Filaments that hold strength

Fine filaments..soft and light..

On their own they hold no weight..can carry no burden..can not be powerful..

Floating at the whim of the breeze they seem unable to control their destination..

Caught on objects as they are swept up in a tide they cannot hold back..

Powerless..rudderless and at the mercy of their environment..





But look see see others with them..holding tight ..banding together..these filaments of strength..


And then the beauty of strength ,even in seemingly hopeless circumstances , is revealed..and they are free..taking wing being lifted to freedom..


My love and prayers are with the French people today as they try and find the filaments of strength to again take flight in freedom..

35 thoughts on “Filaments that hold strength

  1. Well said……..the French people are SOLID and strong…….and our hearts are truly with them after this tragedy. You know we were in Paris on 9/11 and THEY were wonderful to us – supportive and kind – people hugging us on the street when they found out we were Americans. If we were there now, we’d be returning that favor……..our hearts are heavy. The world is a BETTER place than this – it’s just so wrong…………………………

    Love, Pam

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    • Indeed Pam i remember you telling us the story of that other darkest of times..the thing is normal humans do reach out and touch and hold and care for each other..something is very wrong when humans take to each other with such vitriol..the world is indeed much much better than this..i for one will not change a thing i do..or place i go..this is not a world that is ‘owned’ it is a world that is meant to be shared…Wrong in every aspect…Love Bev xxx


  2. Beautiful prose, Bev. Well said. I caught the sad news on NPR yesterday afternoon. France is in our thoughts and prayers. There is only one Earth we all live on. We are all neighbors. May we all live in Peace someday.


  3. Bev my friend…you have surely touched my heart. I would never in a million years thought to use the feather but it speaks volumes! Well done my friend
    Hugs cecilia


  4. Oh, that is most beautifuls! The most lovely postie I’ve seen yet…we will all stand togethers with France and the peeps of Paris to make sure that love always wins over hate. And never let fear take away our humanity.
    Ruby ♥


  5. Lovely and wow, a magical synchroncity. I’m on hold with tech support for my other blog where I wrote a post about letting go last night. A plugin issue, lost the post, site restored, re-wrote and lost it again and I don’t have time to do it a third time but will post the photo poem which I think you’ll relate to.


  6. A beautiful and meaningful tribute. The French people are standing strong – mourning their losses of both human lives and that feeling of unencumbered freedom that’s robbed by these sick, violent people, but they are standing tall and refusing to bend. I admire their strength.

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  7. Thank You for the comment about sending us a snail mail Christmas card ~ as Downunder Daisy says the gremlins are sure working hard on stealing our Christmas but because of nice people like you our Christmas spirit is holding on. Postage cost more for you to send to me than me to send to you. We love your post with the feather and how strong we can be when we stand together.
    Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases!
    Sweet William The Scot

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    • Sweet William and Lee thankyou so much..i would still love to snail mail you as you bring us so much happiness..if you emails me on i would love to send a cardie ❤ we hope you also have the merriest of Christmases my friend and indeed many filaments make for great strength..loves Fozziemum xxx


  8. I popped over to thank you for your gift – your gift from the heart that Sharon fashioned into Mini Stu. He is beautiful in every way and we absolutely love him. We can’t thank you enough for your caring and kindness. This post makes me so very sad for the losses you’ve endured. A tough, but beautiful life. Know that we’re thinking of you here in the USA and holding you close to our hearts.


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