Another time…the same Dream

Another time..the dream is the same now..

As Phil and i wandered around in the heat and humidity we could not help but feel a sense of humility..this town so full of history..history that changed a world..

One man from humble man..with a dream…what would he think of the world today..i wonder..















51 thoughts on “Another time…the same Dream

    • Cecilia thankyou so much for the lovely compliments..i was so deeply moved in the Martin Luther King Junior District and despite the heat and sweaty eyeballs had a wonderful time taking pictures..what a man..what a place..Love Bev xx


      • Sweaty eyes balls is a good description of summer in the South. Today it is absolutely miserable.
        Humidity over 75 % temp is 89..they say it might make 97.
        If I lived to be 200 I’d never get used to the 3 H’s we have (hellicous, humidity and heat)


  1. Awesome pictures my friends – as always πŸ™‚ You are simply amazing at picking up the vibes of your subjects. He was a remarkable man that did so much not only here in Atlanta but all over the world. The main goal was united and being one – not looking at color but at people. That’s the way it should be. Such a simple action that many people just can’t grasp 😦 It breaks my heart. Love ya! XOXO – Bacon (who sees no color but love)


  2. Hi Bev, What lovely photos. Every now and then a person changes not just their country, but the world. He was certainly one of those people.

    We are all human beings and we should treat others as we would wish to be treated. Perhaps one day another special person will come along who will actually get us to do that.

    Sue, Polly & Honey


  3. Bev;
    I wonder what any of the world’s leaders think of today’s society; from Gandhi, to Lincoln, Mr. King, Mandela ~~~~~~~ the photos you captured are awesome; I like the sepia tone that is added to the last ~~~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯


  4. Wonderful, amazing photos, Bev! Dr. King was an amazing man, lost to us way too early. I, too, wonder what he, Presidents Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt would think of the world we have now.


  5. I have goosebumps! Probably because I’m so very thrilled that people like yourselves: not Americans, honour and appreciate the man and his dream. I wish he was still here, to give hope to the hopeless and non-violent pride to the beaten-down.

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  6. Great pictures. Great man. Great ideals that keep the fight for freedom, justice and equality going even today. Pee S: I think there is a ML King Blvd in every city in the south. Ours here in Chattanooga is not the place to be after dark, though.

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  7. First a whinge. It has taken a full 6 minutes to download your post and comments! Don’t know if it’s Blogger, Optus or the NBN! Now, that’s out of the way. We think as a man of peace, he’s probably turning in his grave with a few of the other founding fathers. Such great photos, as always.

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    • I have no idea what is going on either..but i have a massive email problem this morning..ugh…and i agree …he along with countless other amazing humans would be disgusted at our worlds behaviour! Thankyou sweets for the lovely compliment..:)


  8. Oh, those photos are just beautifuls!!! Ma used to take photos with REAL 35mm b&w film and develop it herself and everythings! Your b&w photo reminds Ma of why she really loved it so much. Maybe someday she will get a good digital camera and start again…if she can remember everything! BOL
    Anyhu, MLK’s work will never be forgotten, nor is it over. Just look at our country today. We still keep fighting in his honor, and everyone before, and since. It is our duty. Never forget.
    oh, and Ma hates the humidity of the south!!!! when she went to visit her relatives in the heat and humidity of the summer, she almost died!!! Gives me the CA coastal air anyday!!! BOL!!
    Ruby β™₯

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    • Ruby your Ma should get back into it! I missed the 35mm times..i never ‘got’ the power of photography until late in life…late bloomer πŸ™‚ i agree the fight as well..i think the whole world is in a fight for freedom..and yes humidity i hate ! We get it bad here so it was no shock..but came home to winter…brrrrrrr Loves Fozziemum xx


  9. I think the good Doctor is one of a few who gave us hope – and that hope is alive in many hearts but not all…..His dream seems to dangle from a stick that is just out of reach. But then that’s what DREAMS are made of…….and they are why we reach for the stars and have hope in our hearts. Beautiful photos of a most special place to visit Bev! Love that black and white shot……but they’re all brilliant.

    Hugs, Pam

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  10. I agree Pam..Dreams are how amazing things eventuate..this amazing human ..a man a husband a father a preacher of much strength..i think the Dreamers are the ones who scare people the most…not me..i love a dreamer..Phil and i felt quite overwhelmed far from our home..yet knowing we are not that far really..a wonderful place we will always hold close to our hearts..thankyou for the compliments..i had amazing images to work with πŸ™‚ Hugs Bev xx


  11. Your pictures are awesome, as always. You manage to get the best possible positions.

    Martin Luthur King was indeed a very clever man and a man of peace. When mom and dad were in Memphis they went to the museum dedicated to the blacks. This museum tells the whole history of the struggle of equality for blacks. This museum is attached to the Lorraine Mote…..where our hero was assassinated. Everything is in the same position as when he died. They had a room service tray, glasses with water in some. The cars of Martin Luther and his posse were in the parking lot.

    Jean It was most interesting.

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  12. Lovely photographs – interesting subject. King stood up for what he believed in and gave his life for it. I don’t think he would be overjoyed with the violence of the world and society that we have all gotten used to today. Also interestingly I wonder what King would have thought of Nelson Mandela or Arch-Bishop TuTu

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    • Indeed it makes you stop and think how the world could continue to get itself so riled many visionaries…and so much to do..thankyou for the lovely compliment..i do not think i could do justice to the ambience there though.


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