Show and tell Thursday

Hi everyone..buddy Bacon   is having his Flashback day and today it’s the toy you always wanted but never got…ok..mine was NOT a toy and this item I yearned year after year….ask anyone who knows me even as an adult I still have a whine because it was my  dream item ..always on my Santa list…


Yes 72 Derwent studio pencils….I could not find an Original packet picture….which made me sadder than you can imagine…

You see my childhood involved creativity…I lost myself in books anything on Dinosaurs, Archaeology, Space travel, Animals..loved it ..and the next thing that was up there also was drawing and making things..i was actually a good little artist…

When the obsession started it was a girl in my class that i sat next to.She arrived at the beginning of the school year with this box…and when she plonked down next to me and opened that box I was in Love!

I had never seen such color choice..and the smell of fresh new pencils…ahhhh she was a nice girl and I cannot remember her name but she shared with me this magical box of opportunities.

So it began my subtle and also not so subtle hinting for these my parents were actually not badly off when I was little..we had a boat a new house and were luckier than so many others..I know these pencils would not have been cheap.. of course a child doesn’t know this..

I would ramp up the hinting as it got close to my August birthday..and when that came and went..i would make do and as Christmas came closer the hinting took a full throttle approach..not to mention I thought I had more chance as I had Santa on my side..surely he knew I was desperate for them…clearly Santa could care less….I would dive into my Santa bag and fossick in a fashion I maintain today at bargain tables…and then maybe at the bottom of the bag.a packet ..a sad cardboard packet of Staedlers…or even worse Columbias…my little artistic heart would sink…

These pencils lacked the color..the soft tips..the smell and style of a Derwent….all I could hope was that come the beginning of the school year maybe just maybe I would get 72 Derwents..

To give you an idea of how much I loved to draw..if I ran out of paper I would draw on the bottom of my slippers..i was meant to create…but how with these lack lustre pencils..

And then the next year the hinting would start a fresh..and I was Uncle worked for a chocolate factory…and when I knew he was going to visit I used to draw..yes draw a box of chocolates…and on the box I would write “gifting chocolates” he would say “And what are gifting chocolates?” and I would say…” They are chocolates you gift to children when you visit their house”…Subtle hey 😉

When I was looking for an original picture on the net I came across the fact that there is actually a Derwent pencil Museum!!!!  that would have had my tiny child self in an absolute frenzy of excitement….

I still have goes at my mum for never encouraging my need to be creative and ask her why I never got them..and she laughs and says “We just  didn’t think it was important”

I rest my childhood was never even about the money…5 years ago my old neighbour from where we used to live came over on my birthday with a gorgeous card and a little packet..i opened it an she had written ” To a little girl who should have been encouraged to pursue her talents” and the gift a box of watercolour Derwents…

I can’t have that time back…and that’s ok….I  never got the 72 Derwents ..but that’s ok ..because what I got was knowledge…and so when my daughter became an artist and our sons became musicians I could say…you were encouraged…

So who knows one day I may still get those 72 Derwents…and when I do I am going to buy a coloring book …put my pj’s on grab a bag of mixed lollies and have a grand time 🙂

Shopping around the world

Well here we go again..Bacon and I and the dreaded shopping list….we all love the thrust and parry of shopping not…but one thing we DO love is the fun or surprise of sharing the prices from around the world..not the so called prices that we hear about on the tv or read about..but prices..YOU the shopper  who actually buys the goodies in your part of the part of the world pays…

So the list was:

Toilet paper

Regular packet of mince (ground meat)

Store bought Pizza Kind and price

Packet of Hotdogs Kind and price

And…gulp ..Bacon price and kind



So for TP I love this one…soft and cute with little lab pups on it 🙂

I know I kind of feel bad using it but …what can I say…Pkt of 6 rolls about $4.84 Aus

Regular Mince..

Regular Mince on average about $8.99  Aus per kilo it is more expensive for heart smart mine (which is leaner)

Store bought I confess I cannot eve remember the last time I bought a store bought pizza..and rarely even have pizza from a restaurant…so this one looked the best of a bad lot..and I know it must be god because it’s made my the same Dr who makes my glazes and gelatines 🙂

This one was $8.05 Aus for a 375gram this is one of my fave brands…and yes they are delish and they are as good as vegetarian because I am pretty sure they have no meat in them bwahaahha 🙂

These average out at $13.78  Aus a kilo …

And now for the uhmmm mmm ahhh Bacon this is my fave brand and also a local to town company..

This 125 gram packet is $5.60 Aus or $ 44.80 per kilo…


Now the conversions…well due to my eyes being  non compliant I will pop the conversions here but have not gone through each item..and if I have forgotten a country please forgive me…

One Aussie Dollar = SA RAND 9.962

= NZ DOLLAR 1.102






= EURO 0.6998



So that is the list for this month..i forgot the reminders again and promise to get a bit better sorted for next month..any ideas for the list for August just let Bacon and I  know and we can pop them in our world wide trolleys 🙂



The writing process bloghop

Well I had been asked if I would like to share my writing process by the lovely Misaki

Misaki really knows a thing or two about having fun!

Misaki really knows a thing or two about having fun!


and at the time was a tad bogged down…well time marches on and then the lovely Easy who we all know is the master of spinning a yarn..usually involving the DIY disasters of his pawrents or the unfortunate endings of his stuffies! he latest seem intact as he holds his Sunday school lessons on a Sunday 🙂

School's in with Easy

School’s in with Easy

Now I have as yet to find anyone who has time to do this as I am supposed to have three nominees..if anyone has as yet not participated and would like to then email me and I will pass on the details..
So here goes..

The first question is What am I working on?
Well at the moment THIS! as I am behind which seems to be my catch cry!.
I am working on a way to streamline the blogs I have as I am finding myself getting so tangled that I am missing out on so many blogs I love to visit…so I suppose you could say I am working on working better.. if this makes sense. Yes blogging is great fun and I think I need to remember that and stop worrying about what I am doing and just do it!.
The second Question is Why do I write what I do?
I write about the things that either make me think or smile or interest me.. i have such an abundance of wildlife in my world and so I love to share them with people, to me it’s like turning to a friend and saying “Did you see that!”
If this teaches others a bit more about our wildlife great as I am just as amazed by the wildlife others share with me. The bloggie that I work on for the kitties and pups here is more fun, a way to share their antics and to swap with other bloggers the joy and sometimes heart break of animal ownership (I hope they didn’t hear that! )I have a blog for every occasion it seems!
I think the main reason I write what I do is because it is an honest interpretation of my life warts and all.. better than a diary as it can be discussed and shared with so many others..

The third Question is How does my writing process work?
Well it is a work in progress…what may start as an idea to discuss the raging heat of summer can morph into a post about safety for animals during a crisis..this of course means photos which in ALL my blogs I rely on heavily.
Then there are events that pop up such as emergency vet trips or an unusual wildflife encounter that are quite spur of the moment it totally depends on circumstances as to what the posts will be and where I steer them to.
A back and forth chat with a fellow blogger can lead to bloghop posts..such as Bacon and I with the Shopping around the world posts..these end up involving many bloggers and of course spin off ideas for posts.. Remember folks Wednesday is Shopping day!

All in all I would say my style is pretty seat of the pants!

So thankyou so much Easy for asking me and I hope some of you can join this interesting bloghop!

A side order of Ribs….Marbles vet visit

Ok I am an idiot..Marbles was taken to the vet this morning…we arrived after some changing of times as the Weekend vet Dr Nadia Wong was called to a Pony with colic..then our appointment was changed back as sadly the poor pony had died before the vet could make it…
I was waiting with Marbles who never even sang the song of her people once..not once and was happy to watch Wonkin the surgery kitty strut his stuff.
Another doggy with a sore paw..and then my heart broke..a family carrying their poor pup out in a blanket..he had gone to the rainbow bridge.of course I start snivelling and gave a look of ‘I understand’ to the poor pups owner as she stood there in tears with her doggy..the vet counsellor came up to me and said hello to Marbles..i told her I was teary for the poor doggies owners.she said how sad it was and that the vets tried everything but he needed to come in earlier..his owners just didn’t realise that..
So the vet calls us in…within in two seconds she smiled and said..
“It’s her rib you can feel! she has the same here on her chest have a feel..i can see why you thought what you did as the other rib is not as pronounced”
So a check of her weight revealed that she has lost 100grams since her last yearly check up which is good as she is a little…well… hubby calls her an Armadillo!
Marbles had her yearly and boarding vacc’s done so that is over and she has more meds for her arthritis which she showed the vet she was in pain with..
So I am relieved and I had felt a little like an Idiot..however I will remember the sadness of the people who today lost their doggy when an earlier visit may have saved it’s life..perhaps being hypervigilant is good..
So the next visit for my darling old girl will be in a few months for a dental visit…a clean and good look..her teeth are not as the vet said in a state that means she is in pain but they will need to be done sooner rather than pet to visit the vets will be Pickles..then Dinnermintz then Forrest then Cleo..unless something unforseen happens to change the order!
It was lovely that we needed a new Booklet for her paperwork as we had a full one..this of course says to me that we have had our darling for 13 years..of vaccinations and check ups..and that is a great thing..
So I thank you all for your POTP your concern and your love for our girl..and when I have cooked dinner and fed all the animals I will personally reply to your lovely comments..

So anyone for an order of ribs??

That sinking feeling

Patting my Marbles tonight i find a big hard non moving lump on her ribs…we will be taking her to the vet tomorrow…i feel ill…as much as i tell myself not to panic….i am aware of the possibilities…i won’t be visiting bloggies tonight folks..the wind has been taken from my sails…please send a POTP for my old darling…

A week on a wednesday

Depsite my recalcitrant computer and it’s dodgy video and volume issues the WP gremlin and eyeballs that feel like they have been sandblasted…I still have had a good week 🙂 I am nothing if not resisiliant….hubbies car was rear ended and has spent the week at the mechanics..our old mobiles got replaced and I have been trying to learn to drive the new one..the food processors passed away  …R.I.P old friend…but life goes on and so..

Here are some images I have snapped with my new mobile phone…I am still learning to drive it but all is good so far and it has been too cold to take my camera outside..have a great rest of the week…

This is the start of 40 metres of the back snake and roo proof fencing…we are having Perspex panels to maintain the sunset views but keep the pups safe and secure..

We have a ways to go but the weather dictates when we can set concrete..

And it has been frosty and very cold down here ..

Even had some hail for awhile…a lovely change from the heat of our past summer..

So cold the town was like a ghost town on Sunday…

A beautiful crisp ghost town though

So Pickles booked the fireside cabin for one for the weekend…

Which soon became a twin share when Cleo joined in…

So I settled down to knit some critters…

And make a new jacket for Doc…

Which I am sure he will be happy to wear to the vets tomorrow….