Send your best thoughts to Forrest

Hi everyone, hot on the tail of the post I did about snakes we have had an encounter this morning.

We had the pups out the front yard,Phil was giving the sheepies some feed and I was changing the sheets on our bed…for some reason I opened the front see Forrest rolling his head in the ground with a bit of saliva hanging out of his mouth…I knew straight away he had something…well he flung this thing in the air…a baby Eastern Brown snake approximately I foot long..i called him with treats and in he came ..Doc too..i yelled at Phil to get up here quick smart…the snake was still alive and we had to dispatch it..we needed to take it to the vet with us for identification and I am sorry but a live snake is not coming with me.

So Forrest seemed fine but of course the car trip was making him excited and pumping adrenalin which we didn’t want.

Dr Liz took one look explained it was what I thought a baby Eastern we discussed what to do..she checked Forrests eyes his heart rate ..watched him walking etc…then we had to get a bloodsample…he freaked at the sound of the clippers but with all four of us we managed to get a sample..Dr Liz did the coagulation test..the limit being 15…Forrest had a 17 and she explained the sample was a really clean one so most likely he had been bitten..i almost burst nto tears but I didn’t want Forrest to get more then Dr Liz explained the antivenene treatment…she would put a drip of fluids in then slowly administer the antiv. as too fats and they can go into anaphalaxis…we wrestled with poor Forrest again to get a dripline in and then we went back to the consult room to wait…liver treats made it all we had been with Forrest and Dr Liz checking his vitals on and reaction to the antiv. which is good…so once it was all in his system we went with Dr Liz and took Forrest to a cage to settle…of course when he saw doggies in the cage next to him he went bonkers again….they were Dr Rayya’s pups as she must have been in doing some work…so they of course just ignored Forrests barking.

So as I type this we are at home…Dr Liz will take a wee sample to check for blood and also the venom..sadly the babies are deadlier than the adults as they go full venom and crazy like teenagers…Forrest is so far ok he is not out of the woods yet and we await a call to say he is fine so we can bring him home…please send your prayers our way as my BOO BOO means the world to me and I want him home where he should be …

Thankyou Dr Liz and nurse Serina…