Early night

Well I am off to have an early night..i have my new computer slowly getting sorted..i did a post then realised all my pictures are on the other computer..urghh..I haven’t got the energy for getting them transferred over..this old body is not playing nice.
I will try and get it sorted tomorrow..fresh eyes (hmmmm) may help.

I do know this the fact I finally have an appointment with a Rheumatologist at the end of next month is filling me with joy!

Seems more things are dropping off and not quite working as they should and it is starting to take it’s toll..i am getting cranky..well crankier bwahaha.

My eyes are getting worse and my eyelids now are covered in blotches which are incredibly sore..making my eyes tired and in turn making me tired.
My stomach has been playing up since Friday and the stomach cramps are no fun.
My joints are aching and funny I watched Misery the other night and oddly enough could empathise with the hobbling she gave him as my ankles feel as if they are splitting..the rash across my cheeks and bridge of my nose has lessened into dry and scaly blotches an attractive look indeed!
And to add to my fun I had a huge weepy sore on my scalp today..hooley dooley..

The constant feeling of a low grade fever and headache today has really put me in a mood….

On the plus side whichever kitty had the poosplosions on the weekend has not had then since we gave them all a boiled chicken weekend…thankyou!

So off to bed for me…I have many more posts to do for our little guest Bashful

but they will have to wait as I just cannot get the energy right now to get the computer stuff sorted..here I go complaining again..how boring…sorry guys..just feel pretty damn deflated and needing to just get this specialist visit done to get to the bottom of all this..

Autoimmune diseases are such a mystery and sadly too little money is put into researching them..and to even find a Rheumatologist here privately or publicly is stupidly hard…
Luckily I have a great GP who has admitted we need a specialist as I have a few autoimmune issues crossing over each other..as they do..and it needs to be sorted…
I am thankful for him as I had one GP many years ago when all this started as good as tell me I was depressed and lazy!

I am not depressed or lazy..i am irritated that I cannot do the things I love because my body lets me down!..urghhh complaining again..boring…ok I am out of here..i think I may have one picture I can share ..
Have a great day guys and please all my friends in the blizzard areas please stay safe and warm we are all thinking of you here and sending our loves!
Fozziemum xx

How I have missed this..

How I have missed this..