Wildlife..shot in my backyard..with a camera..R.I.P Cecil




When a wild animal enters my property i take aim..with a camera..you see the beauty is in the eyes..eyes that are alive with curiosity..

Any living creature loses that beauty when dead..the skin pales the eyes no longer show the mind working..the heart beating or the soul shining..

A majestic animal died …he died because a human decided his eyes would look better as a grotesque trophy in a humdrum office..

The only regret is the one for being caught out ..not the regret for an action that is beyond barbaric..

I feel sorry for this man..as one Lion has taken the worlds heart and he will forever be just another sad excuse for a human.

I raise my camera and i shoot with pride..as all you see will be the beauty and life in these creatures..






63 thoughts on “Wildlife..shot in my backyard..with a camera..R.I.P Cecil

    • I know M.K.. it is beyond me…it can’t be undone but change needs to happen..so many go to ‘help’ by spending this money and it is all lies..if they have that money then help by building schools hospitals educating..it is in truth about the kill..humans…i will never get them 😦 ❀ ❀


  1. It makes me sick that people with small balls thing they get bigger when they kill an animal. Every year we have such an idiot… last year it was the enviroment minister of a german state who killed an elephant and this year we have dr. evil… may he rott in hell tortured by 87 devils with old dentists drills. I say sorry to Cecil, not all people are bad …and even when we couldn’t help you, we fight for you and for all animals who were killed for “sports”.

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    • So agree..i do not get it..i mean see a shrink and sort out your issues..makes me so upset..i heard gunshots today and knew it was life ending somewhere..hope he is hiding in the lion enclosure of a zoo..unarmed..fair fight then!


      • all that freaks should get the chance once to fight for their life… with their own hands, not with a gun or a joystick.. I could puke when I imagine such aguy could touch my mouth with the same hands he used to kill this lion… :o(

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        • I know..the smiling assassin..his mother must be so proud…and his wife..and his children..what a cretin…just remember this lion has been now taken into all our hearts…and yet this loser is a nothing….:(


  2. We read about Cecil on line. It broke our hearts. Cecil was a gentle soul and trusting. The idiot paid someone to take him hunting…it sounds like in a place where wildlife is protected.
    Hugs madi and mom

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    • It was..he was lured from safety seriously injured and then 40 hours later killed…they knew darn well what they were doing…i never feed wildlife here as i want them to keep their distrust of me..sadly the moment any wild animal is ‘tamed’ in any way even by well meaning humans they are left open to being targets..that mistrust of humans is what keeps them safe..i can only hope he is hounded to breaking point..disgraceful individual..looks like a right creep too..shiny teeth do not hide the ugly inside…Loves Bev xxx


  3. A beautifully written and photographed tribute. I was so sickened by the actions of that despicable excuse of a human. The loss of any creature at the hands of such a thoughtless cretin who feels the price of gold is good enough reason to justify his actions is appalling. There is no level of justice severe enough to render worthy of this senseless killing. RIP Cecil.

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  4. We were beyond words when we heard about this…………some guy who has a HISTORY of this kind of thing kills an innocent animal for a trophy…….absolutely sickening. Cecil was a gorgeous lion and it’s just so far out of the realm of being able to understand what this man has done that we can’t adequately express how we feel. Suffice it to say, we’re brokenhearted at the barbarity……………RIP Cecil.

    Pam and Sam


      • There are so many people here (all over the world actually) that try so hard to preserve our wildlife, but there is always the scum that prey on the greed of heartless individuals. What this man understand, or was not even aware of, is that Cecil was the alpha male in the lion pack and that in order to establish a new leader, the other lions may very well kill all his cubs in order to ensure that their own bloodlines survive. Nature is harsh and we should not be interfering.


        • Exactly…the whole pride dynamic has changed due to his barbaric act..must be an uphill battle against greed and corruption…i grieve your important Alpha boy and hope soon the madness ends…xx

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  5. You ‘tell it’ Sister!!
    Cecil’s death was pointless & unnecessary!!
    And what do we do with these ‘barbarics’ who have no respect for life? If we hurt or kill them; we are no better…
    Run free Cecil…Summerland is safe!
    Love Sherri-Ellen ❀

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  6. Love your photos of the Roos.

    What got me with that bloke is he said he didn’t realise that the lion was so well known. That shouldn’t matter. He should not have been hunting. While people with too much money than sense keep doing this, the demand is there and more beautiful creatures will be killed.

    He should have donated the ridiculous amount of money he paid to a hospital.

    Hope you are doing ok. Hugs Sue, Polly & Honey

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  7. We are saddened, angry and just plain sick about Cecil’s murder at the hands of that barbarian. Seriously, we will never, ever understand these subhumans who get a thrill from killing, Just plain evil.

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  8. Bev, I like photo two the best; the background is there, but it’s …not….the roo is there and stands proud….

    and if it hasn’t reached the signature requirements yet. CARE 2 has a petition you can sign for Cecil; by the time I got on I was at 480 thousand some thing…..it’s amazing the support that’s coming WORLD WIDE. I’ve linked the petition form on my blog for tomorrow

    β™₯β™₯β™₯ laura

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    • Thankyou Laura…that is great when i went on it was 350 thousand so momentum is building…what a gross grub of a so called human…5 minutes and i reckon i could sort him out…i don’t care how good your smile looks ..you cannot hide the ugly inside…πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


  9. AMEN! Such a weak person he is for killing such a magnificent animal. It was no hunt. It was massacre in the true word. All I gotta say is let me at ’em. I’ll show him how it’s like to aim and fire. Barks! ❀ Houdini


  10. Beautiful photos! You are so fortunate to have Roos in your world. I too was sickened by the unnecessary death of Cecil. I will never understand those who find joy in killing. It sounds a bit sociopathic to me – disguised as “sportsmanship.” I believe in Karma, and what goes around will come around for this dentist.

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    • I hope so..i will never get it either..no joy to me in death..sad and pointless…i love the roos here and find it an honour they visit..not a chance to take a shot..and yet it happens here with roos too..urghhh 😦

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  11. I a heart broken at the vicious actions of this moron and that is to nice of a word to describe the man who murdered this beautiful creature.
    Thank you fro this memorial to Cecil.

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