Disappointing attitude

Imagine my delight when this morning on facebook i saw this ..

A cousin of the bowerbird, this green catbird (found in QLD and NSW) has a decidedly feline call, sounding like “a siamese cat being backed over by an SUV”. Read more: http://bit.ly/1cJaBtA

Australian Geographic's photo.
Two hours previously i had voiced my displeasure at the reference to a cat being run over..in the original post they spelled cat ‘cast’..two hours later…not only the reference was still there but they had gone to the trouble to change the spelling of cat..
As all my followers know we have gone to a lot of expense and a lot of hard manual labour to ensure our cats and dogs do NOT interfere with the lives of the birds and other creatures that share our land, it is possible to have both co-exist.
This attitude that it is ok to refer to cruelty when it comes to cats infuriates me.
People even referred to my comment and other concerned commenters that we were “thin skinned” cat owners.
Well no i have a super tough hide..it comes from dealing with the abuse suffered by cats at the hands of red necked uninformed low lifes.
Cats have a bad rap..why?
For a start THIS kind of ‘joke’ is seen as acceptable..where is the humour in this..must be very base at best to find it remotely funny.
Cats are mysterious..so what…so are many creatures in the world.
Cats are evil..well this one really does have some basis in fact..says the unicorn ..or so i am told.
As long as these types of comments are thrown away as a joke shelters will continue to see the result of cats tortured at the hands of individuals that feel they have the right to do so.
I recently  bought my grandson some super cool items from Australian Geographic for his birthday..and sadly it will be the last time.
Any one who loves animals accepts ALL creatures play a role in our world…the good the so called ‘bad’ and the ugly..
Forrest has been bitten by Eastern browns twice..we do not like it but it happens..they live here too.
So i ask all my animal loving friends to pay a visit to their facebook page or blog..let them know your thoughts..
Like is said ..seems they were more concerned with editing the spelling than the content..
Pity i always admired their photos and looked to them for inspiration with my own wildlife photography..not any more..
This time the picture was not worth more than those few hateful words.
* also i would like to clarify that they posted this from a contributor..they are still responsible for what they choose to publish.