Meet …greet… and eat

Well everyone today was a big day..Phil and i headed off to Melbourne for my appointment with the rheumy..who was lovely and all of ten years old..but she knows her stuff so i felt quite happy with her and confident she has the latest in autoimmune diseases.
So we left home at 7am ..took 2 hours of painful traffic..had my appointment..had my bloods stolen..and left.
We headed to see our little girl (yes 29 and still my little girl) had a coffee and a chat and dang forgot to grab some figs that were growing like crazy in her backyard!

We then headed off to Lygon Street..home of little Italy and cakes cakes cakes…yes..

And who did we meet up with?

Well we had our little guest with us..we stalled his departure until tomorrow as we KNEW he had to say a quick G’Day to this special person…

Yes Bashful got to have a reunion and we got to have a face to face with the lovely Sharon or as Bacon calls her Aunty Sharon from Gentle stitches

Aren't we cute :)

Aren’t we cute πŸ™‚

Bashful was so excited to see Aunty Sharon..the last time he saw her they headed to Japan!..seems when Bashful comes to Australia he takes mini trips within his trip hahaa πŸ™‚

You want those cakes don't you!

You want those cakes don’t you!

It was so nice to meet Sharon and we had a great chat..about blogging,craft what makes us happy and of course food!

Bashful making a move on my cake!

Bashful making a move on my cake!

We met at Brunetti’s..THE best cake shop and a paradise for sweets about try and decide!!
Sharon had a Baba which looked amazing I got Fozziedad a Pistachio number and i had a spongecake that looked like a strawberry with a strawberry jelly inside….DELISH!

Inside Brunetti's

Inside Brunetti’s

The coffees were great and it was so nice to have an actual face to face ..when it was time to go we said our farewells and will catch up soon at my place as i have a spinning wheel to give to Sharon as i know it will have a good home and be given the workout it deserves! i also have three bags full (yes a nursery rhyme) of fresh wool for i am happy that this will be used too πŸ™‚

Sharon gave me a gorgeous little blue heart she had made because i had been in the sits with the Simba she made me ..

Gorgeous :)

Gorgeous πŸ™‚

Cakes everywhere...and this is not even the whole shop!

Cakes everywhere…and this is not even the whole shop!

It was a full day and we did not get home until 4..

Luckily i bought a take home pack of cakes..they are so divine…i think i deserved a treat for being jabbed don’t you?

Ooh la la....

Ooh la la….

I mean i was brave..just sayin…

Pisachio eclairs, chocolate custard cannoli,strawberry tartlets and sacher torte

Pisachio eclairs, chocolate custard cannoli,strawberry tartlets and sacher torte

Thank you again Sharon for a lovely chat it was truly so nice to see the lady behind the amazing crochet!!