Silly Seagull Saturday

This seagull cracked me up…what a personality…I had been watching him with my sister when we went on a girls holiday last year for 5 nights in Broadbeach Qld.

Like me she has a thing for the poor creatures that blend in with the scenery…he had one leg..common to seagulls from fishing line tangles.. and yet amongst all those seagulls he held his own.

We sat there wondering how he coped, had he been in pain and dealing with his leg problems for a long time, did the others pick on him did he spend his time alone..did he have a friend a mate had he fathered seagulls…on and on we went…depressing ourselves even more….we do this my sister and I ..we ring each other if we see something upsetting and become quite morose together…we are not made of strong stuff..

So we postulated on the life of the gull and how we all fitted into this crazy world ,ate our fish and chips and  threw chips to the birds.. always making a big squawk and a rukus …all seagulls do and us making sure this little guy got just that bit more..we then went down the path of comedy as we do to make our moods lift…did he really have one leg? was he just fooling for better food, was he in fact a horrid little thing that made no friends and was nasty to the others…we are idiots my sister and I…our minds ramble as much as our mouths!

While this drama ..both in real life and in our rampaging imaginations was unravelling the seagull looked up and i took another of a heap of pics  I had taken of the flock already…this one is my fave….seems he is just as silly as my sister and I….I wish him well and thank him for a great memory of a day on the beach with my little sister.