In the fast lane

Hi guys..well it has been life in the fast lane here for sure…with so many things happening either with animals, jobs ,health or family it has been foot to the metal and top speed !

Firstly thank you for your patience as i appear and vanish so much to do and so little time..a problem we all have and not one that i alone suffer from i am sure.

Months back i organised for Hubby to do some Hot Laps at Calder Park Speedway as a Father’s Day gift..and last Sunday was the day.

Calder Park is on the outskirts of Melbourne..not far from Tullamarine (or as they now call it Melbourne) Airport..the half way point for us always for a coffee at the Mc Donalds as we either head to Melbourne or the airport.

So we had to be there at 8am and after a hellish computer issue kept us up late Friday night it was a tired us that got up at 6.15am…urghh

We got to Mount Macedon (near Hanging Rock) and it was dark and misty then raining..awesome..

By the time we arrived at Calder Park after grabbing a Mc coffee and having a Mc wee the weather had cleared.

Briefings were held papers signed peeps got their racing gear on, and folks were assigned their drivers. So the peeps doing the laps went first in an everyday car to go and check out the tracks,turns and other info .

The people doing the drive had their laps with the pro in the passenger seat..after their laps then the pros took THEM for the Hot show them how a racing driver does it πŸ™‚

These cars get up to 220kph..which is Β about 136 miles per hour.

Now i thought keeping up with roos was a challenge..let me tell you this was a real struggle hahaha..between being deafened by having my head over the concrete barricades to get close ups and running up to the top of the grandstand to get long distance shots i was working harder than an elite athlete…which i am not..i love fast cars always have the only real sport i actually enjoy..and so not only did i have great fun watching but i had fun challenging myself with the camera..and i can tell you my arms were super sore from lifting that damn lens..

When it was over we met up with some of the kids and their other halves at Hanging Rock for a Picnic..was all in all a great day..and i hope you enjoy the fast lane with me today..forgive my less than pro car racing shots!

Hubby is in car Number 10 the blue and white Β Hayman Reese one by the way πŸ™‚

Cheers Fozziemum










































Hubby and our son Chris

Hubby and our son Chris



51 thoughts on “In the fast lane

  1. Way too fast for me darling, but you took excellent shots of those speedy cars! The Kookaburra seemed to enjoy the show as well. πŸ˜€

    Take care and lots of hugs and loves to you and the furry kids. β™₯

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    • Stella and Rory it was cool..i was so happy he had a great time..and yep in a controlled place is the only time for this stuff! A man took his son who was a learner …great way to instill respect for a dangerous machine! Loves Fozziemum xx


  2. WOW……..lots of photos – no wonder your arms were tired from holding the camera…….I could see a big old smile on his face in his car so I’m sure this was definitely a day to remember for him AND you………..lovely you had a picnic with the kids afterwards……………..super celebration!!!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • Pam yes i do believe one arm is longer…..hahaha…but that grin was worth it…he had the best time…and it was great to catch up with the kids as well…i did laugh because i told him i would be watching the speedo on the drive home! I had a girlfriend who many years ago won a free flying lesson..a single Mum she loved it so much she worked extra shifts to pay for a licence..she loved her lessons..but had a few speeding fines along the way..she would leave the airport and after flying she forgot she was in a car..of course it did not SEEM fast…but it was…for a car haha..wonder if David had the same trouble ? πŸ˜‰ loves Bev xx

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  3. oh that was a super fathers day gift! got your hubby an ouchie on his hand or is it an old scratch? it was thrilling to scroll down, like a real race! GREAT!!!! btw: I love the front ad…. think that would look darned cool on the Elephant Skate :o)

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    • Hahaha that was his stamp Easy..that stamp meant he got extra hot laps because his wife is a truly generous woman baaaaaa πŸ™‚ i bet that would look great on the elephant skater too!…i agree i had over 500 images and spent today going crosseyed watching the race ad the images sailed past…baaaaa we are waiting for the dvd to be delivered..all caught on tape from inside the car…sweet πŸ™‚ byo popcorn xxx


  4. OMP – SQUEALS! I know Fozziedad had an outstanding time zooming around the track at high speed taking out frustrations. Poor Newman – shaking piggy head – I can just imagine Fozziedad driving him home afterwards. XOXO – Bacon


  5. Bev….I know Phil had an awesome time; this would be fun !!! πŸ™‚ oh, N da tabbies said they SAW de burd fotoz ya tried ta tozz in heer !!! β™₯β™₯β™₯ you got some really great shots of the cars by the way ~~~~


  6. as Siddhartha Henry would say, “Zoomie zoomie zoomie!!!!”
    What a FAB gift to give Phil…lucky man! those race cars are lovely….I am partial to #55 (birth year). Sounds like you both had a exhuberant & fun day!!!!
    ‘Zoomie zoomie…..’ LOL
    {{{{hugs}}}} Sherri-Ellen


  7. You got some great shots! Racing is my favorite sport too, we love going to the track in our state when Nascar is in town especially. I need to give my hubby a gift like this sometime too.
    I’m glad you and hubby were able to get out and have some fun, and get a break from all the stress and worry. xxoo


  8. Wow! That was a really special gift! Gooooo Phil! ❀ Had to laugh at the McWee. When traveling through aussie myself and traveling companions ALWAYS go there for that reason. The coffee is good, the facilities are clean, the playground is LOVED by the kids. We love everything about it except for the food. HaHaHa!


  9. OMD!!! Ma is all jealous!!! She would have LOVED to take a turn on the track!!! Don’t tell anyone, butts she used to take her VW Rabbit on the winding mountain roads here in the hills (where she knew no one ever went) and just drove her little heart out! That Rabbit was so close to the ground, and it handled like it was glued to the road! Oh, she misses that car! This must have been just the bestest time evers!! I thinks she’ll be dreaming of this tonight!
    Such amazin’ pics! You captured the fun!
    Ruby β™₯


  10. Great pictures… colorful! I am a car freak. I don’t watch racing cars but I do love a go fast car… we have the best twisty roads for driving with the radeeohhh up and the pedal down… πŸ˜€ Great gift for your Hubby!


  11. Bev what a great time for hubby. I know he enjoyed it.
    You must do all your outside stuff before the real HOTS arrive downunder.
    Hugs as always
    Madi and mom


  12. Lovely gift and equally lovely photographs. Running up and down that grandstand would have done your back the world of good, but it looks as if you both had a great day. Take care.


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