Thoughts on Thursday


Take a moment.
Today I want to give you a gift..i want to give you the gift of a moment.
I want you to look at the picture above ..and I want to take you me we can do this.
The air is warm and there is a faint smell of salt..not much just a hint..the ocean has sent this on a breeze to remind you she is there.
The Flame trees have created a scent that mingles with the ocean and flows on to your skin..your skin prickles a little as every now and then the breeze is cool…
You can hear the is gently lapping at the sand bringing with it little pieces of emerald green seaweed which then cling to the sand and refuse to be drawn back to the oceans waters..later she will reclaim them as she pushes further up the sandy shores.
Sit down..take your shoes off..feel the sun on you skin..dig your toes into the’s cool and just the action of wriggling your feet in the soft sand brings childhood memories flooding back.
You suddenly feel responsibilities and worries are being drawn from you.
When you close your eyes your ears pick up the waves again.. rhythmically lulling you ..your muscles are starting to soften and you find your heart is in tune with the ocean.
Open your eyes and then you see the horizon..seemingly touchable always a mystery..your mind wanders..this is it journeys to places you cannot find when you are not in the moment.
Get yourself up..slowly walk to the waters edge..the sand is warm and yielding under foot..all those tiny particles beaten down over a millennia to form a glistening path.
Now dip your toes in the water..that first touch wakes your feet up..they feel the movement of the ocean around them..they cannot help but want to venture further in….the water is warm and so refreshing..and you slip in..just slip..the water will carry you…and your are from the constraints of gravity..the ocean has you in her embrace and you are free..

All those subliminal memories of the womb are there..the nurturing.the comfort the ability to allow something higher to lift you from the heaviness.
Just feel the grit of the sand as it rubs against your skin lose your footing but it’s ok..there is nowhere to fall but in the cocoon of water.
You are in the moment…that moment when all earthly worries have been washed are home..
Stay and float…let the water take away the worries and draw them to a place far away beyond the you..enjoy the moment…it is my gift to you.

70 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday

    • Sure can πŸ™‚ making one this to get on my game for the competiton..going for three years straight πŸ˜‰ maybe I could be sponsored to travel to the US bwahahaah πŸ™‚ xx


  1. Well it didn’t do much for me but Mum loved it. She reckons she was with you all the way. She thanks you for your gift. I reckon you’ve got rocks in your head. Both of you!!!!! Mum’s off to have a shower now. She hates all that salt on her skin!!!!

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  2. bev…standing ovation for your prose and I need not tell you about your photo; as you already know my sentiments….. THANX for sharing…I am soooooooooooo moving there….can you please tell all the snakes to leave the country; I should make it there by 20…..

    was this from your holiday ? a BEAUTIFUL photo….well done my friend….β™₯β™₯β™₯ laura

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  3. It worked………you should be a professional hypnotist – I was getting SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPY! Seriously though, this was beautiful…..and calming…..and relaxing. The best MOMENT I’ve had all day………thanks for that!

    Love, Pam

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    • Pam thankyou for the compliment..I used to meditate for years and think I need to get back to that soothes the soul…we forget we need some very personal time…with ourselves.loves BEV XX


  4. Lovely Bev. Wonderful to see those trees growing on the sea edge. I have always found the ocean and beach so relaxing and healing. You have just reminded me that I will take myself over to our beautiful local beach here soon as I say goodbye to another Summer and hello to Autumn that I have felt arriving with a change in the wind.

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    • Thank you sweets πŸ™‚ I find the beach wonderful for clearing the head..and I am glad you feel autumn coming..we feel none of that yet..storms around the state but missing us…xxx


  5. Thank you for the wonderful gift sweet Bev. I have never been to a beach but if that is the way it feels to be there I would love to be on one for real. I love sitting by water and listening to the sounds of nature. Your gift reminded me of the times I spent in my younger days camped out on the river and wading in the water…it was so relaxing and I loved it. Big hugs and thank you again for the gift.

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    • I ma so glad you liked it sweets and indeed it is exactly like being there…my fave place to clear my head and rest my soul..i hope one day you can get to the beach..but rivers are just as wonderful:) loves Bev xx

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    • Thankyou sweetie …we know too well the pain of loss and hope your hearts will mend and remember all the wonderful things Maxx gave your life…much loves Fozziemum and gang xxx


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