What it’s like to walk in my shoes

I am a pup who loves to love…I love my little big bro Doc

My little big bro Doc

My little big bro Doc

I love my sisfur cats..

Me an Dinnermintz

Me an Dinnermintz

I don’t even mind the sheepies…

Me playing while Oscar looks on

Me playing while Oscar looks on

This is my family…and with them I feel safe..i feel no fear an no threat…

I love my mum and dad and all the humans who come to our house…I always stand next to mum when a new person visits…if they is here to work on something an dadz not home I always stand between mum an the person…I also lick their butt cracks if they iz bent over to do work…so I am very friendly…

That is as far as my tolerance goes….I am reactive and I get very agitated at anything that looks to me to be threatening…which iz all dogs…kangaroos…etc…

My puppyfarm start, my experience on lead as a pup with off lead bully dogs has not helped..who knows what my mum and dad were like..what their temperamentz were .

I would have left too young…too young….

Visitor kitty even makes me reactive...

Visitor kitty even makes me reactive…

Hackles and tail show mum I am reacting

Hackles and tail show mum I am reacting

Before we moved here I had an episode..mum an dad had an emergency to deal with,they were late home..and for some reason Doc had gotten out from our backyard under a piece of broken gate..i need him he is my little big brofur..I got out too.he got back in but I couldn’t fit..i was stuck my collar caught and I was very scared..when mum an dad got home we were both gone..Doc came but I was hiding….mum and dad were so scared..i came out from under a tree and from that day I would not go out the backyard…

Picture 133

You can see my furs where i tried so furry hard to get back in..

Mum and dad also were selling the house an things were packed up and strange people coming and going..and soon it got too much fur me. I started waking them up in the middle of the night and I didn’t want to sleep in my room with Doc anymore…mum and dad put our beds in their room..

And the week before we moved i started to throw up…in the middle of the night..things were very hard for me..so many changes and also the trauma of the great escape things were getting worse..

Mum took me straight to our vet…I had bloods taken and mum had to chase me round the yard for a wee sample..it was furry embarrassing…

The tests came back I had some renal issues..not sure why perhaps stress was causing them..

So I had more tests and nothing was really confirmed as a big problem..

We moved..the new vet Dr Rayya waz wonderful and did some more tests..i have some slight changes but mainly it is a separation anxiety issues..my whole life added up to this ..I was still getting up vomiting at 3 in the morning..all bile up an down the hallway…

So I had a pheromone collar..to help me calm..and now I am also on Lovan.

I am a happy boy I love my life on 11 acres..i love car rides and playing chase and swimming in the dam..i take 1 and a half tablets every night..i am not at all doped up , but I am not as stressed or pacing  the perimeter of the house yard .

Mum and dad know that the tablets may cause some health issues so I get my blood and wee tested often..but they have had to weigh up having a stressed dog for a long long time (I am 11 this year) or a happy doggie who may have a little less time with them..i have to agree my life is great I have Doc for doggie company and the cats and sheep..

And my mum and dad love me furry much…I have taught them about puppy farms and how to be a responsible doggy owner..they have made mistakes and we have all learnt together..

This is what it is like in my shoes..

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