon became a twin share when Cleo joined in…

So I settled down to knit some critters…

And make a new jacket for Doc…

Which I am sure he will be happy to wear to the vets tomorrow….

Thursdays lesson…French cooking with Cleo

Thankyou Cleo…but really I can’t actually read the cookbook if your panfur butt is planted on it.
I will be a bit offline soon as some of our kids and better halves come up for the weekend from tomorrow…so Cleo is helping me go through my French cookbooks…she does this by whapping my pen on the floor multiple times..then chewing the corners of the books..this is followed by jumping on the bench to see if she can help with the segmenting and sugar syrup coating of the Tangelo’s..i mean she does have some lovely peacock feathers up there on the wall behind her…..
Who said you cannot be a domestic goddess and a cat owner ….

Mellow Wintery Monday

Always watching us

Always watching us

Little breakfast visitor..enjoying the sweet grasses

Little breakfast visitor..enjoying the sweet grasses

I like to watch TV...the fire though

I like to watch TV… by the fire though

Seems Pickles has most of the doggie bed and Doc is on the outer limits!

Seems Pickles has most of the doggie bed and Doc is on the outer limits!

Pickles and Marbles...having a more quiet moment than they have had all week!

Pickles and Marbles…having a more quiet moment than they have had all week!

My grumpy old darling Marbles enjoying the fire

My grumpy old darling Marbles enjoying the fire

I am sleeping mum! yes on your dining room chair.....

I am sleeping mum! yes on your dining room chair…..

Friday the 13th and power of the paw

I am not spooked by Friday 13th..we have storms here thunder lighting and rain..glorious rain…I am home with the pups and the kitties alone..but I am not worried..there is nothing to fear…I have my guard sheep in the front paddock and the canine sentries asleep in front of the fire..no there is nothing to fear….plus it’s a full moon….but I have the power of the paw to protect me…

Cats-per the friendly ghost .........

Cats-per the friendly ghost ………

Thanks Archie Henry and Oscar from My three Moggies and Sammy from One Spoiled Cat xxxx

Pee Ess excuse Dinnermintz dirty nails hahahaah 🙂 she needs a mani/pedi 😉

That’s my girl Thursday

I love my Dinnermintz and today I am thankful she is mine…she on the other hand may not be thankful for me popping a ribbon on her…but because she is nearly always mistaken for a male due to her colour I wanted to prove she really is my Girl 🙂

Really mum?

Really mum?

Why mum?

Why mum?

You want me to pose?

You want me to pose?

Well get my good side!

Well get my good side!

Of course I don't have a bad side do I mum

Of course I don’t have a bad side do I mum

Fridays Down Under

My day started with some comedy…I know how unusual…I thought Phil was getting up for work..ok so he got out of bed then the next thing I know he’s whacking at the Doona (duvet) straight away I though he had lost the plot and was trying to kill me…

I asked him just what he thought he was doing..bear in mind I was asleep still…sort of..

Well apparently something crawled up his arm and he was swatting it off the bed…it was a spider and was crawling on the covers near me…so he was trying to ‘get it of the bed’ hmmmmm

So we both went back to sleep ..me with one eye open…I didn’t see any spider…hmmm

And that is how Friday started…

After brekkie I spotted Holly and Boo in the front yard…they are so well camo that I am still finding it hard to tell if Boo is a boy or girl..there is a smallish mob that are enjoying the green shoots of grass that are coming up on the properties in our street..to give you a better picture ..

We live in a dead end street..right at the end on the left side..each property is large we are on the second largest with 11 acres the people at the very bottom are on 12 in all there are 8 lots ..none of them smaller that 9 acres ..we have no neighbours yet on our left side but the lot has been sold..there are only 4 other houses in the street…so it’s good habitat for the roos with dams all around and people who respect nature..even when they build next to us and sell the 3 other lots the roos will be safe with plenty to graze 🙂


Holly and Boo

Holly and Boo

Graceful Holly

Graceful Holly

And so Autumn is in full swing…the trees are changing…
Autumn hello!!

Autumn hello!!

Marbles is in her fave spot all day catching the rays from the top of my chair..
Marbles fave spot

Marbles fave spot

Dinnermintz is …..well Dinnermintz is showing her best ass-ets off…
Dinnermintz Tocks

Dinnermintz Tocks

And it’s finally cool enough for me to get my bake on in between crocheting like a lunatic..so today I made Cookies and Cream baked cheesecake with a choc biscuit base…
Cookies and Cream cheesecake

Cookies and Cream cheesecake

So all in all I am winning today..except for the fear of being swatted in my sleep again tonight !! have a great weekend everyone…loves you all 🙂
I am a winner

I am a winner