A quick update

Sorry folks for the lack of replies to comments..i have been a little snowed under as we all get…

It’s involved a broken down car (hubbies) a lot of cooking and baking for  a CWA conference today, a short précis for today also which was pill to write, trying to keep the garden from dying and sorting through a million pictures trying to get some order to my computer which also decided to play up and need to be reconfigured amidst a big Valentines bloggie event..

I hope to catch up on blogs when I return late this afternoon and hopefully the car won’t be still at the auto electricians…

We did take some time out to get out of the house this weekend …a rare thing due to the obligations here..but I felt if we didn’t get out after the heat that had kept us housebound with cabin fever  I would lose my tiny mind… we headed to Maldon for the antique fair…always fun to see all the weird and wonderful things people have collected…

Naturally I made a bee line for the beautiful Donkeys that were there..so until I return here’s a little sweet for your Monday morning…and off I go again….chat later..


54 thoughts on “A quick update

    • Thanks sweets ..haven’t had time to scratch my ass…pardon the pun! am off soon and looking at housework that needs doing……argghhh that will have to wait..have missed visiting your bloggie 😦 and yes those lashes are de-vine! hugs Fozziemum xxxx


    • Bwahaahhaah maybe we should all have an apologies roster…like minutes in a meeting….bwahhahahh and yes he was cute as can be that little donkey 🙂 hugs to you all Fozziemum xxxxxxxx


  1. Fantastic picture! We understand busy and not being able to make it around to comment. Hopefully you can have some nice rest and relaxation before returning. Hugs


    • Oh me too…our neighbour with the property at the back of us has heaps…everynow and then I hear them bray …love it! I will check the linky out today 🙂 thanks for that and yes cooler ..still too warm for me ..must be just tired of it 😉 xx


    • Thanks so much Sonel..still quite warm but much much better! you have a great week too and hope to get around to visit everyones blogs…typing like crazy here so it may just happen hahaha 🙂 hugs Bev x


  2. guys…commints can wait…familee furst N donkeez two ! glad stuff iz settlin a bit with yur weathers N de ” koalas” been chillaxin round yur place….hope yur mum getz furst prize N hope ya get sum rain…any kinda rain sum time soon XXXXXXX :).


    • Thanks guys! no prizes…booo hiss bwahaha but the weather gave us rain!! and we missed it bwahahaha..it rained while we were at the Antique fair..saw the puddle when we got home…missed the whole thing..and now no more..boo hisss. hahahha hugs and loves guys Fozziemum xx


  3. aaww I’ve been thinking about you my friend. I tried to take my own advice that I give you at times about breathing over the past several days. Let’s just say that it is easier said than done. Hang in there! XOXO – Bacon


  4. Such lovely eyelashes on that Donkey!! I now you have been ‘snowed under’ with work…now if only you had some REAL snow to cool you off in your endeavours, lol….
    We know you are busy so do not pressurize yourself… sounds like solid advice…a good friend told me to dowhwat I need to do & let the bloggie world take care of itself….hmmmm sound familiar???
    Love Sherri-Ellen xoxo


    • Hahaha yes it sure does my friend! always the last to listen I am 😉 thankfully the cooler weather has made life easier! but snow would be a real treat…a girl can dream hahaha !
      Love Bev xxxxxx


  5. HAHAHAHA!! i also can give FAB advice & then i wonder why I do not take it….lol….
    I am relieved it is cooler there….I still wish I could send you a few feet of the ‘white stuff’….it is just lolling about here looking cold….
    Love S-E. xoxoxo


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