For Sherri-Ellen….I wrote this for my much missed angels..but the sentiment is the same for us all.

Please accept our deepest sympathies and love at this time…we will all miss Nylablue terribly..but none as much as you..

Love and huge hugs Bev xx

Dedicated to all my precious pets who dance with the angels

Will you be my angel and place me in your heart

Will you always love me until the day we part

Will you be my angel and handle me with care

Will you keep me close and promise to be there

Will you be my angel and shelter me from harm

Will you offer comfort within  your loving arms

Will you be my angel and snuggle close at night

Will you reassure me if I should get a fright

Will you be my angel and spend your life with me

Will you be my angel when I need to be set free

Will I  now be your angel I hear within your heart

I will always be your angel I have been from the start



64 thoughts on “WILL YOU BE MY ANGEL

  1. Oh Bev that is truly beautiful and I know Sherri-Ellen will be touched by the love that went into the words…..Nylablue always was her angel here on earth and now she will be her angel from Summerland…….I know this will mean the world to her.

    Love, Pam


    • Thank you so much Pam..i think we all feel this way..and even though I wrote it for my babies..it is really for all who lose their precious pets..i agree Nylablue will be her angel..and I hope that is comforting for her…Love Bev xx


  2. Such a beautiful post Bev. You are such a great friend. 😀

    It is sad indeed when these little angels leave us. As hard as it is, we must try and keep the good memories of all the love and joy they gave us, to take the sadness away. I know it’s not easy. My condolences and best wishes. ♥


  3. Bev, what a beautiful poem. You have set Mom to crying yet again. Nylablue was a most gentle soul with a great sense of humor. We will miss her so much, but we do know that she is an angel, and she will remain in all our hearts forever. Thank you! XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Aww sweet ones I am sorry I made mum cry again..we will all miss her fun and gentleness..and hope her mum has all our love helping her at this time..much love to you all and hugs to your mum Bev xxxxx


  4. Absolutely beautiful poem Fozziemum. Mom and I are truly touched. Mom is wiping away those dang tears that keep coming and I’m choked up. Sherri-Ellen will adore the poem. She and Nylablue were so close. Thank you for that.

    (((Shoko and Jean)))


    • Thankyou sweets…it is one of those things we all have to go through..and dread..friends can always help ut but the sadness can take a toll…I hope Sherri-Ellen knows how much we all love her …much loves Bev xxx


  5. Mom tells us about the kitties that came before us often. She tells us about all the cute and funny things they did. That’s what we are trying to remember about Nylablue – how she made us smile.


  6. Openly weeping & typing thru my tears..what a poignant & touching poem Bev…..
    Thank you so much. I can see in my mind’s eye both Nylablue & Mingflower watching over me side by side. I have been blessed with many cats & 2 great loves in my life…..
    **sighs** It is so quiet & epty here w/out our Sweet Feet….
    Much love, Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Purple Irises are my fAVE flower;; how did you know? 😉


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