Busy Bee

I am off to beddie byes…almost caught up…I have some great pics from the day off we took but until I sort them enjoy this busy bee…he is an Australian Native Bee…and is very erratic..he has a plump shorter body than the introduced Honey Bee he also has electric blue stripes on his abdomen and he is fast!! unlike the relaxed hum and buzz from flower to flower like a Honey Bee he darts around like mad…he prefers blue or purple flowers and I so love them that when we moved I made it my mission to plant blue and purple flowers and low and behold they came to the garden..it took a year but I now have them back..at the moment they are enjoying the flowering catnip…have a great day/night or inbetween ! Pee Ess click to bigify 🙂

38 thoughts on “Busy Bee

        • No I should get an Epi-pen …it can be quite nasty..hubby has a bit lump on his arm from a paper wasp…maybe the same one that stung his face when he went to get in his car…same time of night..they must come back to the nest at night and find him a threat..i am quite careful and they don’t seem as aggressive as the honey bees which they happily share the flowers with 🙂


    • Me too..have never seen a bumble bee..we have the honey bees and the native bees and I love to watch them getting busy in the flowers..not to mention how vital they are to agriculture 🙂 xxx


  1. He is so adorable and that is such a great shot Bev! We have the black one here and I also managed to get some shots of them today. Isn’t nature just awesome? Glad you could share this beauty with us. Thanks hon! 😀 *hugs*


  2. I’ll have to tell my sister in law about the blue and purple flowers as she was given a hive and colony for Christmas.
    I like them too – they really are the epitome of busy little bees.


    • Thankyou Molly..i rescue them too…any little creature in strife is just as important as the bigger ones :0 You have a great Wednesday as I head off soon to Thursday 🙂 lovies Fozziemum xx


    • Spring will bring some colour back to you for sure 🙂 the sunshine is nice when not hades hot..it has killed a lot of the garden though..so a little color and some bees is a great treat 🙂


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