Having a breather

Hi every one..i will be having a little break from the bloggies this week
I have so much to do here at the moment…the storm that came through left a mess..nothing drastic but a fair bit of yard cleaning to do.
As hubby in the SES he was busy on call with trees down callouts..which he is happy to do but it does leave me here to pick up the slack.

I have been organising my studifous (study/office) and wrestling pictures..these took a day to transfer to the new computer..25,550 in all.

I also had some trouble with a package subscription to Lightroom and photoshop that i paid for..went around in circles until 1am last night trying to get a redemption code to access Lightroom..nearly lost my tiny mind!
Seems in hubbies tired state that when he did it he forgot something..all good the guy at Adobe was super helpful and now it is sorted.
However i need to cull these pictures..and get them better organised.

I am so hectic i don’t even think i will be entering the pie comp this year..so that has me a bit down, but time is running away from me!

I have tried and think i have replied to comments but have had no time to comment on anyones blogs..this makes me feel awful!

I am not the most tech savvy person so arranging my new computer has been a real test.
The thing is the doggies have been patiently watching me and i feel like i have not spent enough time with them either..they are getting old and i need to really spend this time with them..and the girls have been acting up as i have been busy on these things.

So i have to take myself off for awhile..finish sorting this room,my files,my yard..i need to play with the pups go for more walkies and i need more snuggling with the girls..

I had email issues too which means i have missed some emails from my bloggie friends..i have replied and hope that there are not more i have missed..the emails i was having trouble with still exist on my old computer and i just happened to spot them..so my email addy is the same except it is bigpond.com not outlook.com as the last part..

Well i will be back soon guys.i feel truly awful..so many blogs to read and catch up on..but i just have found myself in knots here..as soon as i get my things sorted i will be back on..reading your amazing blogs,looking at your fab pics,laughing with you at your crazy pets and just chatting with great friends.

Be right back..loves Fozziemum xxx