Crabby Monday

Most of the weekend i had a brass band dancing on my head..that’s’s a tough noggin anyways..while i headed to bed to try and find some respite from the booming,hubby was busy fixing my sewing room up so it will make a better work space..
He painted the whole room..bought and assembled a desk for me..shifted all the things out to be sorted.
We did manage a trip out when my head calmed down and got some bits and bobs i needed.
Today i thought i would paint some undercoat on the trim of the built in wardrobe that hubby removed the doors from..the space is amazing in there and the people who built the house had installed the most hideous and cheap sliding doors..when hubby removed them the bright aqua that they painted the room in was revealed..
The house had been (apart from the kitchen which was blue cabinetry orange wall tiles) all given a coat of paint to try and sell far as we can tell from our extensive painting is that the colour scheme went as such…
Laundry navy blue..walls and skirts
Our Bedroom..maroon walls and skirts with a green and blue tiled ensuite with pale green cabinetry(ensuite has yet to be redone)
Single room purple walls and skirts
Double room purple walls and skirts
Loungeroom navy blue walls and skirts(now redone)
Sewing room aqua….yikes!
They did so much right…then lost the plot..
Anywho…so today i gave the wardrobe insides a good lick of has been hot and damn humid..i was sweating like no ones business,but finished then gave a coat of undercoat to the plain unstained shelf that will be going up…
Now to get to my Crabby Monday..
I leave the room to get a drink of water..come back…someone..feline…has taken a piddle on the floor of the wardrobe insert..not just a spritz but a fullblown bucket full…
Really girls?? I love em too bits..but some days i do wish they went to day i put them to bed before i wished them nitey night and looked at their innocent faces..
Urghhhhhh…i am crabby…
I may be a tad awol also..i have some things new and exciting (well i think so) to do and it is taking a lot of my time..i also have an appointment finally with a Rheumatologist on Wednesday in Melbourne and hope i can get some good advice ..while in town i will be taking a detour to Lygon Street..i can hear the Cannoli and cakes calling me 🙂