Bee nice

Last week by the dam i sat..watching as all manner of birds came at late afternoon for some much needed and hard to find water. The place becomes like a real social gathering,many species bickering and socialising all after that precious commodity that we all take for granted..except us in the bush. It is a great way to unwind, i can sit and watch as they fly over head diving in for a dip or a sip..some bathing others chattering to each other.all busy and all seemingly enjoying this afternoon ritual. This day i also spied three roos, what appeared to be a female with two young joeys..they were behind the pile of gorse we had ploughed out and were watching me with interest. The young female joey made her way to the waters edge and i was so hoping they would ignore me and have a drink..she looked at me as if suddenly she realised i was a little too close, i moved backwards closer down the embankment so as to not spook her..but soon all three were off.. I went back to the dams edge, you do not want to be near water if roos are around they can drown you if they feel threatened. Back near the water i spotted in the dam a bee..poor thing buzzing in circles with no way of escape. I do not like to watch something struggle..i can’t do allergic as i am i offered a hand..well not literally! I found a small tree branch and leant over and put it under the bee..i placed it on the muddy ground and watched as the little bee gradually became less waterlogged and dried off.. My eyes were distracted momentarily by the baby snake neck tortoises poking their heads out…i turned back and the bee had buzzed off.. I wish i had seen it take off..but just knowing it had made my takes nothing sometimes but a few seconds of your time to be nice..and the results can change even the smallest lives. DSC_0003 DSC_0006 DSC_0010 DSC_0011