Wacky week

It has been a wacky week..i have been awol from the computer and only flitting in and out..the weekend festivities with finishing the girls KDS and Dinnermintz with the snake and blah blah..so I have been walking around hunched over and really dragging my feet..cars back and forth to be serviced and I started a course in Photography…about time.. and what are the chances my teacher is the cousin of a friend who was a chef and owner of our fave restaurant in the town we used to live in..3 hours away.. the red moon had us sitting out in the driveway and not five minutes after we both said ‘I hope a tree doesn’t fall on us ” we heard a massive crack and crash and a tree fell into the neighbours dam.. which instantly stopped all the little frogs croaking.. Cleo is not happy about being restricted to the whole inside of the house and the catio..so we have a bit of a battle.. but it’s getting there.. for some reason Doc has been unsettled at night so we have an eye on him..my sons have their 27th birthday today and so we will be seeing one tomorrow and the other on Saturday.. our daughter is in Japan and until I know exactly where I worry with the typhoon coming..so tomorrow night we have two of the kids up for the night…then Saturday we head into the burbs for an award night for Fozziedads uncle..one of our boys and his girlfriend is staying here to kitty/puppy sit.. but because Cleo is being a pill I want to drive back home Saturday night..so most likely we will be back here about 2am..i had to go clothes shopping for this event (which I hate) which has had me stressed as I really am not a shopper.. all this and so much still to get done..urghhh..
But today I got the bargain of a lifetime.. not for me for the girls…beach chairs..$5 each…so into the KDS they went.. and so.. i am here but not here…I am trying to catch up with peeps and doing a poor job..i wonder if maybe I have what it takes to be a blogger sometimes…

Meawhile here is a hijinx picture from the KDS today…I know what Pickles was thinking …do you ?