A million miles away

There are days I wish I was a million miles away..nothing bad is happening …no real reason..just the day and the mood.

I wonder how honest most people are with themselves….or others…

The reason for the mood this morning is really nothing..that’s right..just woke up and thought urghhh.

Some days I don’t really feel like I am in the zone…I am sure some peeps will think I am complaining and really i’m not..i just pondered as I replaced the kitty litter trays for the second time..and cleaned a patch of pee that one of the girls had left on the bedroom carpet.. just how many of us have those days.

The usual shenanigans at brekkie time.. watching Dinnermintz  doesn’t eat what Pickles  has left because she is off her food, being barked at for not hurrying with the morning meal…stopping Marbles  smacking Cleo because she has woken in a mood too.

The fires out again…cleaning up the ash and dragging more wood in has no allure this morning.. if I don’t, despite the day being warm, it will be cold in here tonight.

Forrest wants to go out the front.. he is not allowed.. he digs up my garden looking for kitty nuggets..so I let him out the back.. meanwhile a baby bunny is running around in the front yard..so off to scare him off.. come back in Forrest is barking…he wants in..again..

I go to make the bed.. i forget the cat bowl was out and Dinnermintz  on a diet decides she will go for it..

I hear her collar on the bowl and bolt out and put it away.

Forrest barks.. he wants out..again..i feel like a “door bitch” as they call them at clubs.. opening closing doors all day.

Back to making the bed…which hurts my back due to weeding yesterday on rough stones…awesome.

Phone rings.. telemarketer.. ah…no.. dishes done.. the Pickles  has decided she wants her food so out with the bowl again.. while Dinnermintz  keeps vigil..so I stand and wait.

She eats a bit..i put her bowl away again.. Forrest barks.. he wants in.. again…I let him in..someone has just used the trays..so another tray change..

Dishes now…from the brekky I could not eat in peace..one cat wanting to push into my plate and steal my toast..one dog wanting out..one cat trying to start a blue with another one..

A load of washing out…one in ..rubbish  emptied.. ready to go in the bin…

Forrest wants out…………..again………….the fire is well and truly out…need to go gather some kindling….keeping an eye out for snakes.. and then clean the firebox and start a fire.. big wood is in the trailer right at the back…means pulling the smaller pieces forward and that is great on the back too.

The shower and both bathrooms need cleaning. floors need sweeping and vaccuming..

Forrest is in again…and asleep now…..thankyou….

Quick phone call to mum.. she is busy…quick phone call with my sister.. she is in the same mood..

I have more weeding to do..i just can’t find the mojo.. but  I will..

When people say how lovely we have all this land I agree.. but some days it seems an impossible task to get everything done .Phil got most of the snake mesh stapled to the outside of the back fence yesterday.. we hear the burn off restrictions may come in in October…sheesh..

Great Forrest wants out.. and I can smell the litter tray..again…

I love my life..i love my animals and my home but today…all i can think of is running away..to a place where there are no litter trays.. where I can eat a meal without interruptions ..where if  open a door it is because I am heading out to have some fun….anyone who has not had children I can tell you this is what it is like to be a parent.. the commitment the time the sometimes mundane and monotonous the routine of life with pets is just the same.

I wonder how many pet owners will be disgusted with my attitude today? I wonder how many pet owners will fess up and admit there are days they are tired.. days they think it is all too hard.

I will never regret having pets and I know I have made a promise to them for life..i am happy to go without and to sacrifice for them..my choice.. and I adore them.. but some days I wish I was a million miles away.. and I know if I was I would miss them and pine for them and want to be with them.

For today I am here.. and I just have to get on with it.. tomorrow is a new day…