I did say i wanted to go on a trip didn’t i ?

Well what an eventful few weeks..and the cherry on the cake of discombobulation was my little trip.

Yes i have been banging on about taking a trip…well ask and you shall fall..not quite the trip i had in mind!

I was lucky that hubby had gotten back from Sydney only hours before and our son and his wife were here..which they would not have been if hubby was still away..yikes..

I am still very sore but also very lucky i could have done some major damage as i hit my spine directly on bone when i fell, i have been able to sit up for awhile but then forced to lie down..tomorrow’s MRI for my sciatica ,which has not let up, will be an interesting moment i am sure..as i may have to be steam rolled flat before they can do it 🙂

Today Spring which was late in arriving..well it left..actually it left yesterday but today was hotter..by 10.30am ,which was really 9.30am as daylight savings kicked in, it was already 33C ..we got to over 38C today..this week we have been told will be nasty heat and wind..joy of joys.

Funny we never have a gentle easing into any season here..it’s bang ..

I was so happy to get emails and hear that some peeps had received their cards..i hope everyone else gets theirs soon as the mail is so random..

I never understand how different it can be,from one state to another one country to another..i mean my sister sends me something from suburbs away it takes a week..i send her something and she jokes she gets it before i sent it!

So if you are still waiting i am super sorry 😦  seems the post is not as efficient as us bloggers at getting things done!

So i am off to bed..my back aching..and i have been trying to reply and catch up but when it starts singing i just have to ‘down tools’ as us Aussies say 🙂

So tonight i leave you with a most beautiful scene..i think so anyway..

I was in my kitchen the day before my tumble and looked up to see this sweet family to the left and behind our barn..so i crept out the back door..

Now this family i think is a new one as they have been hanging around but are very skittish when they see me..which is fine…keeps them safe and me safe and all is right in the world!

So i had to be super quiet..they do have great hearing despite what some folks think..i grabbed an outdoor chair and popped it against the fence and like a jack in the box only slowly i popped my head and camera up..yes i know i wonder why i fall..go figure..

Well they did spot me and seemed to be quiet cautious but did not take off..i got a few shots but the trees were in my way..so i went back inside and slowly out the front..a few took off but the others seemed content to munch the green grasses that will soon be gone..and i could see why..there were a few Mums with joeys in the pouch..and hefty sized ones too!! .. little monkeys having a great time while poor Mum lugs them around 🙂

I was so happy to see healthy happy families..so without anymore waffling as the back is getting antsy i present this gorgeous family..

Have a great week all..Loves Fozziemum


Oh hello..

Oh hello..



Umm can we help you?

Umm can we help you?


Time to move on maybe

Time to move on maybe