Up and Down

Hi guys, I have been so behind again…as always and with all the fun of the fair with Forrest..well I have had less stress before!

I have awards to show and thank people for and a cardie for a special kitty to post as well…I thought today I would catch up but no..

I had run out of some meds I take to ward off a health issue and so I had to head to the Drs..this meant also missing an important CWA event ..so compounding guilt and still stressed I am just about in a knot bwahahaahah πŸ™‚

I can joke but it really is annoying..today also some terrible news that has made me think about a lot of things…not the least how tomorrow is promised to none of us….all we really have is today…

When I get a bit weighed down with physical (always lugging lifting doing) and then emotional (Forrest Forrest and Forrest! ) my body starts to crack it with me…

I am not complaining…well I am bwahahaha and it does all this groovy stuff…like…I can’t spell properly….I get words back to front which makes typing a chore as I am re doing everything…my muscles ache as if I have run a marathon…I have headaches (awesome one been around for a week now) my eye sight becomes pretty bad..lord knows what my hair lloks like…my depth perception changes so I stumble a bit and get vertigo..i become incredibly tired…I have trouble saying words sometimes …so I can see in my head a couch know I wat to say couch but cannot make the connection….scared you all off yet ?? bwhahaahaa

I become sensitive to sound smell and light and these sense are on overdrive…and as I type this I have gone over it o many tiesm and the spelling is still stupid!!

So if I am a bit slack please forgive me..i really want to comment and post and read your blogs and thanyou etc and I will do my best..but it may be a chore..and that is my frustration…it os not from a lack of desire…I don’t get down in the dumps at all just cheesed off at my body…

So there you go…I am indeed falling apart at the seams πŸ™‚

I have Fibromyalgia most likely due to two bouts of Meningitis one contracted at 11 the other the day before my 20th birthday..the use of Lipitor for my Cholesterol has also been attributed to this problem…glutton for punishment me…

The reason I have done this post is because so many people have it ad so many people assume it is an issue of depression or laziness I can tell you I have neither…I am not lazy and I may be on the couch in agony but I still laugh my head off as I always have.

So I suppose I have been complaining bwahahaahah..

Anywho I will get back to myself I always do..so if I seem a bit here and there this is why πŸ™‚

Have a great day and remember enjoy this now moment ….it is all we have and all that really matters.

Hugs Fozziemum xx