Fairytale Friday

DSC_0012-(3)a Underneath the mushroom cap lives a funny little fellow a curious chap



He dresses well in pants of moss, and a coat of feathers that the birds have lost

Quite by mistake i found this chap who lives beneath the mushroom cap

I took a step and then looked down and there he was, hands on hips and an angry frown

As i bent towards this curious sight he turned around and then took flight

Off he went ,up and around, behind the rock and then back down

He scurried under the mushroom cap,this funny  fellow,this curious chap

I sat quite still and waited a while hoping that he would see my smile

Sure enough his head popped out, left to right he looked about

‘I apologise… i said to this chap..if i woke you up from a lovely nap’

‘Well indeed you did ..he said to me..i was fast asleep under the tree’

He told me his name was Finnigan Jones and he welcomed me to his humble home

We chatted awhile of this and that, a curious me and a curious chap

He told of the life he loved to live, making the most of what the forest could give

‘There is life here that keeps me more than happy..indeed i am a satisfied chappy’

I told him that i must soon away as the night would be coming to steal my day

He bid me farewell and invited me back,this funny fellow, this curious chap

As i left very carefully aware of my path i am sure i could hear this little chap laugh

I found over the days that i kept going back, no sign of this fellow this curious chap

But i  think of him when i start to roam, and all of the creatures that call Earth home

Not always obvious  and plainly in sight, the forest floor holds many delights

So i watch where i step and place my feet, for i never know just who i might meet.



Bev Green