Silly Seagull Saturday

This seagull cracked me up…what a personality…I had been watching him with my sister when we went on a girls holiday last year for 5 nights in Broadbeach Qld.

Like me she has a thing for the poor creatures that blend in with the scenery…he had one leg..common to seagulls from fishing line tangles.. and yet amongst all those seagulls he held his own.

We sat there wondering how he coped, had he been in pain and dealing with his leg problems for a long time, did the others pick on him did he spend his time alone..did he have a friend a mate had he fathered seagulls…on and on we went…depressing ourselves even more….we do this my sister and I ..we ring each other if we see something upsetting and become quite morose together…we are not made of strong stuff..

So we postulated on the life of the gull and how we all fitted into this crazy world ,ate our fish and chips andΒ  threw chips to the birds.. always making a big squawk and a rukus …all seagulls do and us making sure this little guy got just that bit more..we then went down the path of comedy as we do to make our moods lift…did he really have one leg? was he just fooling for better food, was he in fact a horrid little thing that made no friends and was nasty to the others…we are idiots my sister and I…our minds ramble as much as our mouths!

While this drama ..both in real life and in our rampaging imaginations was unravelling the seagull looked up andΒ i took another of a heap of picsΒ  I had taken of the flock already…this one is my fave….seems he is just as silly as my sister and I….I wish him well and thank him for a great memory of a day on the beach with my little sister.

64 thoughts on “Silly Seagull Saturday

  1. I wish I had a sis like that Bev. You are so blessed! Looks like both of you and the seagulls had lots of fun. That is one stunning photo of them and the way he looks at you is just so adorable! πŸ˜€


  2. Oh, you and your sister are my kind of people and think like I do. That is the cutest picture of the seagull love the way his head is tilted, you did great getting that shot. I would have so enjoyed being there with you and this little guy. Hugs


    • I would love for you to have been there too..the more the merrier..i think a lot of people have the same conversations…well I hope they do or we are both nuts!!! and thankyou he just poked his head under to see what the heck we were both gabbing on about…love the image πŸ™‚ hugs Fozziemum xx


    • Thankyou ! hahahaha yes I think so…they probably wonder why we never do feed them fish…although there was a fisherman up further North when hubby and I went away who was throwing prawns to the seagulls!! they must love him!!


  3. Yep it is confirmed you & are were seperated at birth! I do the same thing; have done this for as long as I can remember….
    I bet the seagull is hearty & tough & very loveable & obviously very clever too!!
    I have fed 2 seagulls here I named Lefty (has only a left leg) & Hoppy One Foot (only has a right leg). Yep the neighbors think me completely mad as a Hatter πŸ™‚
    Love Sherri-Ellen xoxoxo


  4. Samehere Bev!! I got in huge trouble for feeding both my seagulls & was told I would be evicted…I was furious…
    So I got sneaky & found ways to give them bread without getting caught!
    Turns out the old people in the High Rise beside our building feed both of them too….
    HAHAHAHA!! Revenge is best served on a bread plate in this case!


    • Hahahahaahaahah you go girl..i mean honestly people need to get a life..i don’t feed the birds here as they need water more than feed..and also the wildlife I won’t feed her as they need to be self reliant..seagulls and pigeosn are scavenger birds and so if you stop feeding them they will find feed elsewhere other creatures become reliant and that’s why I don’t feed them here..:)


  5. I live in a fishbowl it seems…people gossip and chatter & do alot of stupid things. MYOB is not practiced here by many I can tell you.
    I found out people I thought I could trust have been bad mouthing me & the fact I have kept Nylablue alive behind my back…God help these people when I see them next! They do not pay the bills so they have no right to open their fat yaps!
    I just might go feed the seagulls again JUST to piss them off!! πŸ˜‰


    • Bwahahahahahhaahaha you go girl…in fact if you can gather as many as you can and have a right old flock! people are small minded with small hearts and no lives of their own…I care not one toss for those kind of people…never have…you say no to me and it’s like waving a red rag at a bull….;) I am off again to source some paper stuff for a CWA project thing…and finish some sewing……..arghhhhhh..just did an update post on the CWA blog and popped a recipe up…so that’s done..:) xxxxxx


  6. I am a warrior Bev!! Tell me “NO” & you will have a fight on your hands! I do not take orders from anyone. I respect rules as long as they are enforced. When I found out thte other people in High Rise were feeding the seagulls I called the office & I raised the roof. when we got new Property Manager I told her straight up if she got into my face about how I live she would find herself an enemy in me! She will not even say Hello to me. Some of the other tenants have control issues & they are going to find out I do not take kindly to two faced people….RRAAAAWWWWRRRRR πŸ˜‰
    With that said I am off to read your new bloggie….
    Love S-E. xoxo


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