MIA with a M.E.S.S

Hi folks..

When i was a student sometimes the words..works spasmodically appeared on my school reports..sums up my current state of affairs..

Of course back then it was because if i finished my work and became bored i was the class clown..i got sick of waiting for the others..back then it was sit and be quiet…two things i find hard to do!..so the only thing the teachers could come up with was i worked when i wanted..well give me a challenge..

Take a trip to the present and i would happily sit and be quiet!  Hindsight…of course it has perfect vision!

So technology has been my ‘teacher’..and  boy is he/she a nasty piece of works and is constantly challenging me.

To put some perspective on this i am a computer novice. I was dragged into the technosphere kicking and screaming..no way no how was i EVER using a computer..give me pen paper a book..anything but the sterile and flat world of computers.

Three years ago i could not send an email,did not know where to even start.The thought of using a computer terrified me.

Somehow i did..with help from a super patient hubby who i saw shake his head more times than i can count..poor man..he suffers from my dimness so!

Somehow i started on facebook…no great achievement but i realised maybe i could chat and write and put pics up.woo hoo..what a thrill seeker.

Facebook lost a lot of it’s allure after a honeymoon phase..i found some weirdos (worse than moi) and also i think i was posting so many pics of my pets i was becoming a bore to those i had become BFF’S with..you know sight unseen and no actual relationship.

I decided to start a blog..easy she said..well not really for a putz who STILL could not cope with sending emails.

So i set up my blog..i was so in love with my new found joy at Photography and i muddled through..it was hard for me…i gradually developed what i consider a wonderful relationship with like minded people and their equally adorable pets…so my pets got a blog as well..enter the confusion again at setting up a sister blog..really pushed the boundaries of this little technophobe.

Fast forward to now..well..if i am not being sorely tested..slow net connection issues and circles of doom for weeks..non WP blogs either not in my reader or simply too too long to load..the landlines died..the T-Box had a fit..then my new computers fan made noises..transferring pics to an external hard drive took 24 hours..my photography program was a mess ..my fault ,like i said i am no tech head! ..so that needed to be sorted as did my files…so while hubby wrestled with the net fixing i decided to clean my computer..i have been getting up at 7.30 every morning and like tonight i am up still at 2am..all because i can’t move on to what i want to do until it is done..no spasmodic behaviour here!

In this time hubby was away for three days training in Road Rescue with the SES..so a single mum to two dogs four cats three sheep and a rogue mouse (which somehow none of these critters have found ?? ) i have not had a lot of time to go take my new car out..and the garden is trashed from a storm which gave us water but not enough still..last night the DVD player decided it wanted in on the action and refuses to work..my emails are down from triplicate to double now..so that is a bonus.

I wish i was smarter..these things would have taken less time to do..but i am  learning and that is always a good thing..i hate not knowing how things work and the best way it seems is for them to NOT work as that is what motivates me.

So i have been MIA with this dang MESS..i will never catch up on blogs and i hope that does not offend anyone as i simply cannot catch up..i am pretty tired and had planned on having a few days off the computer watching (much to Easy’s delight i am sure ) Midsomer Murders..however the DVD player has other plans..i spent some time today and got my nails done…all the while thinking of what i NEEDED to do..good grief!

I can say this i am grateful to hubby for his help and patience..the Virgo wife is no easy wife 🙂 and also i can say that all of you have taught me so much along the way..Sammy’s  mum Pam was the one who taught me all about pizap..i told you i had no clue! and so many more who have shared their advice.

So i am off to bed..tired eyes ,sore, but on top of most of what had to be done..i hope in the next day or so to be back properly..

Maybe i need to read a book ..I leave you with this guy i spotted a few years ago as i sat on a beach with my sister…he sums up my feelings nicely 🙂 i am so over looking at pictures i cannot even be bothered cropping the old watermark off..oh dear..beddies for this old gal….