Shopping around the world

Well here we go again..Bacon and I and the dreaded shopping list….we all love the thrust and parry of shopping not…but one thing we DO love is the fun or surprise of sharing the prices from around the world..not the so called prices that we hear about on the tv or read about..but prices..YOU the shopper  who actually buys the goodies in your part of the part of the world pays…

So the list was:

Toilet paper

Regular packet of mince (ground meat)

Store bought Pizza Kind and price

Packet of Hotdogs Kind and price

And…gulp ..Bacon price and kind



So for TP I love this one…soft and cute with little lab pups on it 🙂

I know I kind of feel bad using it but …what can I say…Pkt of 6 rolls about $4.84 Aus

Regular Mince..

Regular Mince on average about $8.99  Aus per kilo it is more expensive for heart smart mine (which is leaner)

Store bought I confess I cannot eve remember the last time I bought a store bought pizza..and rarely even have pizza from a restaurant…so this one looked the best of a bad lot..and I know it must be god because it’s made my the same Dr who makes my glazes and gelatines 🙂

This one was $8.05 Aus for a 375gram this is one of my fave brands…and yes they are delish and they are as good as vegetarian because I am pretty sure they have no meat in them bwahaahha 🙂

These average out at $13.78  Aus a kilo …

And now for the uhmmm mmm ahhh Bacon this is my fave brand and also a local to town company..

This 125 gram packet is $5.60 Aus or $ 44.80 per kilo…


Now the conversions…well due to my eyes being  non compliant I will pop the conversions here but have not gone through each item..and if I have forgotten a country please forgive me…

One Aussie Dollar = SA RAND 9.962

= NZ DOLLAR 1.102






= EURO 0.6998



So that is the list for this month..i forgot the reminders again and promise to get a bit better sorted for next month..any ideas for the list for August just let Bacon and I  know and we can pop them in our world wide trolleys 🙂



41 thoughts on “Shopping around the world

  1. They actually make KIDS toilet paper? What’s with that? We don’t buy most of that stuff so it’s a bit difficult to work out, that’s why we didn’t do the shopping thing.

    Also, some of that stuff has a 10% GST added in, which other countries add on later.


    • Guys I love this TP..they have the puppy prints most likely for kids entertainment ..which is why I probably like it 🙂 it is hard too as like the pizzas and some other stuff I don’t buy them either 🙂 it s interesting when we see products that countries have that are the same as us…always fascinates me 🙂 xx


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  3. seems you and me are the only one who not use the Charmin Bear for our butts :o) I like products by Dr. Oetker too, do you have the paradise cream in Oz? Thin I eat a ton of that stuff as I was a child :o)


  4. Mom loves the cute pups too.
    My peeps eat turkey bacon….they recently found a brand they like at Fresh Market..$7.00 for about 10 strips but so good and thick.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS thank goodness to Easy we found Fozzi mom’s blog. Every time we click on your name we get the Google circle but no blog addy
    Hugs madi your bfff


  5. WOW – This is awesome! Thanks for the shout out for items for next month. It’s so neat to see the prices from all over the world. That TP – we’ve used it here and we also ❤ it! XOXO – Bacon


    • It is frustrating..but it does show how much real peeps and not economists in the different counties are paying..we all here from the pollies but WE all buy the goods and know what we pay…we are onto them now Molly 😉 hugs and loves Fozziemum and have a great day xx


  6. I had the same problem that Madi Mentioned… Butt I DID finally get to you…
    WOW your prices are really high on BEEF butt Lower on Pork. We don’t do Pizza either… hehehe
    Love your TP.


    • Dang guys sorry bout that..i have no idea why it’s doing that…revenge of the computer maybe… i will try and fix it in the morning…yes our beef prices are high indeed and our lamb even worse!! and we were founded on sheep…go figure..mind you i like my lamb with wool 🙂 🙂 and yes i love the TP hahaha 🙂 hugs Fozziemum xxx


  7. Like I might have mentioned to Easy, I wanted to do this but I forgots! I have to food shop too today.. the irony 😀 You have the best TP Fozzimum, I love me the Cottonelle but I have never seen the For Kids kind. For sensitive butts ya know! You know how much I love the CHEESEBURGERS so I’d probably do just about anything to get the ground beef.. 😀


  8. OMC lookin’ at da purrices in yous munny is scarry. MOL 44 (dollaws) fur bacon. MOL Weez know dat stuff be spensive, dat’s why weez not get any, but mommy ’bout passed out when hers saw dat. Hers furgets da conversions. MOL

    Luv ya’



  9. There goes our dream to emigrate, Fuzziemum… It’s all furry expensive for our purse…but it was fun and that’s worth so much more 😀 Fozziemum, we don’t use our Dutch gilders anymore in the Netherlands. They changed it into Euro about 14 years ago and we’re all still unhappy that they have taken it away from us. That was the start of the inflation were we’re in now. Happy Pawkisses for a Lovely Day 🙂


    • Oh Little Binky..Easy also says the Euro began the rot…it is fun and I like that we all see each others products 🙂 have a beautiful day sweet one loves Fozziemum xxxx


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