This is how we rock

Hi everyone,sorry for the absence..i had planned to get a lot done and the recent snake versus Forrest issue kind of put paid to any of it. So I have been grounding myself in the kitchen…baking..and playing with the pups and kitties and just thanking my lucky stars that we still have our boy. I plan on doing a post with some info later as I have read some very disturbing things on blogs and forums and feel I need to get some clear information out having first hand experience with not one but two bites in the same poochie..but for now as i ease my way back into some sort of routine I thought I would share part of that routine..the nightly struggle between canine and feline that exists in our multi-species animals are harmed in this..except maybe some canine decide..who wins? Notice Forrest is happily sleeping through the whole always..he is Switzerland. Thanks folks and good to be back!

From a great height

Ok my head has been sore since last Saturday..i had a mini meltdown…Pickles had an operation and there is work to be done outside..i have caught up on some blogs but not all and I do know the best cure has been getting out in nature..headache or not I feel was no exception..

As I lay on the ground in the back in hand sun in my dried out eyeballs I looked to the heavens…..

You know that saying that you feel you have been ‘sh*t on from a great height’

Well when it’s an eagle it looks like a litre of white paint headin your way..
Summed up my week perfectly..and made me laugh my head off…

Excuse the quality of the picture..even Brutus cannot outsmart the blue sky great heights and sun glare..

Thursdays lesson…French cooking with Cleo

Thankyou Cleo…but really I can’t actually read the cookbook if your panfur butt is planted on it.
I will be a bit offline soon as some of our kids and better halves come up for the weekend from tomorrow…so Cleo is helping me go through my French cookbooks…she does this by whapping my pen on the floor multiple times..then chewing the corners of the books..this is followed by jumping on the bench to see if she can help with the segmenting and sugar syrup coating of the Tangelo’s..i mean she does have some lovely peacock feathers up there on the wall behind her…..
Who said you cannot be a domestic goddess and a cat owner ….

Blast from the past toy day

Our bud Bacon is having a blast from the past toy day…
one of my faves which has made a comeback is Mr Potato head…I loved him..little felt moustaches and bits and bobs….I had him and Katie Carrot..Cookie Cucumber but not sure if I had Mrs Potato head….funny such a simple toy and yet I loved it..

Amazing the things you remember…I still have all my kids legos and they still play with them when they visit!!
Bug catchers,microscopes,always pencils always coloring books..loved the paper dolls with cut out clothes!!

i had a few faves enjoy the blast from the past and urghhhh how old do I feel now 🙂






Thanks for a great trip back to the 60’s Bacon 🙂