Shopping around the world

Well here we are and here we are and here we go…shopping all over the world…with myself and Bacon

For your entertainment to get you in the mood for the big shop….

Ready to go now!
Well this month is the random month..

First off we have the random Condiment

Mine is Balsamic Vinegar


I use white balsamic in dressings and the dark balsamic in nearly every dish that has an Italian flavour..i love it.
I have fond memories of forgetting i was making a balsamic reduction once..casualty list…one good saucepan..and the kitchen was a thick haze of eye burning smoke.

At the moment a 250 ml bottle is on special for $5.40 Aus.

250mls is 8.45oz US
US dollars 4.21
Canadian dollars 5.26
British Pound 2.73
Rand 48.58
Krone 28.02
Euro 3.75

The next random item is a frozen meal
I confess the only frozen meals we usually eat are meals i have made with left overs..
However the frozen wedge is always in my fridge..

I love these handy wedges and this week they are on special for $3.00 Aus for 750grams

750gram is 26.45 US oz
US dollars 2.34
Canadian Dollars 2.92
British Pound 1.51
Rand 26.99
Krone 15.57
Euro 2.08

The next item is random dessert..
Well i do love desserts and usually make them so i tend not to buy them…however a staple in my pantry for dessert making and pancakes is Steeves maple syrup..Erma Gerd my fave!


It’s never cheap but imitation syrup is rubbish..
At the moment it is on special for $5.36 Aus for 250ml
250ml is 8.45 US oz
US Dollars 4.17
Canadian dollars 5.22
British Pound 2.71
Rand 48.22
Krone 27.81

Next is random fruit..for me it’s strawberries..stupidly dear at the moment considering it’s summer?


On special ?? yep i query that! at $5.48 Aus for 450grams
450 grams is US 15.87 oz

US Dollars 4.27
Canadian Dollars 5.34
British Pound 2.77
Rand 49.3
Krone 28.44
Euro 3.81

And last up is random item of choice..for me as this week i have a sweet tooth that cannot be’s my childhood fave..


Chips and biscuits..i love me some Tim Tams dunk them in a cuppa and them suck in them like a straw..delish..or just eat them..and the mint biscuits are a real luxury biscuit too..after eating these i always crave salty chips.. go figure!
This week you can buy two packs of the bicuits or two packs of the chips or one biscuit and one chip for $5.00 Aus..

US Dollars 3.89
Canadian Dollars 4.87
British Pound 2.52
Rand 44.98
Krone 25.94
Euro 3.47
Now i am hungry!!!

Thanks again for joining Bacon and i on our shopping trip..we love seeing what you all pop in your trolleys 😉