World Cat Day

Often people may wonder at how i can be a wildlife photographer ,live on acreage and maintain a healthy happy balance between wild and domestic.

I has been hard and financially costly but it is possible.

Occasionally Cleo likes to join me on a walk..she is like a dog..she follows me around..and follows me back inside the house..

Dinnermintz prefers the front porch if she goes out.and there she stays..maybe to venture across the driveway and hide under a bush…the driveway being in our front yard and safe.

Pickles likes to go scratch up the garden..then dart back inside.

Marbles likes to go out the back garden  and relax.

This is in the cooler months…when the snakes are not around..they spend the warm months in the house or the catio and are inside before dark every day of their lives.

Today is World Cat Day..and i wanted to share my girls …


Chillaxing with Dinnermintz in the Kitty Day Spa

Chillaxing with Dinnermintz in the Kitty Day Spa


Pickles relaxing in the Kitty Day Spa

Pickles relaxing in the Kitty Day Spa


Marbles enjoying the sunshine in the back garden

Marbles enjoying the sunshine in the back garden


Cleo enjoying a misty morning walk with me

Cleo enjoying a misty morning walk with me

Modem Living is killing me

That’s right folks MODEM not modern..for the last two weeks my internet connection has had all the get up and go of ahibernating bear.

The circle of doom ever every time i visit a spins…..waiting… get the picture..

Finally the blog post opens ….the pictures…waiting to load…waiting….finally then i comment..waiting waiting…

Any attempt at trying to see or comment on blogger or blogspot is a nightmare…it just keeps pictures loading..and well you get the picture (i hope you do because i don’t)

Hubby spent about an hour and a half on the phone to the service provider last night..we thought we had gotten to the bottom of it..and he also tried to get my emails fixed..

So this morning ..fresh start….same dang thing….and the bonus is now i get duplicate emails….i am losing my tiny mind…

I did a few posts and got them ready to post..stuck them away until the days i need them..tried to get some research stuff done..but the internet was soooo slowwwww…i tried Facebake..same thing…

I have been trying to read your blogs tonight and it is such a slow process that i gave up on blogger and blogspot ..sorry guys but seriously this is crazy slow…and even WP is slow…

It seems our Modem is getting it’s knickers in a not with the WI-FI on our computers and the T-Box may hold the clue..Hubby is fiddling with it now..i have not heard a blood curdling scream or any cussing…YET…

Our landline phones ..well one is dead the other is temperamental at the best of that is another joy..

While all this happens we have a small field mouse which appeared in the laundry this morning…we saw it again tonight ..we do not know where it has gone..

Doc has the vets in the morning and is fasting..i do hope he does not find said mouse and ruin his fast..urghhhh…

Hubby is drying dishes and whistling…i have a feeling in my waters that when he goes back to the T-BOX all hell will break loose…

So if you do not see me comment..know i have tried and will keep trying..that i tried last night and threw myself at the mercy of the couch with a small biscuit and a sharp clawed kitty…seems i am not cut out for MODEM living…

And that is the end of my rant…:)


This is how we rock

Hi everyone,sorry for the absence..i had planned to get a lot done and the recent snake versus Forrest issue kind of put paid to any of it. So I have been grounding myself in the kitchen…baking..and playing with the pups and kitties and just thanking my lucky stars that we still have our boy. I plan on doing a post with some info later as I have read some very disturbing things on blogs and forums and feel I need to get some clear information out having first hand experience with not one but two bites in the same poochie..but for now as i ease my way back into some sort of routine I thought I would share part of that routine..the nightly struggle between canine and feline that exists in our multi-species animals are harmed in this..except maybe some canine decide..who wins? Notice Forrest is happily sleeping through the whole always..he is Switzerland. Thanks folks and good to be back!

Crabby Monday

Most of the weekend i had a brass band dancing on my head..that’s’s a tough noggin anyways..while i headed to bed to try and find some respite from the booming,hubby was busy fixing my sewing room up so it will make a better work space..
He painted the whole room..bought and assembled a desk for me..shifted all the things out to be sorted.
We did manage a trip out when my head calmed down and got some bits and bobs i needed.
Today i thought i would paint some undercoat on the trim of the built in wardrobe that hubby removed the doors from..the space is amazing in there and the people who built the house had installed the most hideous and cheap sliding doors..when hubby removed them the bright aqua that they painted the room in was revealed..
The house had been (apart from the kitchen which was blue cabinetry orange wall tiles) all given a coat of paint to try and sell far as we can tell from our extensive painting is that the colour scheme went as such…
Laundry navy blue..walls and skirts
Our Bedroom..maroon walls and skirts with a green and blue tiled ensuite with pale green cabinetry(ensuite has yet to be redone)
Single room purple walls and skirts
Double room purple walls and skirts
Loungeroom navy blue walls and skirts(now redone)
Sewing room aqua….yikes!
They did so much right…then lost the plot..
Anywho…so today i gave the wardrobe insides a good lick of has been hot and damn humid..i was sweating like no ones business,but finished then gave a coat of undercoat to the plain unstained shelf that will be going up…
Now to get to my Crabby Monday..
I leave the room to get a drink of water..come back…someone..feline…has taken a piddle on the floor of the wardrobe insert..not just a spritz but a fullblown bucket full…
Really girls?? I love em too bits..but some days i do wish they went to day i put them to bed before i wished them nitey night and looked at their innocent faces..
Urghhhhhh…i am crabby…
I may be a tad awol also..i have some things new and exciting (well i think so) to do and it is taking a lot of my time..i also have an appointment finally with a Rheumatologist on Wednesday in Melbourne and hope i can get some good advice ..while in town i will be taking a detour to Lygon Street..i can hear the Cannoli and cakes calling me 🙂



Lovefest at our house

Hi everyone..i often talk about how much the dogs and cats love each other here..there is no species bias..
When it is a mild day I let the girls wander with us,usually just a stroll and a roll in the driveway then back to the Kitty Day Spa..this day Marbles was inside sound asleep on her perch on the back of the couch..i had taken the pups for a walk and let the girls come out to have a stroll..
Dinnermintz since she was first with us as a sick foster kitten has always had a special bond with Forrest and Doc..mainly with Forrest ,her main man and she hates to be apart from him..especially when they go into boarding..
Another day and another lovefest here at home in the bush 🙂

Another day of Summer Sadness

I am going to shut my computer down tonight..the terrible fires that have been ravaging South Australia have sadly taken the lives of many animals at a boarding facility.
Having just picked our babies up yesterday this has been the most tragic of news.
They have lost an entire cattery of cats and managed to save 40 dogs..but many many dogs have perished as well…I am devastated for the animals..the pet owners and the boarding staff who must be feeling totally devastated at the loss of not only all those in their care but their home and business.
As yet the cause is still unknown for the source of this bushfire…

My heart and soul is so it could also just as easily have been my boys and girls..a lot of hurt in South Australia today..
Please spare a purr and prayer for all affected as we are still not out f the woods in South Australia or Victoria.
This beautiful country can be a cruel mistress.

The countdown begins

Hi folks..well what a few weeks or months we have had here..yard work…and sick animals.. Well the good news is that Pickles and Marbles have both responded brilliantly to the Covenia shots and have ceased the pee patrol..the weird news is they must have passed it on to me…oh yeah ouchie..I have at least stopped short of going on the floor…although my poor old kidneys are aching a I have been guzzling water like nobodies business.. Tonight Fozziedad and I got home and when we got the girls sorted for dinner….Yep Dinnermintz is limping…arghhhhh she is on my bed and hissed at me when I went to check her paw (which looks fine) so here we go..Marbles needs a re visit check up this week and Forrest gets his bloods and annual vacc’s done also…may as well fill my stocking with coal now bwhahahaah. But I have great friends I can talk to here..people who know the ups and downs of life with pets..well of life full stop really… I want to thank Bacon for not only a beautiful post for our 32nd Anniversary but a wonderful package in the snail mails..btw I see that the mail took the same time to get to Australia from the USA as it did to get to France to Easy..bizarre.. Thankyou my sweet friend.. I have been twerkin for Australia bwahahahaha…

Twerkin for AUS!

Twerkin for AUS!

And the FOZZIE toy is just adorable 🙂 the squeak drives the pups mad for that Sucker…I am not game yet and Fozziedad has said NO WAY hahaha….but he loves his T-shirts too…huge hugs my friend for a surprise that made a bad week better 🙂

Too cute !!

Too cute !!

And Easy the beautiful card you sent for our Anniversary is so sweet…I cannot thank you are a sweet and thoughtful Silvermistygrey darling and we adore you too…so huge hugs and loves to you!!

Thankyou my sweet friend xxx

Thankyou my sweet friend xxx

And so I am off ..the bladder of death is paining me..i have my last class tomorrow..i have to hand in my final piece..i think it is alright.. The xmas tree needs to be set up tonight and I am sweating like nobody’s business..either the humidity..the hormones (which have been annoying me..awesome) or my kidneys… All I can say is thank goodness here in blogville friends forgive my tardiness and haphazard blogging style..hugs Fozziemum

Thankful Thursday

As it is Thanksgiving for many of our friends overseas I would like to share this little story.
These past few weeks has been trying..the girls have taken turns at being unwell and I have had school and the yard to get sorted and hubby has been interstate on business and flies out again tomorrow..i am run ragged.
So today when Marbles needed a trip to the vet I was beyond stressed..i just could not believe that another sweetie was unwell.

However tonight I was given a reason to be thankful…
You see Dinnermintz was a sick foster kitten ..very sick..she was a three time come back to me for meds..she hated them and as a result you cannot hold her for more than 10 seconds before she squirms and wriggles and wants OUT!
I believe she associates holding with pills..
She will snuggle with me..only me and has even laid on me a few times over the past nearly 8 years..but no holding..until..

Licking my arm even!

Licking my arm even!

Still there!

Still there!

Even a pose for dad!

Even a pose for dad!

She looks uncomfortable..she was not trying to go though (and boy she is heavy!) but she was licking my arm and looking around and started to feel a bit more confident..she was like this for about 2 minutes..

Now compared to Pickles who will drape herself like a toga on you all day this does not seem like much..but I was nearly in tears..this is a huge step for Dinnermintz..and I felt so thankful…there is another blogger out there who I KNOW will understand how I feel..Savvy’s mum Linda ..there is always hope Mum L ..and I know one day sweet Savvy will reward you with the same blissful if fleeting moment.
So I am feeling very Thankful..i also feel thankful that each and every one of you grace my blog with comments and love..and I thank you all for your blogs that make me laugh cry and rejoice are truly family…
Much love Fozziemum (Bev )


For Sherri-Ellen….I wrote this for my much missed angels..but the sentiment is the same for us all.

Please accept our deepest sympathies and love at this time…we will all miss Nylablue terribly..but none as much as you..

Love and huge hugs Bev xx

Dedicated to all my precious pets who dance with the angels

Will you be my angel and place me in your heart

Will you always love me until the day we part

Will you be my angel and handle me with care

Will you keep me close and promise to be there

Will you be my angel and shelter me from harm

Will you offer comfort within  your loving arms

Will you be my angel and snuggle close at night

Will you reassure me if I should get a fright

Will you be my angel and spend your life with me

Will you be my angel when I need to be set free

Will I  now be your angel I hear within your heart

I will always be your angel I have been from the start



Some of my former Foster kittens

I have been AWOL and am slowly working my way around to see everyone’s blogs..days of yardwork taking their when I happened upon this old footage when I was trying to rest up I just had to share.
The footage I took with my mobile phone off the TV..seems I cannot transfer the disc to the computer..urghhh there is no sound as for some reason we have not yet set the DVD up to have audio since we got the new TV..rockin technology at the moment…
This group of fosters from maybe 6 years ago are adorable…all very distinct markings…They were looked after mostly by their dumped mum aka Mummsy .poor darling was a skinny tired and young girl.I named them Marms (Marmite), Medge (vegemite), Sydney, and Rabbit…Medge is the one seen breaking loose from his bed first to see what Mummsy was up to.he was a ratbag and such a cutie boy…his brothers all fast asleep in the bed still….we were mid bedroom demolition at our old home at this time so the room was a perfect safe place to adventure…so please excuse the rough footage as I sat in the loungeroom teary eyed and smiling while I taped it off the tv….memories….they were all adopted quickly when they made weight and went back to the shelter and I hope they still are thriving…