Summers End

Well what can i say..Summer left a few weeks left us with Autumn..slightly less relenting on heat but my energy has been zapped!

So many things have happened here and in the blog world and i know i will never catch up..and yes it seems to be my byline!

I have seen that many bloggers have experienced losses..this is so very sad and of course like life is always something we are not quite prepared for.

I have missed celebrations and commiserations but know i have felt them all.

I got to a point where i felt i had nothing to blog about and the longer i have left it the harder it has been.

Just starting seemed a daunting task!

And so as a tentative dabble back to a forum i love and have missed i want to share with you the last remnants of the Summer that nearly killed my spirit.

I planted almost as a joke some old sunflower seeds i had sat on the porch and carefully pulled from flowers i had grown two years ago.

They had sat in a box waiting for me to find some time for some frivolous gardening.

Nothing here is ever frivolous! hubby had made me some garden beds out back to try and bring more color to our grey/brown/parched world and as the new plants were popped in i threw these seeds in the ground behind them.

The idea being maybe they would offer the new plants some protection.

Well i did this so late in the season i expected not much to happen,in fact i had forgotten about them when they all started to shoot.

Thanks to our Summer refusing to let it’s heat go peacefully the Sunflowers thrived.

Hence the reason i have magnificent Sunflowers when i should have none at all.

I guess Summer decided to give me something to smile about.

Thankyou all for your patience with my 3 month abscence, it’s a long time and i hope these images from my garden can go some way to saying how much you all mean to me .