Extended Summer

Well as you may be aware our weather worldwide seems a tad funky!

Snow in Spring for some folks and here the never ending Summer.

This sounds ideal i suppose but to a parched land it is a bummer.

We have a running argument with the weather girl over her ‘rain forecast’ on a nightly basis it seems..in fact i am ready to get my rain dance gear on..frightening!

I spent Saturday at the BACWS taking photos of the kitties up for adoption this is such a hard thing to do..i could easily take them home..but alas that is how the whole hoarding problem starts.

So i have some work to do on those images and it has been a challenge as so many do not want to say hello..they are scared or hesitant and you cannot blame them ..they have been let down by society and it takes time and patience..so last weekend i did not get a lot of shots as i will not push their limits…i won’t ever force an animal into a situation..i can get shots another day..que sera sera πŸ™‚

So as i head to bed i will leave you with some bright pictures of florals..hoping they cheer your Monday blues πŸ™‚

Hugs Fozziemum



Grape Hyacinth












Apricot Dahlia



Fronds hidden in fern





Purple Dahlia




Russet Dahlia


Pink Dahlia



51 thoughts on “Extended Summer

    • You poor things the weather must be getting so tiring there! as much as i want rain you want sun..we need to switch worlds for awhile! and that Flu bug is the pits! we have had some people around town hacking up already ..yikes..i am always covering my mouth and nose! i hope these pictures do cheer you up πŸ™‚ i have had some made into cards and i hope they are popular at market πŸ™‚ hugs and sending soup Fozziemum xxxx


  1. Bev what can I say except “stunning”…….you have the touch for sure – love the drops of water frozen in time – magnifying bits of colorful petals…….the colors are beyond gorgeous – makes me wish I could redecorate my entire house in those bright smashing colors – alas my husband likes everything “traditional” and not splashy. Maybe in my next life! HAHAHA I just love these – your photos for the shelter are amazing too – you have your timing on EVERYTHING down perfectly too.

    Love and Hugs, Pam


  2. Hi Bev, hope you can get some good soaking rain where you are. Beautiful photos! We are coming out of our rainy season here, and heading into the dry period in another month or so. Every year, that seems to come a little bit earlier.


  3. Sweet Bev those pictures are amazing and the flowers are gorgeous….such beautiful, bright colors. Sure hope you get some much needed rain very soon…we have had more than our share, wish I could send you some. Hugs


  4. The flowers are sooo beautiful. I got a hint from a Nurse who had a ‘ large event” at her property last November.
    “plant pansies and petunias 10 weeks from date of event and keep nipping out the middle bits. Prune roses 52 days exactly from event day” She got the tips from melbourne cup flower growers. ;-D

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  5. Beautiful my friend just like you! The colors are so vibrant – it’s almost like I can tough them with my snout and smell them πŸ™‚ ❀ XOXO – Bacon


  6. Stunning pictures of the flowers!
    I’m proud of you for using your talent to help the cats, too. Anyone who cares to look would see fear in their little faces, so you wouldn’t be helping at all to force them into an uncomfortable situation, for sure. But good pictures of shelter cats make a HUGE difference, so thank you. 😻


  7. Those photos are amazing! That is so sweet of you to photograph the cats- I would want to take them all too. When I reached 15 cats I started seeing a therapist because I feared becoming a hoarder. XO

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    • To me if animals are hungry living in squalor ill or injured and collected for self interest then it’s a problem..your babes are all well cared for and loved πŸ™‚ xx


  8. Lovely photographs Amazing detail. In our little corner of the Commonwealth, it is quite cold in the morning ( 5:40 that is) when I take the dog out walking. As the day progresses it generally gets quite warm – almost summer weather and very pleasant- and then cool as the sun goes down. Average temperature at the moment is about 24C

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    • Thankyou my friend…i am grateful for once it has not rained as we sadly prepare to farewell our old pup Forrest..at home in the sunshine..any other time i would be cursing the lack of rain…it can pour later ..for now the sun is exactly what we need…


    • Thankyou Layla..sorry for the late reply..the loss of Forrest has me all over the place..but nature will be my therapy…with the change to cooler weather the funghi is out..i need crawling on the ground in the mud time..literally..thankyou for the lovely compliment..Love Bev xx


  9. Those are such gorgeous pictures of the flowers. I especially like the little blue ones. Good for you to work so hard to take pictures of the kitties in the shelter. I am the same, I would want to bring them all home. But good pictures sure does help to find them homes.

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    • Marg that it does..several have found homes which is so heartwarming..i have had a break the past few weeks due to Forrest being given his wings..but i will be back to the shelter as soon as i can face it. Hugs Bev xx


  10. Dear Bev. I am so very sorry for the loss of Forrest. I am glad he was at home with those he loved the most. Having lost both of my dogs in a short space of time it hurts, it really hurts. I will never forget Chienne and The Man and I keep their photographs close, but I have Benji and we take car of each other. When you are well enough, please thank your friend Charlie for the rain dance – I think it worked here in South Australia.


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