Shopping around the world

Hi guys Bacon and I are at it again shopping around the world and seeing how we all fair at the shops….I haven’t done the exchange rates as my eyes are playing up so this would see me turning into a lolly pop hahahaah..

Also thankyou to Reilly and Denny’s mum for this month’s list and we hope she is feeling much better too!

This month the list comprised of:

Price of Cable service and what you get: Well we don’t have cable here as we are way behind the times..hahahaa well we could have it but we don’t so I did a quick looku for everyone and this is what I found…

Cable : basic $47 Aus dollars to $120 Aus dollars for the bells whistles and everythings package

Oreos:  205.5 grams (who knows why the odd amount) $2.89 Aus dollars or $1.41 per 100 grams

A 110z or 360gram box of cornflakes…well we have a 380 gram box for $4.92 Aus dollars or $1.29 per 100 grams.

A 7 ounce or 225gram pkt of Lays chips..we do have them here but I couldn’t find them so we have a  175 gram packet of Smith’s crisps for $3.43 Aus dollars or $1.96 per 100 grams .

1 Pound of real butter ..we have  500 grams of real butter for $4.00 Aus dollars or $0.80 cents per 100 grams

A 6 ounce can of peanuts  …I found Nobby’s nuts 375 grams for $3.53 Aus dollars or $9.41 per 100 grams ..

Now I don’t know how things work in your country..but here in Australia it is law to have all foods on the labels clearly marked in price per grams or litres this show the customers a way t compare prices and get better deals…something may seem cheap but when you look at the price per gram it may be dearer..i think this came in when we started adding GST to certain goods..the change over  which sadly for me happened when  I was working in a supermarket as a supervisor …this huge change to the way we sold goods in our country was a massive amount of work…and all had to be co-ordinated to the final minute..this also meant changes to policy on scanning of goods too…ahhh the good old days….don’t miss them!

Does your country have laws and regs on labelling and pricing? let Bacon and I know as it is always really interesting to see how we all shop and work our way around the aisles!!