Wildlife has blooper moments

The other day as i ventured up from the dam after spending a fun time watching Wanda and her wee Buttons i came across some roos that had been camping in our lower paddock.

Now it can be hard to see them when they camp as they like to do so amongst the rushes.

More than once i have come across one and had the beejeebers scared out of me.

When you crest a hill and a big lad over 6 foot tall and all chest puffed and arms flexed is there it is quite a sight to see.

I defer to their right to be there and hope for the best 🙂

Well back to my trek up to the house..so i spot the roos…and the poor things must have been in a real daydream as i scared them a bit..i do not like to scare them so as i looked up i see roos going in all directions..i turned the camera on and shot some pictures..

I thought i saw what looked like a roo tumble over the reeds..damn..i hate that..i mean i know these guys are tough and all but i still hate to see them fall..

When i got back home i had got dinner sorted and mucked around a bit..when i finally got my sd card in the computer i went looking through all the shots of the wallabies..

Ok i come to the Blooper moment..what i saw next in my images were these shots..

Oh my..mid air collision of roos..both were fine after as i saw all roos hop off and then stand as a mob and watch me!

I guess sometimes even the wildlife is a tad uncoordinated and does not pay attention 🙂

Have a super weekend all 🙂

Cheers Fozziemum


Notice that there is a roo behind the rushes on the left..



Now the roo on the left takes off



Now rabbit up top left is taking off,roos are both in flight and not looking at each other


And the moment both roos collide!


Dust kicked up and over they go!


Calm restored..


Wallaby Wednesday

Yep..it’s me…again..one day i will get my act together with posting..seems i am distracted..can you blame me 🙂

I introduced you to Wally last time i was here..well i am so delighted to report he has a significant other!

Please meet Wanda..

I had grabbed my bits and pieces and headed to the dam this morning..even at a good 12 feet down on water it is still the go to place for all species.

If ever you want to find any kind of wildlife watering holes are always a great place to start..we all need it and as it  is scarce it is pretty popular when found!

I had only been sitting for not even 10 minutes when up the embankment to my right i spotted the Wallaby..when i looked and saw an obvious pouch i was beside myself.

The shots i took are not fantastic..i had hidden amongst wattles and so i had branches and grasses in my way..but  i was not budging..no matter if my chair broke (it did) or i got bitten by ants (i did) or attacked by mozzies (i did) i was staying quiet to enjoy what was a magical moment..

And my friend  Easy has already claimed rights to be Godfather to the little tyke..(whom i will give a unisex name as i have no clue what sex this little ‘pinkie’ is yet)

So say hello to Wanda and ‘Buttons’

Wanda pops in for a drink..notice she is not as muscular as Wally

Wanda pops in for a drink..notice she is not as muscular as Wally

Wanda has a heavy load in that pouch!

Wanda has a heavy load in that pouch!

Thirsty work being a Mum

Thirsty work being a Mum

And there is Buttons..just as cute as a button don;t you agree ?

And there is Buttons..just as cute as a button don’t you agree ?

New Visitors welcome

Well belated Happy Easter to all..i hope everyone had a lovely time and got some relaxing in!

I hinted at a new visitor that had been spotted here on our property and i am now going to introduce you!

We have been here 5 years in August and this is the first time ever i have seen a Wallaby here..i cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled i was and especially as the visit came on the heels of a really sad day.

We had the Wildlife rescue out to sadly PTS a Kangaroo..he had a broken leg and had been eluding the folks in the street for two days..despite his serious injury the poor thing managed to get away each time.

I had no idea..i had been shooting a sweet family and then heard the news that this was about to happen.

The kindest thing to do is to end an animals suffering but i will never get used to the sound of a gunshot.

I was of course a mess..in tears and feeling miserable so i went for a wander with my camera.

A bit of nature therapy..i had not gotten far from the house when i spotted him..the Wallaby..my heart skipped a beat ,and as much as i wanted to clap my hands in the way that has hubby always laughing at me , i had to concentrate as i was scared my little visitor would leave!

I grabbed some shots and he took off but the next day he was back and hubby and i both got to spend some lovely time with him as he chowed down on those Hedge Wattles i despise!

Not only a beauty but also my new BFF for helping get rid of these rotten thorny beasts!

First some facts 🙂

.. The Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) a small macropod marsupial of eastern Australia.

This sweet wallaby is also known (mainly here in Victoria) as the Black faced Wallaby, the black tailed wallaby, stinker (QLD), black stinker (NSW) due to it’s characteristic swampy odour,fern wallaby,black wallaby, and black pademelon.

The Swamp Wallaby is the only living member of the genus Wallabia.

The bicolor comes from the varied color that they have.

Typical grey coat of macropods varied with dark brown to black region on the back and light yellow to rufous orange on the chest.A light colored cheek stripe is usually present and extremities of the body generally show darker coloring except the tail tip which is often white.

Their gait is also different to other wallabies as they carry their head low and tail out straight.

The average length (height) is about 30″ or 76cm for males and 27.5″ or 70cm for females.

The tail in both sexes is approx equal in length to the rest of the body.

Average weight for males 37lb (17kg) and females 29lb (13kg)

They become of breeding age around 15-18  months and breed throughout the year.

Gestation is 33-38 days and leads to a single young which is carried in the pouch for 8-9 months but will continue to suckle until about 15 months.

The Black faced Wallaby is usually a solitary animal but will aggregate in groups when feeding.

They will eat a wide range of food plants shrubs pasture and native and exotic vegetation and seem to be able to tolerate plants poisonous to others such as brackens and lantana.

Rather than grazing like Kangaroos they prefer to browse shrubs which is unusual in wallabies and macropods who prefer to graze.

Their tooth structure means their molars differ from other wallabies in that they are designed for browsing and their 4th premolar they keep for life and it is shaped for cutting coarse plant matter (ie.that hedge wattle!)

Several characteristics both physical and behavioral make the Black faced wallaby different enough from other wallabies to place it in it’s own genus Wallabia.


And  now please welcome Wally who i hope feels safe and at home here on  our 11 acres, for awhile at least..get ready to squee as he is adorable 🙂 and yes a boy..i checked 😉


















































Photo shoot goes ahead

Despite my rather nasty fall a couple of weeks ago the photo shoot went ahead..

Many thanks to Amber for stepping up while i was down..the back is improving..slowly 🙂

Love the new shots of these darlings just need to get my florals and other cards shot and loaded !


































The Florals and Eddy the Echidna are ready as well..let’s see if i can do a shoot this time without injuring myself!

Some quick Phone snaps for you to see..





Eddy the Echidna

Eddy the Echidna

The unexpected

I had a bad day yesterday..and despite the sunshine and the warm air i was in no mood to do anything..not even take shots..

I did the grocery shopping ..well physically i did , mentally i was elsewhere..came home unpacked and was making a coffee.

I was looking out the window at the sun and how it was highlighting the Golden Wattles and the how it showed the earth still dry and brown in our yard..Winter having next to no rain..and as i was daydreaming i spotted our first Stumpy tail lizard for the season.

They are amazing creatures, can live to 50 or more and partner for life..so this one must have had a friend close by.

We already have started the outside banning of the kitties…we knew with the heat comes trouble!

So i had to grab my camera..now he had disappeared when i looked back out.see he was heading to our front yard but we have snake meshed it..poor dude.

A real fallacy is that with these lizards around you will not have snakes..well we had a family of five last year and had our second snake bite! they both enjoy the same environment and foods..yes a large Stumpy tail or Blue tongue lizard will eat small snakes but this means they are in the same place.

Anyway as i walked out i saw along the side fence a huge Stumpy tail..must have gotten in where we have not finished…i ushered it into the garden and hope it finds it’s way out..or we will have to pop it over the fence..

Then i spotted a third! so off i went ..he was near the recently cleared embankment out the front..so i took some shots while lying on the ground and hoping a snake was not close by!

I let him go off and do his thing,headed to the dam area and gave a few roos a start..they took off so i continued to the dam..

Well i had the beejeebers scared out ff me when this big boy stood up! he must have been snoozing and out of sight..we had a bit of a tense ‘what the’ moment before i walked away from him and he then felt safe to hop off.

I went and sat under a tree and as i was feeling cruddy i just took a snap of my view..the tranquil roos in the bottom paddock settling for the early evening..the sun going..a window to tranquility..i had a cry ..a good cry..hubby came home and down to the tree,he took my hand helped blubbering me up gave me a hug and told me we would be fine..just fine..and i believe him.

A handsome dude maybe 16 inches long..waking up to Spring

A handsome dude maybe 16 inches long..waking up to Spring


Goodness me everything here is sticking it's tongue out !

Goodness me everything here is sticking it’s tongue out !


Roos make a hasty retreat after i startle them

Roos make a hasty retreat after i startle them


Now it was my turn to be startled..notice the do not mess with me claws

Now it was my turn to be startled..notice the do not mess with me claws


At the end of a bad day my window to tranquility

At the end of a bad day my window to tranquility

Well it was on the cards

Well it was bound to happen..with a lot of gentle and some not so gentle persuasion i have made a start..


I have been working hard and trying to get myself organised..mainly procrastinating…when will good enough be good enough..


And i guess there is no way to know until you go and throw yourself out there!

I have made a start with some blank greeting cards..and i must say that i am so happy with how they have turned out!

Each set of 12 cards comprises these images which i know you have all seen before..


They are made from 340gsm  sustainably sourced paper and have a light satin coating on the outside and uncoated on the inside for ease of writing.

I have kept them blank so you can use them as you like.They have envelopes included also.

I am really proud of these cards and even though i am just starting to get myself organised i guess i have to start somewhere!

I plan on having sets with just Joeys, Family groups,Lone Roos,reptiles (yes some peeps love reptiles! ) birds, flowers and landscapes.

I have other things i am working on also..so i am busy busy..so busy i must get my camera out and leave the house!

But first these baby steps ..and to say thankyou..as i promised i have a very modest give away.

I have my first sets delivered  and these sets are ALL going..free to good homes!

Now there is no hard quiz or competition..all i want is for you to leave a comment between now and Wednesday  the 16th.

That’s all…simple i would love to know simply how and if my photographs have changed your perception of Australia..

I have 12 sets to give away..like i said i have started small..super small…and i will put all names in a Lens Bag and draw the names!

The draw is open to all countries and no postage will be charged..so give it a go!

I would love to see these cards go to good homes..and all i need is the honest opinions of my friends!

So that is my news..huge for me..a new venture and hopefully a chance to share my photographs all over.

A trip to my paddock..all creatures gathering

A trip to the back paddock to get some kindling for the fire and i came upon this sight..Kangaroos..my sheepies..a Fox and of course in the bottom left hand side of the screen Nelson the willy wagtail…a busy time of day for all the fox poses no threat to my sheep or the fullgrown Kangaroos..who will defend themselves with a swift kick..the rabbits are the target for the fox..and i could see them in the further paddock hopping away..while the fox kept looking…a busy weekend here with Hubbies birthday and Anzac Day and a modem that needs replacing.so getting on line has been laborious..i will catch up as soon as i can as commenting has the circle of doom spinning..yet posting is alright ??? ..




Monday by the dam

Hi guys Well today i noticed the Roos were not in the street as i went out to the shops..so when i returned from the shops i took a walk down to the dam. I could see a big mob in the neighbouring property..so as i walked down to take some pics i stopped as i noticed a fox was taking a casual stroll through the paddocks. I sat down and started to take some pics..i was watching the Roos watching the fox.. I must admit that they are really a beautiful looking creature but sadly they are also quite brutal..of course it is there nature and it is the way they survive..but any farmer can tell you the devastation they cause. I myself have seen it when we had chickens at our old house..they kill as many as possible with the intent of coming back for them..they seldom do. And they do not stop at chickens or rabbits but also lambs and i think it would be fair to say joeys. So i watched waiting to see if the Roos would give the fox a hard time..seems apart from watching her they did nothing. It will be interesting to see if a Roo with a joey behaves differently..so i plan on keeping my eye out. I know foxes are hated by many people..and they are certainly not native to our country..being bought in by the colonists.but as with  all creatures i try and see the beauty..knowing humans can be pretty brutal also. The second thing that struck me as i took pics was that i spotted a lone Roo..he did not see me for awhile and i actually almost missed seeing him. He was grazing alone but not too far from the others…when i looked at the pictures on my computer i could see he has a tattered ear maybe from boxing with others or from fences…clearly healed up so not a recent injury..i also noticed he was looking a bit thinnish ..his ribs a bit more pronounced than usual for a Roo. Perhaps the harsh summer has meant less feed for him ..when i zoomed in i could see his lashes were quite thick and not so much sweeping upwards..he looks to be a boy who maybe has been trying to start out on his own …i will keep an eye on him and if i feel he gets thinner i will call a rescue to see if they can check him out..he appeared very bright and uninjured and was grazing and quite content..i guess  living on the land can age us all..i feel for this sweet roo…i have called him Shaggy due to his shaggy ear…..he will be easy to spot by them . So please enjoy my time at the dam..which as you will see is almost a puddle..and i hope you can appreciate the beauty of the fox……despite her reputation.. Hugs Fozziemum

Here comes the fox see the Roos posture at first

Here comes the fox see the Roos posture at first

The decides this warrants further investigation

Then decides this warrants further investigation

Fox using the now uncovered tyres in the dam as a pontoon

Fox using the now uncovered tyres in the dam as a pontoon

Having a drink

Having a drink

Wonder if she is admiring her reflection?

Wonder if she is admiring her reflection?

Clearly not at all worried about me

Clearly not at all worried about me

Showing those teeth

We all get an itch

We all get an itch


A sweet boy

Yep..like i said we all get an itch!

Yep..like i said we all get an itch!

He has seen me

Now he is smelling the air..is it me or the fox he is smelling?

He stands when i move..keen to show he is alert and aware of my movements

The roos are back and fighting fit

As i drove up my street yesterday i spotted my Roos…i say mine but in reality they belong to you too..they are after all part of our world we all share.

I feel so happy as they are a sign the cooler days are arriving…i am being super cautious as a few youngen’s have really no idea which way they want to go…so driving at crawling pace is the go..i don’t mind ..i would rather be crawling along because of the Roos than traffic congestion!

So at the edge near the road i spotted Mum and bub first…poor bub was trying to get back in the pouch but Mum made  a move for it..so bub had no choice but to follow!  ..and then when Mum gets to the dam she gives another Roo the shine on..i was killing myself laughing… ..and then another Roo gives bub the shine on…boy..they sure are edgy sometimes 🙂

Please enjoy these sweet neighbours of mine and have a great Tuesday 🙂