The girls are all fine!!

Just a very quick upadate and a huge thanks to all for your prayers and good vibes..the girls are fine..all have had an uneventful night and are eating drinking using the litter tray playing wrasslin’ and generally behaving like cats who are damn lucky!!

Closer inspection revealed the snake had been dead fro awhile..we believe if it was killed by Cleo she has not been bitten..if something else killed it she has dragged it home..

It was 1.3 and a bit metres long very heavy and a Red bellied black. They are deadly but not as deadly as browns..they are also not s aggressive..

We won’t know what happened all  I know is I need to go shopping for new under wear..must away but will be back..

Thankyou again for all your love and concern … Bev

Need some good vibes folks…

Please  send your good vibes to Cleo and Marbles both were in the back yard and I have found a dead Red-Bellied black snake..

Vet says to monitor as they both seem fine at the moment…

I  feel ill….seems snake may have been dead a while and bought into the yard by Cleo..who may or may not have killed it..

We will be watching her and Marbles very closely…

That’s  all for now folks..