Playing around and learning new things

Hi guys..well I must say my eyes are feeling so much better since the Dr has put me on steroids…of course I am eating for Australia but whatever..i can see better and the added steroid cream has all but fixed my ear and the skin around my I have a bonus health wise for a change!
I have been trying to learn some new things in Lightroom..a great program but I am yet to totally figure it out..only been trialling it for a few days so still early..the thing is my pics are all on my old computer..and transferring images to the new one is a painstaking thing! Photoshop is a dud on my new computer as the resolution is fantastic but the program just has a teeny tiny almost invisible panel to work with..seems to be a problem they have not resolved …so I am trying to figure out how this lightroom works with transferring images and think I am getting there.

On the weekend we decided to go into Melbourne to the market…huge disappointment as the place has changed in 3 vibe..fruit and veg not that good ..but the Churros were great and the Bacon sarnie I had for brekky was delish!

I had an irritating conversation with a photographer who although I thought his work was good and varied he came across as a bit of an Artiste ..
He had pictures of architecture, streetscapes,landscapes and a couple of ‘wildlife’ pics.
He took one look at my mid range camera and gave me the look….whatever..
I said I was not a very versatile photographer as I found my best shots were wildlife..which he responded to by saying that nobody wants wildlife pictures..they have seen it all, they are all the same, there is nothing new in wildlife.

So of course I ask him about his ‘wildlife’ shot of the roo..he says he took it at a zoo..

Now I am not a pro..and I do not claim to be…but I am pretty sure ‘wildlife’ is wild..and if you take your shot at a zoo you can hardly expect to see anything different.
Far from being deterred I just laughed to myself..this guy was good..yes he could take pics of all sorts of things..but let’s not over indulge in self importance.

I noticed that while he sat with no customers, no sales, that the surrounding ten or so souvenir stalls were selling really bad Australiana to tourists at a rapid rate of knots..and yes animal Australiana..

There are many photographers out there who are amazing, they share their knowledge, their tips and encourage you. These people do so because they love what they do,they get a buzz out of sharing that joy and have no problem with a person who is learning the art talking to them about it.

I could have critiqued his roo image myself as the color of the roo was over saturated, the background was overblown and the composition stunk..there was no real focal point..just sayin..but i didn’t..(to him anyway but did rabbit on about it in the car until hubby probably wanted to scream )

I just walked away knowing people like that are the reason i crawl on the ground and under the bush and climb trees..animals have no arrogance..and i bless them all for that.

So until i can get my pics sorted all i have to share is one from the market…i think it’s cute and sums up how i felt…stuck at the end of somewhere waiting for something to happen.