Well it was on the cards

Well it was bound to happen..with a lot of gentle and some not so gentle persuasion i have made a start..


I have been working hard and trying to get myself organised..mainly procrastinating…when will good enough be good enough..


And i guess there is no way to know until you go and throw yourself out there!

I have made a start with some blank greeting cards..and i must say that i am so happy with how they have turned out!

Each set of 12 cards comprises these images which i know you have all seen before..


They are made from 340gsm  sustainably sourced paper and have a light satin coating on the outside and uncoated on the inside for ease of writing.

I have kept them blank so you can use them as you like.They have envelopes included also.

I am really proud of these cards and even though i am just starting to get myself organised i guess i have to start somewhere!

I plan on having sets with just Joeys, Family groups,Lone Roos,reptiles (yes some peeps love reptiles! ) birds, flowers and landscapes.

I have other things i am working on also..so i am busy busy..so busy i must get my camera out and leave the house!

But first these baby steps ..and to say thankyou..as i promised i have a very modest give away.

I have my first sets delivered  and these sets are ALL going..free to good homes!

Now there is no hard quiz or competition..all i want is for you to leave a comment between now and Wednesday  the 16th.

That’s all…simple i would love to know simply how and if my photographs have changed your perception of Australia..

I have 12 sets to give away..like i said i have started small..super small…and i will put all names in a Lens Bag and draw the names!

The draw is open to all countries and no postage will be charged..so give it a go!

I would love to see these cards go to good homes..and all i need is the honest opinions of my friends!

So that is my news..huge for me..a new venture and hopefully a chance to share my photographs all over.

130 thoughts on “Well it was on the cards

  1. I cannot, in all honesty say that your photographs changed my view or perspective of Australia. Australia is a wonderful country with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, populated by some of the most unique wildlife in the world. What your photographs did do, however, is emphasize all that – confirm in landscape and wildlife, we are, indeed, The Lucky Country.

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    • Edgar thankyou so much…i always hope to show our countries best face..no matter what season there is always something to make you grateful that we call Australia home…and popping you in my lens bag for good measure 🙂 Fozziemum


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