Urgghhhh bear with me folks

I was deciding on a change for my theme..and voila lost all my widgets..that’s right awards the works..so this is not the final product as I have to get dinner sorted..so I have decided that I will keep the fur babies blog an awardee blog and I will keep this one award free…I just can’t find the time to go back and try and retrieve them all..i hope nobody is offended ..I love awards but I get so behind and then feel guilty and then I get more behind trying to catch up with the all the bloggies I have..so my Fozzie M blog may be award free but that doesn’t mean I won’t do them for the fur babies blog..i would never hear the end of it from them I am sure πŸ™‚
So I have to get dinner..been gardening like crazy preparing for winter and I will be browsing the themes for a nice one for here…
My life is nothing if not challenging πŸ™‚
Hugs Widget Ijjit πŸ™‚