Feathers on a friday

Hi guys..a quick post ..i have a super busy weekend of burning off to do..ugh..but i think it will help clear the mind and do me well to be out in nature at the same time.

A trip to  Lake Weeroona was lovely to clear the head also..the birds were out and i had a nice long walk with my camera..



Pacific Black Ducks


Magpie Lark


Purple Swamphen


Masked Lapwing


Eastern Rosella


White faced Heron


Black Swan


Dusky Moorhen


Black Swan


Purple Swamphen


This guy is some sort of goose.. must get a better peek 😉

Eurasian coots

Eurasian coots


Another feathered friend i can’t quite identify

Now this guy here is an Eclectus Parrot..typical up northern parts of Australia..now he was not at the lake but with his person at the new market i was at last Sunday in Woodend.


Waji the Eclectus Parrot

Waji the Eclectus Parrot

His name is Waji and he is 10 years old…his person told me that she has to be careful saying Market because if he hears he drives her crazy until she takes him..birds are smart animals..very smart and this guy was loving the day out on his persons shoulder and watching the activities around him..i hope to meet him again..he was a touch camera shy! he was a stunning bird..and trust me i did nothing to change or alter his color in this shot..

So i am off to bed..ready to get the overalls on and get dirty….have a great weekend and i will chat with you all soon..

Loves Fozziemum



Wags and Waves for Forrest

Our precious Forrest left us recently and my dear friend Sharon from Gentle Stitches came up with a Wags and Waves tribute day..she has been helped by another dear friend and fellow blogger Pam from One spoiled Cat  who made a beautiful badge for Forrest’s day.

Sharon has made a donation to a local shelter in Forrest’s name and Pam is having a commentathon and donating to a local rescue $1 dollar per comment.

Today is also Pam and Sammy’s 5 year blogaversary so we wish them even more years of wonderful blogs that entertain and keep us all smiling when we may feel a bit down.

The weekend before we said goodbye to our boy we had family come from far and wide.

I spoke to the kids and asked if they would mind helping me to honor our boy and they were all more than happy to help.

All our children and their partners were asked to either think of one word or some words that they thought of when they thought of Forrest..we had a photo shoot and it was just a natural thing to spend some fun time with Forrest..we cried we laughed and we all paid tribute to our pup.

The kids were all young when he first came to our home..16 18 and 20..times flies..

Please enjoy this little slideshow and pop over and say hi to all the waggers and wavers today.

Thankyou for your love and support our family has truly felt that our family here has been so well loved and our pup so well honored..

Loves Fozziemum