Bloggin gets more confused

It seems that we have no longer get posts from blogger or BlogSpot in our lists..apparently something was changed with the flux capacitor or the jigger watts and so all us WordPress folks got was one post and nothing else…I thought naturally that everyone I followed had blocked me dumped me or had slid off the face of the universe…so after some pretty tacky and poor detective work I discovered I was not alone…Voila..
So unless these blogs are on bloglovin then they won’t show up…now I have four blogs of my own..and follow blogs on all different this just makes my already hair tearing schedule of following blogs more confused..
My question is I a complete dimwit? am I the only one needing to be awake 26 out of 24 hours to do this? …
I leave you to ponder as I head to a hot chocolate and a nitey nite smooch with the fur bearin critters 🙂